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Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on July 31, 2015

Wallpapers with 'Merry Christmas' in Them

"Merry Christmas" is obviously a relevant wallpaper for the Christmas holiday season, as the message expresses in its entirety what we wish for family and friends.

But as far as using the phrase as a wallpaper, it goes far beyond that to the types of fonts that may be incorporated into the image, the color of the fonts, as well as design accompanying the letters and words.

In that regard there are a lot different design choices to choose from when incorporating a Merry Christmas message into your wallpaper, and we'll look at a number of them in this article, including a range of colors, font styles and designs used to complement it.

There are some designs that use not only things like strategically made and placed snowflakes, but characters associated with Christmas as well - such as snowmen, among others.

Other elements included with Merry Christmas are indoor scenes such as a Christmas tree and a decorated fireplace, and objects like candles and beautiful roses.

No matter what your personal preference, there is a "Merry Christmas" wallpaper, or group of wallpapers that will meet your need or desires. You can also think of those that will be seeing the wallpapers and consider their personal tastes as well.

Wallpaper with Merry Christmas and Snowflake Edge

With a Christmas wallpaper exclaiming "Merry Christmas," it was inevitable that there would be a snowflake design of some sort included with the phrase, and that's the case with this first one.

The blue background looks great, as does the various white snowflakes scattered around the edge of the wallpaper image.

The font is basic but nice, and the little burst of white color in the center behind the first part of Christmas looks good.

Merry Christmas Design

Blue Merry Christmas Wallpaper
Blue Merry Christmas Wallpaper | Source

Red Wallpaper Background with Merry Christmas Message

Next we have a similar 'Merry Christmas' wallpaper, this time with a more lively font, additional scrolling design, and more snowflakes.

It was included to show that even though the wallpapers are similar, when you look a little more closely at the detail of the two, other than the obvious blue and red background differences, you can see how very unique they actually are when contrasted with one another.

I also like the echoing of the phrase throughout the wallpaper below.

Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Red Merry Christmas Wallpaper
Red Merry Christmas Wallpaper | Source

Christmas Wallpaper with Snowmen, Trees and Church

This simple Merry Christmas wallpaper shows how fantastic of an image can be created with just some easy details.

To me, what makes this a great wallpaper isn't the figures included, or the fonts, but rather the light emanating from the top of the wallpaper and scattered throughout the design. It really adds to the overall look and feel of it.

Including a dark red background with the white lettering, snowmen, and trees, was a nice touch. It helps contrast the colors effectively.

Also terrific is the decision to have a variety of hues incorporated into the rays of light shining across the image. It's a great Christmas wallpaper that most people would enjoy viewing.

Wallpaper with Snowman and Church

Snowman and Church
Snowman and Church | Source

Rose and Candle Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Here is a stunningly beautiful Merry Christmas wallpaper, using the wonderful red and green colors, accentuated by the terrific gold lettering of the "Merry Christmas" message.

Add to that the gorgeous red roses and the pretty candle and you really get a fantastic image to enjoy throughout the Christmas season.

The candle really helps brighten up the roses, casting its light upon them to bring them out more into the open to appreciate. The little hearts used as dots for dotting the eye looks good.

Red, Green and Gold Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Beautiful Merry Christmas Wallpaper
Beautiful Merry Christmas Wallpaper | Source

Decorated Home Wallpaper with Merry Christmas Salutation

From my personal tastes and point of view, I saved the best for last for those Christmas wallpapers which include the "Merry Christmas" phrase with them.

How could anybody remain stressful or discouraged when looking at this welcoming image of a decorated tree and home, especially with that terrific fireplace lit up for all to appreciate and enjoy?

This is really a fully decorated room, including a little bit of everything to look at by the viewer. The "Merry Christmas" is also awesome, with a great font chosen to amplify the message. Great wallpaper.

Christmas Wallpaper

Cozy Christmas Wallpaper
Cozy Christmas Wallpaper | Source

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

As you can see in this article and the accompanying photos, you can go from as simple as you want when using a "Merry Christmas" wallpaper, like the first two shown, all the way to a complex and gorgeous setting like the final one above.

You can never miss with this friendly greeting, and when other design elements such as Christmas trees, candles, red roses, snowman, and snowflake edging are included, among many others, it's no wonder so many choose to go with this as a wallpaper of choice during the Christmas holiday season.

Don't think you only have to choose just one, as there are a plethora of options out there, and you can rotate them to get the maximum enjoyment out of them.


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