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Halloween Decorations using Metal Pumpkin Stand

Updated on November 5, 2013

Halloween Decorations using Metal Pumpkin Stands

Fall has arrived and Halloween is in the air.

It's time to pull out the decorations and start carving the pumpkins.

This year let's jazz up the decorations a bit and try something a little different for displaying our works of creativity.

Pumpkin stands!

I love mixing textures and mediums in my decorating. Mixing nature as part of the seasonal decorations allows for a variety of choices.

For Fall, pumpkins are my base theme that I begin with for decorating from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

So with all of this taken into consideration what could be better for decorating for Halloween than using metal pumpkin stands.

We will be looking at a few selections to give you options this year to decorate with some fun pumpkin stands that will be sure to have the neighbors talking and the kids finding the decorations more interesting than the trick or treat candy.

With the introduction of these unique, cute to classic stands you may consider freshening, updating and reworking some of your decorations to fit these into your décor for this Halloween.

view this pumpkin stand

Spooky Pumpkin Man Stand

I love decorating with pumpkins. They are my main décor item. This is a fun pumpkin metal stand, giving your carved pumpkin a body. How cool is that?

Displaying your carved pumpkins are in for a treat to finally have a body stand to support the pumpkin head. What facial expression will your pumpkin man have this year?

This stand can either be dressed up or dressed down. What style do you see?

Spider Pumpkin Stand - creepy home decor

Double creepy, crawley, spooky! Yikes I hate spiders and I don't even like little plastic spiders, I can never tell if they are really real or not so I don't like to take any chances. But these spider pumpkin head stands I will say are very cute. I could do these spiders.....outside maybe.

Don't feel like carving pumpkins this year? Then this handy spider stand will be very convenient. By just placing a pumpkin in this pre-shaped stand gives you instant creepy-ness! Super easy, no time, no fuss. How simple is that?

Skeleton Pumpkin Stand

Okay here is another body pumpkin metal stand in a skeleton. This would be perfect for a carved white pumpkin and the face I see is "Jack" from 'Nightmare before Christmas'. What a perfect match for a Skeleton carved pumpkin head is a skeleton body.

How creative will you be?

Creepy Spider Web Pumpkin Stand

This non-body stand will allow you to just highlight your carved pumpkin. This allows your or your children's handy work to shine and stand on it's own. What a perfect match with this pumpkin metal stand is to group with the spider pumpkin metal stands shown above.

Still no carving required, just pumpkin display. Simple, easy and quick to go.

Classic Pumpkin Stand

Now here is a whole different theme. If spooky kooky decorations are not your taste then perhaps this classic stand will be more to your taste. This classy looking metal pumpkin stand will carry you from Halloween décor into Thanksgiving season.

This is an easy alternative for a no scary theme and no carved pumpkin required either. Introduce this stand for a full Fall décor stand using a non-live pumpkin keeping decorating easy.

Items to buy for Halloween...

trick or treat candy


carving tools

permanent markers

new pumpkin Stand

Do You Use Pumpkins In Your Fall Décor? - Share in our fun poll below...

How do you characterize your pumpkins in your Halloween decor?

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Lighted Metal Pumpkins

If you don't buy real pumpkins, if you don't like carving pumpkins, if you want an easy décor item that won't take much time to set up, then these pre-lit pumpkins make it easy for a quick set up.

I love using lots of lights on the outside of the house for Halloween activities and these are a great alternative to buying strands of lights to hang out and taking the trouble of setting them up. Easy, simple decorating is the way I like to go. Allows more time for other things.

10Ft Rope Lights; Brilliant Amber LED Rope Light Kit; 1.0" LED Spacing; Christmas Lighting; outdoor rope lighting; Candle Flame Color
10Ft Rope Lights; Brilliant Amber LED Rope Light Kit; 1.0" LED Spacing; Christmas Lighting; outdoor rope lighting; Candle Flame Color

Create a nice back drop for your lighted pumpkins with this 10' of orange rope lighting. Simple groupings make the nicest effect and you won't be limited by size when you create it yourself.


Do You Decorate With Pumpkins? - or would you rather not

Everyone has their own style and flair. I am the most inspired by seeing others creativity. Join in the debate here and share some inspiration of how you like to decorate. Do you use pumpkins in your theme or would you rather not and wouldn't be caught 'dead' using pumpkins.

Decorating for Halloween is a fun and festive event and has gotten almost as popular as Christmas. If you have a favorite décor item that you like the best please share it with us below.

Halloween Decorations - Share your favorite

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    • ghoststorylover profile image

      ghoststorylover 4 years ago

      I normally love scary pumpkins but the stands are cute, and I love the eyes! :)

    • profile image

      MintySea 6 years ago

      the ideas look cool

    • profile image

      ErHawkns7100 6 years ago

      Very clever ideas.

    • profile image

      Kumarastylez 6 years ago

      Loved your lens! Thumbs Up

    • profile image

      hamshi5433 6 years ago

      I`ve always adored pumpkin decorating...its awesome! I go for the classic pumpkin stand though because it looks cool for all seasons..pumpkin can be swapped with a bunch of flowers for spring :D..Nice ideas.blessed.