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Making A List Checking It Twice

Updated on November 27, 2015

I Love To Make Lists And This One Is For Christmas

Making a list, checking it twice ... yes, I am a compulsive list maker. I love to create a list for everything from food shopping to cleaning schedules to recipes to things to do on the weekend ... and my favorite list of all is my Christmas gift ideas list. On the Christmas list are gifts I want to buy to give to my family and friends plus gifts I'd like to receive for myself. I have to laugh because as a child I would start my new Christmas list the day after Christmas using the Sears Wish Book, a catalog chock full of great gift ideas and lots of toys.

I've made a couple lists for this lens since the topic of it is making a list. The first is a list of gifts I'd like to give to other people and I've listed who those gifts are for. The second list is full of some gift ideas for me, so if anyone wants to get me a gift, here's what I'd like. I do like surprises too, so no pressure!

My List Of Christmas Gift Ideas

Here's the start of my Christmas gift list, these are the gifts I have to buy.

Jen is the ultimate dog person so for her I'd like to give the gift of doggie day care for her pooches. It will also give her a break during the week. I think this is a gift she will love to get and I'll get the dogs a toy too. I fell in love with this googy grin the moment I saw it. I think it will look great on the dogs.This was a stressful list for me. I had a much bigger gift idea on itk but decided to use the trip the dogs this time; Jenn will go see Duke the horse wisphereer some other time.

Krissy is the Queen of the Nappers and I found a great T-shirt for her. It says" I like to party, and I consider napping a party". Combine that with a big fluffy pillow and I know she will get a lot of use out of these items. The perfect gift idea for the napper in your life. Nappers also love warm blankets ans super soft jammies. Come on, doesn't everyone love Hamster Pajamas? Krissy will, she loves all kinds of pajamas and these are cute as can be,=, I bet they will renew her interest in treating hamsters.

James is a nerd, a computer geek, so he gets something techie. A goofy, fun, gadget that nerds around the world would love. This guys mind is always working so I thought something you put together would be a great idea. How about that solar car kit I saw. It would give him something to assemble, he'd learn something, and he'd end up with a toy. The perfect combination of fun and learning for anyone. Check out ...THINK GEEK ...for the good looking, smart guy on your Christmas gift list. Okay, I might like the Levitating TARDIS more than James.

Joe is all about sports and fun. He would love a marshmallow shooter or a flying monkey ... and he will probably get one of those items, but this list is more about a bigger gift idea. I am still thinking about this one. Here's something for this joker to play with until I come up with another idea. Does this mean I have to put marshmallows on my Christmas shopping list now?

The Marshmallow Shooter

My sisters both love to take pictures with their cameras, so a lens is always right at the top of the list for both of them. It makes my gift choosing easy as can be and there's always somethng funky and new to choose from. If you are looking for a high ticket item there's the Composer Pro w/ Edge 80 Optic that any photographer would love. There are also some funky little lens for cell phones like the 4-in-1 Magnetic Fisheye, Macro, Wide-Angle and Telephoto iPhone Lens. Don't forget the Mobislyder, the Spylens or the Macro Cell Lens Band.

That's the beginning of my holiday gift giving's still needs a few more additions, but I've got some time left to add them.

Here's My Christmas List! it's my turn. What's on my Christmas list this year?

Now, for the important stuff ...hehehe... gifts I want to get ...

What's on Mommy's list? (Mommy is my "other" name)

New UGG Slippers (love how warm they keep my tootsies!)

The entire Doctor Who Series on DVD (yes, I am a Whovian)

Of course there are always candles on my Christmas list...always - Home Sweet Home is my favorite fragrance.

My lists are never that big or filled with expensive items. That doesn't mean I don't get big gifts, cause I do. One year I got a huge screen TV, another year I got a beautiful Tiffany diamond ring, and then there was that cruise to the Caribbean. I just don't ask for those big ones. I like a surprise!!!


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So What's On Your List?

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