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Marquee Lining Hire

Updated on September 8, 2011
Marquee with lining
Marquee with lining

Just about the most regularly asked question that marquee hire firms hear from new clients is this: "Do I need a marquee lining?"

Marquees hired for casual events might not need to be lined. If a simple down-to-earth look is appropriate for your event, then you may not have to bother with a marquee lining.

For weddings as well as other more formal kinds of function, it is usually best to line the marquee, to make sure you create the right atmosphere and elegant appearance.

Within an unlined marquee the framework is visible from inside. But a lined marquee hides the ugly construction and supports behind stylish wall linings, roof linings, swags and drapes making the interior altogether more luxurious.

Most marquees are lined either in ivory or white - but do not feel constrained by established practice: If you prefer yellow, or pink, or some other colour, then you'll find that marquee linings are available in many different shades to produce the perfect appearance for your own personal sense of style.

Be sure to have a look at loads of pictures of marquees, so that you can see how they look both lined, as well as un-lined. You may decide you don't need a lining at all - but either way, you're sure to learn a lot about what types and styles of marquee linings can be obtained.

It's worth asking the marquee hire firms on your shortlist to show you photographs of their work. You should also look on the internet too - where you will find a large range of photographs of stunning marquee interiors.

The starry sky effect which some marquee hire businesses can create is certainly worth seeing. Hundreds of LEDs twinkle overhead against a black backdrop - this is particularly effective after dark.

Remember that safety should be paramount at all events - so be certain that your marquee lining is fire resistant.

Learn more about marquee lining hire on, where you'll also discover lots more advice, and details of many marquee hire firms in your area.

Photos of Beautifully Lined Marquees

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