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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 16, 2014

“We’ve got ears, say cheers!” Happy birthday cheers, that is!

At a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party, all of your guests will be cheering!

But before you get ready to party, you need to think about planning your Mickey-themed birthday party!

From invitations, to decorations, to even some fun food and game ideas, you'll find everything you need to plan a rockin' Mickey birthday right here!

Celebrate your child’s birthday with Mickey Mouse and all of his friends with these fun, easy, and inexpensive Mickey Mouse party ideas!



Sending out invitations is normally a task that Mickey would leave up to Minnie, but it seems as though Minnie Mouse is on vacation because you are now stuck with this task.

No worries though, because lucky for you, you don’t even need to leave your home!

Most of the cutest Mickey Mouse invitations can be found online, and for a price very comparable to that of what you would spend in a store. The difference is, you can’t go to the store in your pajamas!

For a flat fee of $15.00, you receive access to this digital file from ThePrintableOccasion on Etsy, which means you can make as many prints as you need!

This is definitely the way to go, especially if you plan on throwing a huge birthday bash!


“Oh Toodles!” Mickey Mouse birthday parties call for Mickey decorations, which means you might need a mouseketool or two. As far as the color scheme, black, red, yellow and white go nicely with this theme, as well as red, blue, yellow, and green.

Toodles’ mouseketools for Mickey Mouse decorations are: Craft foam balls, polyfil stuffing, black circles of many sizes, and the mystery mouseketool!

Now, let’s see what Mickey Mouse party ideas we can come up with using these mouseketools:

  • Mickey Mouse heads: Using two smaller and one larger craft foam balls, paint them all black, let dry, and affix the two smaller ones onto the larger one to resemble Mickey Mouse. You can use these in table centerpieces, or suspend them from the ceiling.

  • Clubhouse friends plushes: You simply cannot have a Mickey Mouse party without inviting all of his friends, too! Use these as decorations, then again as party favors or game prizes.

  • Mickey Mouse ears: Everything and anything should have Mickey Mouse ears, from your lamps to your guests!



Wow your party guests with a feast fit for the clubhouse. What good is a Mickey Mouse theme if you don’t have the right food?

Make Mickey Mouse proud by serving his favorites!

  • Hot diggity dog bar: This one will have Mickey and friends dancing for more! Set up a hotdog bar with everyone’s favorite toppings! Don’t forget to include relish, sauerkraut, and chili!

  • Clubhouse trail mix: A little sweet and a little nutty, just like the clubhouse crew! Mix pretzels, nuts, and theme-colored M&Ms together and let your guests have at this tasty treat!

  • Mickey ear cookies: You can choose to just have a platter of different flavored oreos, or actually bake some cookies using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.

  • LeMouseAde: Make some yummy, fresh-squeezed lemonade, but don’t forget the Mickey Mouse straws!

Who's your favorite Clubhouse friend?

See results


Everyone loves party games, therefore every party needs games! Keep your guests busy and cheerful with these fun Mickey Mouse party ideas:

  • Pin the ears on (the party boy/girl): That’s right; it’s no longer about the donkey! Print up a large picture of the birthday star and paste it to a thick backing. The guests will have a great time giving him or her Mickey Mouse ears!

  • Guess Goofy’s gumballs: Have a Goofy plush holding onto a jar of gumballs. Each person it to write down their guess and place it into the designated box or jar. Whoever guesses the closest without going over will win the plush and gumballs!

  • Mickey’s button toss: Oh no! Mickey’s pants list its buttons and it’s up to the guests to fix them! Make a cut out shaped like Mickey’s pants from red poster board and lay it flat. Draw large circles in the general area where the buttons should be. Each child gets 10 white buttons to toss, and whoever has the most that are at least touching the circles wins!


Signal the end of the party by doing the hotdog dance, and don’t forget to hand out party favors as a big thank you! You can never go wrong with a sweet treat such as a Mickey Mouse cupcake!

Now, Toodles never revelealed the mystery mouseketool so now it’s time. The mystery mouseketool is you because without you putting together this party with these awesome Mickey Mouse party ideas, none of this would be possible!

Get a Personalized Happy Birthday Greeting from Mickey!


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