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Mary: A Flesh-and-Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother

Updated on January 15, 2014

Lesley Hazleton Writes About the Blessed Mother of Jesus

The award winning author left her homeland of England, for life in the United States. She has made a career of writing primarily about the center of ancient civilization in the Middle East.

Hazleton, with a professional history in political journalism and psychology, uses these skills fluidly, coloring the fabric of life and meaning in the Holy Land.

History is the weft and religion the warp of the stories she tells, while politics structures the garments of meaning for residents of the homeland for adherents of the three Great Abrahamic religions.

photo credit: The Annunciation

Your Picture of the Holy Mother May Change

The Mother of Jesus in such a way as to put the reader in touch with a woman of substance.

Hazleton reaches deep into her layers to give us more than the two-dimensional, more than the white veiled icon that is beyond our access.

Hazelton wraps our imaginations around the historical facts, as told to Christians and Muslims and Jews, alike, as she blends the historical narrative with suppositions that can make sense to us.

In this version of the traditional story the young Mary apprenticed by osmosis with her grandmother, a busy midwife, eventually taking an active part in her grandmother's craft, coming to master, herself, the arts of herbal concoctions and healing for expectant women.

To some this volume is a flight of fancy, yet, to others it proposes a believable and delightful as well as thought provoking scenario.

photo credit: Virgin Mary

Perhaps a Life Changing Book

This Book Can Change Your Life

For at least one reviewer, this book was indeed life changing.

Hazelton drew from her 13 year stay in the Holy Land, from the great literature of the area, as well as from reams of cultural history, as she dug deep into anthropology.

She explores tangents such as polytheism, midwifery, activism, an altered timeline, and perhaps most of all, she breaks a Legend as if she deconstructs a plaster statue.

The author then cements it together again, in a significantly altered state. She uses virtual mud from significant sites of the landscape of the Holy Mother (Maryam, as she is called in Islam).

Hazleton's reconstructed figure is rich in real-life attributes, making some readers remark that they can now envision this Lady all fleshed out.

For the reader whose interest lies in examining the unexamined, while preserving the integrity of your belief, and you are not daunted by trek along the trails of the imagination, this is a trip you'll not want to miss.

Should you value learning more about how the Virgin Mary may have interacted upon the sands of her society, embark upon this journey towards a viewpoint drawn from a variety of literal and figurative locations upon which Hazleton has trod.

What is Your Belief on This Story?

Are you willing to read this book that presents unusual ideas about the Virgin Mary?

Is This How You Visualize Mary?

Is This How You Visualize Mary?
Is This How You Visualize Mary?

photo credit: Nemo

Importance of Visual Image of Mary

Is it important to you to retain this traditional image of the Holy Mother?

Mary: A Flesh-and-Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother

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      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      The book is definitely interesting - it's just hard for any book to get onto my reading list, when there's already so many I want to read.