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Mickey Mouse Halloween Decorations

Updated on October 2, 2013

Indoor and Outdoor Mickey Mouse Decorations

I have three young children. We started decorating our home last October in Mickey Mouse Halloween Decorations.

It was the second year our daughters had gone trick o treating. We were anxious to put on costumes and for them to enjoy all of the events. Unfortunately, they were overwhelmed with all of the ghost and goblins in everyoneâs yard. I didnât realize how scary some of the décor could be for small children.

I decided to decorate our home with Halloween decorations that wouldnât scare the pants off the small children in the neighborhood.

We love Mickey Mouse so it was an easy and fun choice.

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Do You Have A Scary House On Your Street

Our neighbors have the house with the giant spider in the front yard and the eerie music in the background. It's great for the older kids. They are usually dragging around their poor younger siblings that are horrified at the thought of ringing the doorbell.

Our house has become the safe haven for all of the younger kids that are intimidated by the scary stuff.

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How Can We Make Halloween A Little Less Scary For Small Children

How Can We Make Halloween A Little Less Scary For Small Children
How Can We Make Halloween A Little Less Scary For Small Children

Halloween Tips

  1. Explain to your child that all of the scary decorations and ghoulish costumes are pretend. I have preschoolers and they usually do a lot better if they know what to expect.
  2. Avoid the houses of strangers. You never know who will answer the door. A scary witch or a werewolf with claws can be very scary for young children. Most churches and schools have trunk or treats or fall festivals that cater more to small children.
  3. Throw a Halloween or costume party. Your child won't want to miss out on all the fun. You can control the environment and your child can still enjoy dressing up and eating treats.
  4. Don't break your routine. It is easy to stay out late or overindulge in candy. This usually make our children hypersensitive to everything. A scary scarecrow sitting on the front porch of an old house suddenly becomes a huge ordeal. We usually try to start trick or treating well before bed time and we limit the amount of candy they can eat.


Greet Your Trick or Treaters With Mickey Mouse

I'm a Bargain Shopper

I love dressing up my home for the holidays but my family is on a tight budget. I like to shop Ebay because it gives me negotiation power and more variety.

Candy Bowl

Young Children

Passing Out Candy

We don't keep our children out very late on Halloween. We usually visit about ten houses in the neighborhood and call it a night.

Than the real fun begins. The girls love to see all of the kid's in costume that ring the doorbell. Passing out candy was also their first Halloween experience when we thought they were a little too young to go trick-or-treating

Here are two adorable candy bowls that are sure to make passing out candy extra special.

This adorable bowl features Mickey and his pals and can be personalized with your family name.

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Personalized Disney Halloween Candy Bowl- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, GoofyCHECK PRICE

Indoor Decor

Mickey Mouse Halloween Decor for Your Home

We have takien care of the outside of your home now it's time to decorate the inside. The holidays are all about making memories so I try to keep that in mind when I am decorating. I like delicate figurines and fragile ornaments but I try to buy decor that is kid friendly.

My kids always want to help put them up so it makes it a lot less stressful if I know it isn't something they can easily break.

Disney Spooky Jelz Mickey & Minnie Mouse w/ Donald Halloween Gel Window Cling
Disney Spooky Jelz Mickey & Minnie Mouse w/ Donald Halloween Gel Window Cling

Window clings are perfect for little hands. You can use them to decorate your windows, refrigerator or sliding glass doors.

Disney Halloween Vampire Mickey Minnie Mouse Goofy Donald Duck Window Clings
Disney Halloween Vampire Mickey Minnie Mouse Goofy Donald Duck Window Clings

My favorite kid friendly decor. These window clings are reusable and won't damage walls or leave sticky residue on the windows.

Disney Halloween Time Mickey Mouse
Disney Halloween Time Mickey Mouse

This toy would be perfect sitting on a fire mantel or your child's favorite chair. It would also make the perfect gift for a child that can't eat candy.

Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Werewolf Plush Doll
Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Werewolf Plush Doll

Is it a full moon out? This little guy is ready to go out and have a howling good time!


Disney Park Mickey Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar FigurineCHECK PRICE

Halloween is a chaotic day for us. Usually, by the end of the night our children are exhausted, loaded up on sugar and awake way past their bed time. My favorite part of the night is peeling them out of their costumes, slipping them into PJs and putting them to bed.

My husband and I collapse on the couch knowing our children have had an amazing time and another holiday has passed.

It's our time to kick our feet up, eat some candy and watch some scary movies.

I do have a few decorations that are more for my enjoyment. I usually place them high on the fire mantle or behind the glass door of the entertainment center. My children eww and aww at them every time they get the chance. It's nice to have nice things and not be completely surrounded my toys and kid's stuff.

Happy Halloween!

Disney Traditions Mickey Candy Dish FigurineCHECK PRICE

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Minnie Jack-O-Lantern FigurineCHECK PRICE

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Which Mickey Mouse Halloween Decoration Do You Plan to Purchase For Your Home

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