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Mickey Christmas - Where to Find Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Items and Collectibles

Updated on September 2, 2011

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse and Christmas there is no better way to celebrate the holiday than combining the two of them together.

There are so many Mickey Mouse Christmas items available for collectors, that you can decorate an entire room simply in Christmas Mickey Mouse and friends collectibles like in the picture to the right.

Just imagine friends and families faces when they walk past a room that looks that spectacular!

Some of the Mickey Mouse Christmas items include:

  • Mickey Christmas Plush Figures
  • Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornaments
  • Mickey Mouse Christmas Movies and Books
  • Mickey Mouse Christmas Stockings
  • Mickey Mouse Christmas Statues, Figurines and collectibles.

Read on to discover where you can purchase some of these fun items for yourself and begin building your dream Mickey Mouse Christmas room like the one shown below.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Christmas Plushes

Here are some adorable Mickey Mouse Christmas plushes. Featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. There are also tons of other great Disney Mickey characters available.

These plushes would look great on any bedroom, under any tree, on shelves and and displayed anywhere else you can think of at Christmas time.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Christmas Ears Ornaments

Here are a few adorable mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments that focus just on Mickey and Minnie Mouses' famous ears.

These would look great on any tree or displayed in stands on shelves around your home.

These two are Lenox Mickey Mouse ornaments which make great collectibles, keepsakes or are perfect to give any Micky fan as a gift!

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Hallmark Ornaments

There are so many wonderful Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments available that I had to break them down into sections.

There is the Mickey Mouse Ears Christmas ornaments mentioned above. Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments by Hallmark and Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments by Lenox.

These are the great Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments by Hallmark. Some of the great things about Hallmark ornaments is not only are they are well made and highly collectible, but they are also known for portraying adorable and realistic scenes.

These ornaments would also look great displayed on a tree that is dedicated solely to Mickey Mouse and Friends or would look great displayed on shelves around your home.

These are just a few of the Hallmark Mickey Christmas ornaments available because Hallmark has been making them for so many years. If you would like to see even more Mickey Hallmark ornaments click here.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Lenox

Lenox, known for their beautiful quality, has also come out with quite a few Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas ornaments.

These too would look great displayed on any tree or display shelf.

Many of these Mickey Mouse ornaments have been discontinued but luckily can still be found at places like Amazon or Ebay.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Christmas Movies and Books

There is nothing like watching Mickey Mouse Christmas movies during the holiday season to bring a family together.

Adults and children alike will get equal enjoyment from Mickey Christmas movies such as:

  • Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

  • Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas

  • Mickey's Magical Christmas - Snowed in at the House of Mouse

  • Mickey's Christmas Carol

There are also quite a few Mickey Mouse Christmas books that children would love to hear at bedtime or around the fire during the holiday season.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatables

You can decorate the outside of your house and show your love for Mickey with these awesome Mickey Mouse inflatables.

Sure to draw attention from both neighbors and passers by.

If you happen to have a large enough room in your home, you can even display these wonderful inflatables indoors and really create a Mickey Christmas room that no one will ever forget.

Mickey Christmas - Mickey Mouse Christmas Collectibles and Limited Editions

There are some truly unique and beautiful Mickey Mouse Christmas items for the more serious of Mickey collectors.

Many of these items are limited edition items made by such companies as the Bradford Exchange.

The details on these beautiful items are breathtaking and these would make the perfect Christmas gift for true Mickey Mouse fans as well.

View the slide show for larger photos or click here on Mickey Mouse Christmas Collectibles for larger pictures, descriptions and to purchase..

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Mickey Christmas - Other Great Mickey Christmas Items

Here are a bunch of other unique and fun Mickey Christmas items that will look beautiful displayed in or around your house during the holiday season.

Statuettes, Mickey Christmas inflatables. Mickey Mouse tree skirts and more!


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