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Masquerade Ball Decorations and Event Supplies

Updated on June 3, 2013

A Masquerade Prom, Mardi Gras Party or other Big Event

Are you planning a masquerade ball or themed prom? This is one of my absolute favorite event themes. I've put together the event supplies to create an amazing backdrop for this extravagant and colorful party theme.

Masquerade balls first took place in the 15th century. They remained popular among fashionable society throughout Europe. Some occasions had an element of mystery with the guests masking their identity so that other guests were left wondering who they were.

I've always been fascinated by historical masquerades and think it's a gorgeous theme for a modern event.

Masquerade balls are very popular now it is now a popular prom theme for 2013 which allows guests to really get dressed up.

Masquerade Ball and Prom Ideas

  1. Use lots of glitter and feathers for a glamours feel. You can fill vases with tall feathers and then spray them with glue and sprinkle glitter on for a pretty effect.
  2. You can have everyone wear a mask as they arrive and then announce the removal of the masks once everyone has had chance to mingle. In many cases the identity will easily be guessed but it's a bit of fun to at least pretend you don't know who you are talking to.
  3. Have someone run a masquerade waltz formal dance. You might want to have a group of guests practice before the ball so they can take the lead. And then have simple steps that the other guests can follow to join in. Don't worry, it's doesn't need to be perfect. It's probably more fun it a few mistakes get made.
  4. Hire in some period entertainment, Jugglers, jesters, living statues, stilt-walkers, storytellers and musicians are all good choices and draw everyone in to the mnasquerade theme.
  5. Pick a location for the masquerade, Venice is the most common. And add lots of small details to establish the theme. Create fake windows with views of Venice. Have a beautifully decorated guestbook with details of the location and entries written by Venetian guests. (You'll probably want to do this in English!)

Free Printable Mask - Or Cuttable with a Craft Cutter

Free printable mask
Free printable mask

For me any party is an excuse to get out my Silhouette Cameo craft cutter. For this theme it's easy to cut out masks for your guests. Use lots of different bright colors like purples, teals and golds. You can also provide glitter or feathers to decorate the masks. This is a fun activity for a sweet sixteen or mardi gras party.

You can use ribbons or elastic to attach the mask - ribbons make a nice feature. Or you could mount it on a stick which is a stylish way to wear a mask and makes it less likely to smudge make up too.

I drew the above mask and it's available to either print out on a printer or cut on a craft cutter.

Image: Masquerade Mask Printable / Cuttable

Favorite Masquerade Party Supplies

A few of my favorite masquerade party supplies for dressing up and setting the mood. If your event is formal then you may expect guests to come wearing their own masks, but for less formal event it's nice to provide less expensive masks for everyone so they can all get dressed up and enter the spirit of the theme.

And, yeah those duckies are silly, but I had to include them! You could decorate with them and also use them as favors for your guests to take home.

This Maquerade themed arch makes a great central feature for your ball or prom. You get two 8 foot tall purple columns with string lights and a purple and gold masquerade mask on top. The total height of the archway including the mask is just over 11 feet.

You can use the archway to welcome guests and have them walk through as they arrive. It also makes a brilliant photo prop with a couple or group of friends standing in front.


Masked Mystique Arch

These Masquerade mask columns are gorgeous! The glittery gold column is 8 feet tall and looks amazing with the gorgeous mask on top.

You can get these mask columns in a variety of styles so you can create a very cool effect using several of them.


Mysterious Mask Column Gold Each

This Masquerade Mask decoration is made from mesh over wire and comes with twinkle lights to create a very pretty effect.

Lighted Masquerade Mask

Standee Set for 2013

When you're marking an event with a Masquerade Ball you'll want to remember it. This 2013 standee set works well with the theme and makes a brilliant reminder of the year and is a great photo prop.

Glittering 2013 Standee With Rhinestones Set/4

Checkered Flame Ret Poly Vinyl Blk/whi Roll

A scruffy or mismatched floor can really spoil the effect of a opulent masquerade ball. If you're lucky enough to find a venue with a marble or tiled floor then that's perfect.

Otherwise you can use checkboard poly vinyl to cover the floor to complete the look. If you don't have the budget to cover the whole floor then you could just cover an area to be used as a photo set.

Patterned Corr Paper 4' Checked Blk/whi 25' Roll

Checkerboard corrugated paper gives you another choice for covering floors to create a ballroom effect.

Background Material

Decorating Fabrics

A masquerade ball should be luxurious. The use of background materials can really help with the effect. You can use these fabrics to cover walls and drape over items that needs to be hidden from view like storage cabinets. They can also be used to decorate tables and to create a photo set.

Choose materials in rich purple and gold colors and shimmer fabrics to create a gorgeous backdrop to your masquerade ball.

Flame Ret Gossamer 107"x50 Yd Purple Roll

Iridescent Chiffon Gold

Masquerade Ball Dance

More Party Supplies on eBay

Currently available masquerade party items from eBay.

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Masquerade Ball Decorations and Event Supplies

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