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Megara Costume - Meg From Disney's Hercules

Updated on July 14, 2013

Dressing up as Megara - Tutorials and Store Bought Ideas

Megara is my favourite damsel in distress because well she isn't in distress but then again she actually is. She's a strong female character and although Hercules was a fun guy I feel the movie would be dull without Meg.

I don't know if the official costume was available at one time but there certainly isn't any today, so we will have to get a little bit creative with this one. You can make the costume from scratch - I found a few sewing tutorials that will work great for this, or you can get the purple dress and add other details added - I will show you a few ideas on how to make them!

Photo Credit: starrynight_012 via Flickr CC

Our Darling Diva Meg! - Here she is!

The key features of her look are the light purple dress with gold buckles and a darker purple schawl wrap. She also wears simple sandals.

She has a very specific hairdo which is a must if you will go out as her.

Photo: Capture from the movie (Fair Use)

Megara's Dresses - For Women and Little Girls - My three picks for adults and one for kids

I found three purple dresses (two long and one short) which I think will work great for Megara costume, well with some minor adjustments that is. I also added one dress for girls in case you are looking this costume for your kid.

Ruby Rox Big Girls' High/Low Caviar, Lavender, Large
Ruby Rox Big Girls' High/Low Caviar, Lavender, Large

I think this one is prefect for the little ones! I love the glittery sequin details, I think the girls will love it.


Make Your Buttons! - You will need 3!

You can make them out of cardboard (I think we don't need a tutorial for that) or out of polymer clay!

Polymer clays are really easy to work with and are suitable for beginner crafter also. You can use bronze, light brown or yellow clay.

Rub it between your hands until it becomes soft(er). Roll it evenly on the working surface - you can use a rolling pin, glass or if you will be working with the clays allot you can use a noodle making machine. Use a round cookie cutter (or a glass) to cut 3 round shapes. With a small blunt object (I used a pen) make the circle relief on the button.

Bake your buttons in your oven as instructed on the clay (different brands have different temperatures and bake times).

When they are done let them cool a bit then turn them over and put the baby pins on the backside - secure them with some clay and bake again. All done!

Photos for this tutorial are taken by me.

I use Fimo Clay

Polymer clays are great for all kinds of creative projects.

FIMO Modeling Clay 2oz Block-8020-16 Sunflower
FIMO Modeling Clay 2oz Block-8020-16 Sunflower

I feel most comfortable working with Fimo clay. I am not saying other brands are any worse but this was the first polymer clay I ever worked with and I got used to it's hardness (or softness). It's easy to work with and allows for a lot of detailed work. They have a wide selection of colos, you can also make your own as the clays mix together nicely (you can also do marble patterns). They can easily be painted to so you can use any kind you want and color in the details when it is baked.


Megara Cosplay Outfit

Dress tutorials you can use to make Megaras dress

These tutorials will help you sew your own dress. I think the dresses will work for Meg but you can make any adjustments you see fit.

Megara Wig - Buy something similar or even better create your own!

I tried to find a wig that would look similar to Meg's hair but I was not as successful as I would have wanted. I think the Amy Winehouse wig would be OK as it is curly and has a big bum on the top, provided you add the hair ribbon. The wig is black though an Meg has more brownish hair so that can be an issue.

BUT! You can easily make your own wig and I have found a tutorial that will show you how to make it - check out the How to make Megara wig tutorial. A simple how to guide by a very talented cosplayer.

amy winehouse wig halloween wig synthetic hair wigs for women real natural wigs
amy winehouse wig halloween wig synthetic hair wigs for women real natural wigs

This is the closest wig I could find that you can buy. If you don't mind the black hair you can use this one (there are also other Amy Whinehouse wigs from other manufacturers that are quite similar)


Make Up Tutorial


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