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Math Nerd Halloween Costume

Updated on August 3, 2013

Dress as Your Inner Math Geek This Halloween

Are you a math geek? Do you consider it a compliment to be called a nerd? If so, dressing up in a math nerd costume this Halloween might just be the way to go!

I've selected ways for you to factor in the proper ratio of geek-ness so you can multiply your chances of meshing with the other party goers. Start assembling your crazy outfit and there will be no more standing in the corner for you, unless of course that's where they keep the graphing calculators.

With a math geek costume, you can make your own or buy some accessories like a "mathlete" sweatshirt to round out your look. Either way, you can stand proud and stand tall. And carry a big ruler.

Photo Credit: Paul Ittoop Being a Stereotypical Nerd

Math Teachers Believe in Angles Comical Gifts

For a super simple math nerd costume, grab one of these funny buttons and wear it on your shirt or jacket. Your geek-ness will shine through like a new penny!

Or you can also choose a tee shirt or a cap for a more bold nerd costume that just requires your own jeans and shoes. Nerds like to keep it simple, after all.

I have a wide selection of math/angle products available and you can personalize any of these angle-loving products to say whatever you like:

~ Math Geeks Believe in Angles

~ Nerds Believe in Angles

~ Mathematicians Believe in Angles

~ You decide! You're the math geek!

Show Your Math Love

Math nerds not only believe in angles,

some even believe in angels.

Carry a Big Ruler to Accessorize Your Crazy Outfit - Measure Your Worth

Every math geek needs to keep a ruler at hand. Whether it's a straight edge or a protractor, your costume is not complete without way to measure drinks and such.

But before you go off on a tangent, be sure to triangulate the angle of the keg.

Can Dogs Count?

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.

~Phil Pastoret

Quote Garden

Do You Like Math?

Do You Like Math?

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Classic Nerd Costume - Dress the Part and Get Your Nerd On

The classic math nerd costume requires you to wear a plaid button down shirt. If possible, you should tuck it in and wear a belt.

Don't forget the black-framed glasses and some duct tape to repair them with (right in the middle, yep!).

The crowing glory, finishing touch? Why, a pocket protector, of course!

A Pocket Protector Is Your Friend - No More Ink Leaks!

Any good nerd knows to protect your plaid button down shirt (see above), you'll need a pocket protector. No more unsightly ink stains for you!

If a simple tee is more your style, choose a Mathlete shirt that just says it all!

Are You or Do You Know a Math Nerd?

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      LOL. This is what my dad always dressed up as every year when I was a kid. He wore nerdy glasses with a band aid at the center, a pocket protector, and high jeans with suspenders.

    • EMangl profile image

      EMangl 4 years ago

      now that's a way to pimp your style! pretty cool this crazy outfit :-) i am almost forced to say SWAG!!