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Minecraft Gift Guide for Teens

Updated on December 12, 2014

Buying Gifts For a Teen Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

With this Minecraft gift guide, it's one stop shopping!! By the time you finish, you'll be able to cross that hard to buy for teen right off your list!

In case you're wondering what Minecraft is, it's a HOT very popular online game that has people everywhere addicted. But you probably already know that if you're here looking for gifts!

Buying gifts for your teenager doesn't have to be hard. If you know they play Minecraft, you can be sure they'll love these gifts!

MINECRAFT LEGOS!!!!! - Build Their Imagination

Building with Legos isn't just for little tots. Everyone likes creating something and with these gifts, your teen can make their Minecraft creations in 4-dimensions! It will get your child away from the computer for a little bit while they practice building and then when they go back online to Minecraft, they'll have an idea of what they want to build.

I used to have a link to a place where you can buy this but per website regulations, I had to take it out... sorry!!

Is there a Lego Lover in your family?

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A Really Cute 6 Piece Farm Animal Set

This is a great set complete with 6 of the Minecraft farm animals. This set includes: Chicken, Ocelot, Tame Wolf, Pig, Sheep, & Cow. In the game, some of them eat the crops but these little critters with sit quietly on any shelf. Great for display or playing with.

You can this at most stores or Amazon. Again,I had to take the link out per website regulations.

Hoodies are the Best

They're so popular that nobody can have too many Minecraft hoodies. Pick one out in each color and your teen will be thrilled! Whether your teen prefers pull over or zipper style, you can find the perfect one here! Ok, you can't really find out here because I had to take the link out but novelty stores are a good place to buy one of these.


You can't go wrong with a T-Shirt! Tons of different designs available. Tons of colors. And Tons of fun! Creepers seem to be the most featured character on shirts but you can find others if you look for them.

There's many different styles to choose from. You can find them online or in specialty stores all over the place.

What's Better?

Would you rather get a hoodie or a T-Shirt?

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Build and Play with These Papercraft Sets

These sets let you build your very own Minecraft scene in the real world. These make great gifts! If you're sick of buying the usual clothes and toys, these are great because they're a little bit different than your every day gift. They're unique and you can buy all the different themes for multiple gifts or you can give them to siblings and they can put their sets together if they would like.

Build all of the farm animals of Minecraft with this great Papercraft set and then play with them using your imagination! No computer necessary for this gift. If you're looking for creativity that doesn't involve technology, this is it! (I had to take the link out but you can find these online)

Lovable Huggable Creepers! - Carry Your Creeper Around Everywhere You Go

Creepers aren't always creepy. Sometimes they're soft and furry!

Soft and cuddly Creeper with sound effects included! They'll love this! This creeper has lots of uses like being a friend or a great piece of decoration in a bedroom or a super gift! The one I'm talking about is made by Jinx. You can find it by doing an online search. Sorry that I couldn't provide you with one but website regulations made me remove it.

Lego Cave PlaySet

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113
LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113

I never met a kid who didn't enjoy building with Legos. They've been all the rage and now they're combined with this popular game.


Minecraft Isn't Just for Teens!

Do You Play Too?

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A Set of Two Minecraft Lamps

These lamps will add a little light to any bedroom. These make perfect night lights and they run on batteries. The set of two makes a really nice gift! I'll try to describe them since I had to take out the link per website regulations. One of them looks like a pixelated torch and the other is a diamond block that lights up blue. I think you can find a red one too. You can buy them separately or in this set.

Instruction Guides - Learn Advanced and Basic Minecraft Skills

Is your teen having trouble making their Minecraft world really explode? These books can teach them how to use many different techniques to create the world that reflects their personality the best!

A Wallet is a Great Gift

I think kids need to learn financial responsibility and there's nothing wrong with making it fun for them to save their dollars in a great wallet like this one. It doesn't matter what the wallet looks like as long as they have a place to keep their money. They'll love this Minecraft one. It kind of looks like a Creeper. It's green and has a black Creeper face.

If you haven't found anything else yet, I would strongly suggest the wallet because I want to stress how important it is to teach kids about money. They need to learn about it at a young age.

Transform Into Your Favorite Character!

You can have your very own cardboard mask and turn into your favorite Minecraft character. Complete the outfit with a foam sword or pickaxe. We have one of these at our house and it's a fun novelty to have around. It comes in handy when someone needs a quick costume.

Foam Pickaxe

Whack Whack Whack! Fun to play with and you don't have to worry about it breaking anything, as long as it's not played with too roughly. It's a pretty sturdy foam.

Costume Heads

You can get them in a set of 2. They are made from cardboard. This is the best for siblings! One can be a creeper (aren't siblings good at that?) and the other one can be Steve. They'll love it!

Creeper Mug

Sip from this! This awesome mug is great for coffee, hot chocolate, or anything else you would like to put in it! Microwave and dishwasher safe.

This is a green mug with a black creeper face.

Help Them Decorate Their Bedroom - Posters are Another Inexpensive Item That They'll Love!

Posters add a touch of personality to a bedroom. Let them show off their favorite characters with class. Cleverly creative posters add color and fun!

Creeper Scarves

Creeper Scarves are green scarves with a black pixelated Creeper face. Very cute!

What Key Chain Collection is Complete Without one for Minecraft?

Of course there's keychains!! You can find these at most novelty stores. These are great to hang off their backpack and some have quite a huge collection of their favorite things.

Here's Some Awesome Minecraft Videos

You'll get the idea of what Minecraft is all about after watching some of these videos! Since I had to take my products out, you can't really see what I'm talking about. If you have no idea what Minecraft characters look like, you can get an idea with these fun videos. These were made for entertainment purposes but they use the same characters and game formats.

Minecraft in the Free Art Form


Hidden Talent?

Didn't know your teen was so interested in art? You might find out with Minecraft! The same creativity that they use to build for hours at a time can also be put onto paper. Maybe you could find them some art supplies that they can use?

What do you think of Minecraft? Is your teen addicted?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 

      5 years ago from New York

      Never heard of it before. I'll have to ask my teen granddaughter if she is into it or not. Thanks so much for enlightening me on the subject! *Squid Angel Blessed*

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My teenage daughter and 2 of my grandson's are totally addicted to Minecraft. I hadn't even thought of gifts pertaining to it...or even knew they were available. I'm going to have to pin this lens!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Not yet. But I guess it is only a matter of time :)

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 

      5 years ago from US/TN

      This is a nice idea, something different. I think my cousin's daughter plays Minecraft.


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