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Mexican Independence Day

Updated on July 30, 2015

September 16th

After 200 years of Spanish colony in Mexico, the country began an uprising in 1810 led by the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the village of Dolores in Guanajuato

Photo: Grito de Independencia by Guerry

church bell by tamburix
church bell by tamburix

Hidalgo called the people of Dolores to revolt against the Spanish authorities. This made him ringing the bell of the village church and holding a banner with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on September 16, 1810. Since then, every September 15 at 11 pm, the President of Mexico rings the bell at central balcony of the National Palace in the Plaza of the Constitution of Mexico City emulating the call made by Hidalgo, and then moves the national flag, while mentioning the names of the heroes who participated in the struggle for Independence of Mexico ending louding Viva Mexico! three times which people gathered in the Plaza repeat in response. This event is known as "La Noche del Grito" and for Mexicans is the most important national holiday, even more than the "Cinco de Mayo".

On September 16 morning, the President of the Republic accompanied by Secretaries of Defense and Navy in the central balcony of the National Palace leads a military parade commemorating the National Independence.

La Noche del Grito

Angelito by alicedice
Angelito by alicedice

Independence Monument ("El Angel")

As a symbol of national independence of Mexico for all future generations, a monument was built in its honor in the Avenue "Paseo de la Reforma", which was inaugurated in 1910 by President Porfirio Diaz. Made as an honorary column topped with a statue of the Winged Victory holding a laurel wreath and a broken chain of three links. This monument is known as "El Angel" (The Angel) and is the most emblematic of Mexico City in the world.

Did you know something of the Independence of Mexico and its commemoration?

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