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Making a Cascarone For Spring Equinox

Updated on April 4, 2020
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We follow the wisdom paths of our ancestors embracing a nature-based spirituality. This solitary practice comes out in art, craft and word.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth. Nature is once again awakening which makes it a great time to celebrate new life. There are many ways to get in harmony with the seasons and observe changes in nature. Getting outside for a hike or spending some time in a park is a must.

The Sun is waxing in strength at this early phase of spring. Light is being renewed. Soon the northern hemisphere will be basking in the light of the Sun as the days increase in length. When we celebrate the pagan Sabbats we are following the path of the Sun.

Springtime reflects the ascent of the Sun. Light is guiding us out of the darkness of winter. Plants and trees are beginning to bud. As our energy grows with the light we become more active and attuned to our life purpose. We now have the energy we need to get all of our work done!

What are Cascarone?

Cascarone are hollowed out eggs filled with confetti, perfume, herbs, etc. These are made for Easter or the Pagan holiday known as Ostara. This tradition is originally from Mexico. They also use cascarones on Cinco de Mayo. There is a purpose for these wonderful things which can be a lot of fun! You can crack them over the head of a loved one! This gives them blessings of love, luck, and happiness!


What You Will Need To Do This Project!

  1. 1 dozen eggs
  2. craft paint
  3. paintbrushes
  4. materials to stuff cascarones with
  5. tape
  6. tissue paper
  7. funnel


1. First you need to remove the insides of the egg. You may use a wooden spoon for this. You must be careful to not crack too high. Crack away the very bottom of the egg. Let the insides run out. You may use the eggs for any purpose.

2. Clean out the insides by rinsing in water. You will not want to put these eggshells directly under a running tap. You will want to soak them for a short while in warm water with a little bit of soap.

3. Leave the eggshells to dry overnight.

4. Paint the eggshells however you desire. You might want to make a symbol for something important to you. This is called a sigil in magick.

5. After the paint has dried you will want to fill the eggshells with whatever materials you chose. This is easiest if you use a funnel to put the materials inside with.

6. Cover the hole with tissue paper. Tape it closed. Now you are finished!

Herbal Correspondences

There are many herbs associated with Spring Equinox. Herbs have special powers when used in witchcraft. When you are making your cascarone you might want to turn it into a magic spell. Select herbs associated with a particular magical goal you have in mind.

Lily of the Valley

  • love magic
  • protection spells
  • divination


  • love magic
  • conceiving a baby
  • developing psychic powers


  • love magic
  • spiritual healing
  • exorcism


  • healing rituals
  • developing psychic abilities
  • to make a woman attractive to men


  • drives away evil
  • happiness
  • friendship

Sunflower Seeds

  • money spells
  • fame
  • fertility

Rose Hips

  • love magic
  • beauty
  • dream-work

Purple Clover

  • lust spells
  • financial matters
  • getting rid of negative spirits

Do You Celebrate Easter?

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Cascarone Making Video


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