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Minecraft Costume Ideas

Updated on September 30, 2013

Minecraft Costume Steve, Creeper and Enderman Costume Ideas

Minecraft has got to be one of the most popular games that have ever been created. With Halloween dawning and the so many birthday parties thrown themed around Minecraft there are going to be quite a few people who will want to look just like the characters they have become so fond of.

Official Minecraft costumes are available and we've featured them here but not everyone will want to shell out so much for them and that's understandable, in fact it is possible to make your own Minecraft themed costume which will be equally as impressive and cost a fraction of the amount if not nothing at all. All that is needed is the right materials, some directions and a little bit of patience as it will take some time to put together. I hope that by the end of this article you'll have all the resources and inspiration needed to make your own Minecraft Creeper, Steve or Enderman costume or found the best places online to buy one.

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Minecraft Creeper Head
Minecraft Creeper Head

Minecraft Costume Heads/Masks

Your mask is going to be an important part of the costume and must compliment the outfit. Nobody wants to have the outfit right but the mask throwing people of, so they're not quite sure who you're supposed to be. There are official Minecraft Heads available for purchase so you can easily order a Creeper, Steve or Enderman head to wear but if you want to save a few bucks you could make your character heads at home.

To make your own Character heads you will need:

*Cardboard boxes (measurement 12x12)

*Glue *Scissors

*Printable templates of the character

With all these in place all you have to do is print of the templates, stick them to the boxes with the glue and then make holes in the box so you can breathe. If the box is too deep when you put it over your head you could put some Styrofoam at the bottom to keep your head in place and if it feels loose and wobbles about a lot you could stick a cap or hat in there so it keeps everything steady (as shown in the video below).

Photo by Doc_Brown

How to make a Minecraft Head

Minecraft steve costume
Minecraft steve costume

Minecraft Steve Costume

For the rest of a Steve outfit a teal colored t-shirt and some navy blue jeans would be suited. However if you want to go all out this part of the costume can also be made with Cardboard boxes too.

pjkumpon has an awesome tutorial about how to make a full bodied Steve costume from boxes - the tutorial includes measurements, pictures and directions.

To make Steve's trusted pickaxe or the sword simply print of these printable axe and sword templates and cut and stick them onto a foam sheet base. All that's left is to cut around the sword or axe to remove the excess foam. You could even glam it up a little with ribbons and glitter.

How to make Minecraft Pickaxe and Sword

Minecraft Weapons

Think Geek Minecraft Pick Axe Foam Weapon Action Figure Accessory
Think Geek Minecraft Pick Axe Foam Weapon Action Figure Accessory

Steve's pickaxe is must if you want to complete your Steve costume and this cool foam pickaxe will have you ready to mine in no time.

Official Minecraft Foam Sword in Official ThinkGeek Packaging
Official Minecraft Foam Sword in Official ThinkGeek Packaging

For fighting of your enemies you might want to have a sword by your side, there's no telling when you might get ambushed by a mob of creepers...

Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo Set Of 2
Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo Set Of 2

You can never have too many weapons and this sword and pickaxe combo is the perfect way to make sure that you've got all the tools needed at your desposal at all times.

8 Bit Pixelated Black Stone Foam Gun Toy 10"
8 Bit Pixelated Black Stone Foam Gun Toy 10"

Okay so these are not in the game but you've got to admit that they'll pretty cool and would probably be a lot more handy when trying to get rid of some the enemies.


Minecraft Creeper Costumes

Out of all the Minecrafts costumes I think the Creeper has got to be the most popular... A licensed creeper head can be picked up from many sources online or you can make your own through using the same directions as the Steve head above so I won't delve into that too much.

The rest of the costume is a little trickier to put together, James A Tyler has a great tutorial showing how he made a cute minecraft creeper costume for his little nephew. He shares all the dimensions and templates he used so you can also make your own creeper outfit too (vid featured below too).

The general idea is to have 4 boxes - one for the head, one for the body, and two for the the creepers feet. The things to keep in mind is that the box head most be wider than the body but yet square, while the body should be a longer so it can cover your shoulders down to your feet. The hardest of putting this together will probably be trying to find the right boxes to fit your measurements.

Minecraft Creeper Makeup Tutorials

Minecraft Enderman Costume

If you're feeling brave enough as part of your Enderman costume you could wear a black spandex suit which would easily resemble the dreaded Enderman's skinny E.T. like body and then pop on your Enderman box head .

Like the picture to the right you can even add your own uniqueness to the costume by dressing in all black smart clothes and be a sophiscated Enderman - you'll be one of the rarer kinds that likes to stare but look good while doing it...

You could even take it one step further and dawn an all black tuxedo and be a suave Enderman.

Minecraft Ghast Costume Ideas

Making your ghast costume won't be as challenging as some of the other minecraft themed costumes as most of the costume is in place once you have found a box that fits around your body. The only thing you'll have to work on is the decorating the box to resemble the Ghasts in the game.

To make your Ghast costume you'll need to find a box that can go around the core of your body, a good place to find different sized boxes is office depot. Once that is in place simply cut a hole at one of the ends of the box to allow your head to poke through. For the jellyfish like tentacles simply cut the open end of your box into strips as seen in the pic.

To create the ghast face on the box you could use a template adjusted to fit the box or spray paint the box white and paint the face on.

Minecraft Zombie Costume Ideas

A minecraft Zombie costume would be perfect for halloween and just as you would build the other costumes you can take the same approach to create a great looking minecraft zombie costume.

The zombie templates can be used to make the head or you could use a different approach like make it snappy did by using construction paper in different shades of green, that has been cut into squares. The square pieces we're then stuck on to make a pixelated zombie face.

For the zombie's body you could go with a navy blue jeans and a teal t-shirt just as you would with a Steve costume or you build out the rest of the body with cardboard boxes which fit your body well and templates that have been adjusted to be stuck onto the boxes.

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