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Marrying Day

Updated on March 13, 2011

Today is Mr. March's and Miss. April's marrying day. The couple was the apple of each other's parents eye. They each took time to prepare for this most joyous occasions. Mr. March bathe in his bath tub scented with old spice bubble bath. Mr. March also sported a well-trimmed goat-tee with a bald head to match. Then Mr. March finished off his attire with a windy suit made of blue and a top hat. Miss. April's maid of honor scheduled a day at the seasonal spa, leaving with the scent of May flowers. Miss. April was dressed in a gown made of yellow showered with a hint of daisies. Miss. April's crown of glory was placed in a historic updo from the 1920's.

On their marrying day, Mr. March and Miss. April decided to have their ceremony conducted in the Chapel of Eden. June, August, September and November were the honorary guest along with their parents. Mr. March and Miss April arrived at the chapel in a smooth hurricane. Father December was the presiding minister who prayed and blessed the ceremony. The parents of Mr. March and Miss April were all smiles and tears of joy.

After Father December pronounced Mr. March and Miss April man and wife, Tornado whisk them away to the Bermuda Triangle. Mr. and Mrs. March float along the black hole, which foretold what life would be like for the newlywed. In this triangle, it showed where they would be blessed with a beautiful child named July. July would have a spirit that is wild, but not too wild. July would be a adventurist child. Mr. and Mrs. March's life would never have a dull moment. If anything, their child will make their age turn backwards.

Every morning, July awaken from sleep with the Sun surrounding her through the window. During the day, the March family would have a picnic in the park near Lake Michigan.   The October family along with the January family would join them along with their family pets.  July and the other children would play games of jacks, jump rope and hopscotch until the Sun floats away and the Moon returns.

July and her playmates would cry and complain for more time; and the parents would console them and say the Sun will always be back another day. 


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