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Masquerade Costumes and Masks

Updated on January 27, 2017

Masquerade Ball Masks, Face Paint and Fancy Dress

Halloween, Mardi Gras and New Year masquerade balls and parties are the perfect occasions to wear a costume or a fancy mask. Many folks wear fancy dress and historic costume or a mask or face paint for holidays, sporting events or parades. Theme parties, masquerade costume balls, and historic re-enactment events offer plenty of opportunities to dress in costume or wear a mask.

Masquerade and costume parties are popular with adults, teens and children - even pets wear costumes these days.

When you're in costume, you can immerse yourself in history or a holiday. By wearing a mask or costumes or taking part in re-enactment events where you dress in character you take a step out of today and enter a new world. You can also wear elaborate costumes for cos-play, masquerade parties, conventions and parades.

Need a costume tonight? Check out our list of Last Minute Costume Ideas for adults, kids and couples.

Exotic Mardi Gras feather mask
Exotic Mardi Gras feather mask | Source

I Love Masquerade and Fancy Dress

Exotic masquerade masks and costumes are so much fun!

Do you lust for scaring the willikers out of the neighbors, long to break out of your work-a-day conservative style, or perhaps secretly desire to become a mysterious exotic guest behind an elaborate mask? Or, you just want to express your artist/fairy/Goth/manga side once in a while with all-out CosPlay.

Carved Melon Helmet Mask

I call this masquerade photograph American Melon Head. I captured this photo of a man wearing a helmet carved from a watermelon at a rock festival in upstate New York (Mariaville).

This fellow wandered through the crowd all afternoon wearing the watermelon helmet with a flag draped over his shoulders.

Carved watermelon helmet mask
Carved watermelon helmet mask | Source

Printable Masks You Can Make in Minutes

These are not your ordinary paper masks, but really cool and fancy instant printable masks for adults or kids. Print, cut and embellish these freebies to make your own fast costume.

Exotic Masquerade Masks

Venetian style mask
Venetian style mask | Source
2017 New Year Party Mask Craft Sheet Printable
2017 New Year Party Mask Craft Sheet Printable | Source

Fabulous Masks for Costume Balls

Venetian masks are elegant eye masks that often include ornate decorations made of satin, lace, feathers, velvet or jewels. Suitable for men or women, these fancy masks can be worn as eye masks or attached to a small handle to hold in front of the face without being constantly worn.

Elegant Venetian masks and lavish feathered eye masks are favorites at fancy dress costume balls, New Year's Eve parties, First Night and Mardi Gras celebrations.

Feather Masks are a Mardi Gras Favorite

Elegant hand made feather mask frames the face with long brown tail feathers and peacock feather trims. The eyes are outlined with sequins and subtle gold tinsel threads are woven into the side flashes. Each mask is made with real feathers, so expect some slight color variations.

Last Minute Costumes for Adults and Children - Need a costume tonight? No problem!

John Deere farmer and tractor costume
John Deere farmer and tractor costume | Source

When you suddenly discover you or one of your kids needs a masquerade costume within a few hours and you have no time or money to shop, you can pull off a creative masterpiece and possibly even devise an award winning costume. Here are dozens of ideas and instructions for making last minute costumes.

Photo:Brett Holt, (resqbrett)

Kiddie Face Paint - Pink Easter Bunny, Mermaid Eyes, Animal Face

Jailhouse Rock The Alternate Album
Jailhouse Rock The Alternate Album

The King and his alternate album - copy the cover image to make a celebrity mask of Elvis Presley.


Make a Recycled Album Cover Mask - Give New Meaning to the Phrase #1 Fan

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock Album - cut out the face portion of an old 33 RPM album case.

You can make a fast and fabulous stick mask (or is it a fan?) from old record album slip cases. If you've got a collection of vinyl 33rpm records sitting in the garage waiting for the tag sale, drag them out and make the slip cases into fan masks.

All you need to make this recycle craft mask is an album cover with a large portrait of your favorite musical artist, a bit of glue or duct tape, and a wooden paint-stirring stick or ruler.

You can find more detailed #1 Music Fan Mask Craft Instructions here.

Mask Making Pro Tips and Designs

Masks and Masked Faces: A manual for the construction of 22 masks and their variations.
Masks and Masked Faces: A manual for the construction of 22 masks and their variations.

22 different knock-your-socks-off mask designs with plenty of photos and instructions. A professional style manual for educators, creative mask makers and theatrical students with more than 700 illustrations, 190 pages.


Very Cool DIY Costumes & Masks - Hand Made Masks You Can Create

Get creative with these mask projects. Some are for kids, others are for the young at heart.

Mask or Face Paint?

What's your masquerade style - face paint or face mask?

Do you prefer to wear a mask or to paint your face with costume makeup?

See results

How to Make a Mardi Gras Papier Mache Mask

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