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Mike the Knight Birthday Party

Updated on March 18, 2015

Do It Right With a Mike the Knight Birthday Party

If your little Knight wants to go off on an adventure and learn how to be a brave knight, then you need to plan a big adventure for his big day and a Mike the Knight birthday party is the perfect theme to do just that.

There are plenty of fun and easy things you can do to create a memorable party that your little one is sure to love and will be a hit with all the kids. Even if you cannot find party supplies that directly match Mike the Knight you can create a knight party that has plenty of Mike the Knight elements.

Mike the Knight lives in a castle with his mother and witch in training sister, while his father the King is off on a knightly adventure. Mike also has two dragons and a noble steed as his companions and together they all learn lessons about how to be knightly. Mike is always trying to be a brave knight like his father but often his attempts to be the knight that everyone admires often gets in the way of caring for others.

Mike the Knight Party Invitations

To create your knight themed party you first want to let the people know that your little knight is gearing up for his big day. So you'll need some invites to send out to the rest of the kingdom. To create some Mike the Knight invitations you could make your own little scroll invites.

To do this print out your invitations on regular paper, you can even include pictures of Mike or his shield to fit the theme. Then cut out the invitations and give them an aged look by dragging a steeped tea bag over the invitation. Once the paper is dry you can roll them up just like a scroll and put them into envelopes.

Free Mike the Knight printable invitations are also available from Nick Jr to print, fill in with details and send out to all your guests.

If you do not want to go through that much work you can find some great options on ebay and Etsy that you can just print out and mail.

Mike the Knight Latex Balloons - Pack of 6
Mike the Knight Latex Balloons - Pack of 6

Mike the Knight Party Decorations and Table Décor

The next thing to do is create the atmosphere of a castle or a home fit for a brave knight. The easiest way to do this is with streamers draped along the walls and balloon accents. Choosing blue, red and yellow can really add to the Mike the Knight theme. You can even print out copies of Mike's shield or cut out shields from cardboard and paint them to look like Mike's shield. There are even some tapestries shown in the cartoon that you can try to recreate with large pieces of paper.

If you want to really go all out, you can pull some ideas from this great knight party by Two Bees Tutus and Events featured at Kara's Party Ideas. This party featured a shield for each guest and a play sword. The table setting here is absolutely stunning and can be done even on a budget. You can create the striped table effect by cutting two tablecloths or using rolls of paper. The place settings can be done with paper and plastic utensils in coordinating colors. The goblets might be a splurge for some but they add plenty of atmosphere to the table. The shields can be handmade from cardboard and the swords purchased at any party store or dollar store.

Mike the Knight Birthday Banner

Mike The Knight Party Letter Banner
Mike The Knight Party Letter Banner

There is not much of a better way to say Happy birthday then with a "Happy birthday" banner. Featuring colorful letters and character designs this 2.1m banner will surely be unmissable.


Knight Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK1267SCS Dragon Hunter Peel & Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK1267SCS Dragon Hunter Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Even after many decorations have been put up, there can seem to be something missing and the walls may look a little plain. Wall decals are great for adding something a little special to any room. official Mike the Knight wall decals are not available yet but these Knight wall stickers will do the job just fine.


Mike the Knight Party Food Ideas

Create a feast for the knights of your round table

When it comes to what food to serve you can make it easy and go with simple foods, like chicken wings, vegetables, fruits and of course plenty of treats. even has a dragon juice recipe that you can use to fill your goblets with a stunning blue juice.

Also consider having mostly foods that can be eaten by hand like turkey legs/chicken thighs and fries so kids can eat without any cutlery "medieval style".

With this party the food doesn't have to be perfect themed you just have to serve with style.

Mike the Knight Birthday Cake Ideas

The cake can be tricky and you may want to hire a decorator to really make a centerpiece for your little knight. Little Cherry Cake Company created this stunning Mike the Knight cake that will definitely make an impression on your child.

However, if you are not looking to spend on making the cake, you can make your own. also has instructions for how to make your own shield cake. They even recommend designing the shield with the interests of your little knight to make it even more personal.

Once the cake is made an easy way to decorate as in the pic featured to your right is to use an edible cake image topper.. Mike the Knight edible cake toppers can be purchased from ebay or etsy. A thin layer of buttercream icing will be enough to have the image attach to the cake and a decorative border can be applied to give the image a frame.

Mike the Knight Party Games and Activities

For activities there are plenty of options you can do to amuse a group of little knights. has a Pin the Tail on Sparkie and Pin the Tail on Squirt printables. All you have to do is print out the pages and put them together like a big puzzle, and then let the kids try to put the tails back on the dragon. Another great activity can also double as a party favor and that is horse riding! For this activity the kids simply get to run around on their horses and try to get their sword or their lance through hanging rings.

Where do the horses come from? Well you make them of course! Before you start shaking your head, it really is easy and something you can do. Mrs. King Rocks features a tutorial of how to make stick ponies out of pool noodles! These cheap and easy horses will be sure to thrill every one of your guests and especially your little knight. If you don't want to go through the time and effort to make these ponies or you want something to add for extra favors. (Although you'll be the coolest mom on the block already). comes to the rescue again with adorable trumpet printables. These trumpets attach to the party blowers that you can buy at any party store and create amazing little Mike the Knight trumpets. Talk about a cheap and easy way to get themed party favors, just make sure to give them to the kids as they are leaving, you'll have enough noise and chaos without them at the party.

Party Note

Now that you are armed with plenty of great ideas for your little knight's party, it is time for your little buddy to Be a Knight and Do it Right! Or just be ready to have plenty of fun with a room full of knights.

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