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Marie Antoinette Costumes

Updated on August 21, 2015

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

Marie Antoinette is among one of the more tragic and unfair spectacles of history, as much has been done to disparage her reputation to justify her cruel beheading during the French Revolution.

But that very unfairness has captured the attention and imagination of many women, who love to dress in costumes and wigs depicting the Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France and Navarre.

Wearing period costumes of those times are wonderful choices, and what fun to include those amazing wigs and other accessories of the times, including fans.

Some ladies take a little macabre retro look at Marie, and I mean retro as in after her life was over, as well as retro in looking back at the means of her demise. In other words, their costumes are of those of the headless Marie, which while disturbing, still generate a lot of interest and do lighten up the story of this fascinating, but tragic woman.

It's the dress of that time that is enjoyable to emulate, and in that regard, using Marie Antoinette as the focal point of that period clothing for women is what makes it so popular.

Marie Antoinette

Before we get into the costumes, I thought it might be helpful to show one of the period paintings of Marie Antoinette in order to put a face to the person, as well as get a glimpse of the type of clothing she wore.

Painting of Marie Antoinette

Little Girl Wearing Marie Antoinette Period Piece

With the history of Marie Antoinette, it's somewhat surprising to me to have a young lady dressed in a costume associated with her, but then again, it's quite possible children of her age are clueless as to her life and means of demise. Having said that, these period costumes are gorgeous and compelling, as you can see below. In that regard, what little girl wouldn't want to dress in this fashion?

Girl Wearing Purple Marie Antoinette Costume

Marie Antoinette Costume with Big Wig

This is a great Halloween costume of Marie Antoinette. How about that wonderful wig she's wearing? And that dress is extraordinary. My only caveat is the idea of putting a ship in the wig on top of the flower. What's that all about I wonder? Interesting but odd.

Marie Antoinette Costume

Marie Antoinette Wig

Here's a look at that all-important accessory of that period: the wig. Usually it included the cute ringlets and the tall shape. What fun to wear!

Video Showing How to Make Marie Antoinette Hair

Marie Antoinette Headless Costumes

I thought these couple of samples of costumes of a headless Marie Antoinette were hilarious. While they wouldn't have been back in the period, I think we can enjoy a little bit of humor now. Note how the position of the women's heads in the costumes add to the reality that her head is being carried. The only thing a little tacky to me was including the mannequin necks out in the open, which take a little away from the reality.

It definitely makes me wonder what you would say to someone wearing this costume as they approach you for conversation.

Homemade Headless Marie Antoinette Costumes

Kirsten Dunst Playing Marie Antoinette

In these last couple of photos, I included those where Kirsten Dunst played the Queen in a movie. This was primarily because of the variety of clothing representing that period in the photo, which you can get more ideas about as to what to make or buy.

Marie Antoinette Costumes

This was a strange article to write for me, even more so as it went along, as I wanted to be compassionate concerning Marie Antoinette, but at the same time couldn't help just enjoying the period pieces and some of the offbeat humor associated with her life.

Either way, you can't go wrong with a costume based on the French Queen, as they are very beautiful in compelling, no matter what the history behind them.


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