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Miss Piggy Costume Ideas

Updated on March 1, 2018

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is a classic American success story. Starting from humble beginnings in life and on The Muppet Show TV series, she has worked her ay up to being one of the major characters on the show, and a highly recognizable star.

Of course if you were to ask Miss Piggy about this, she surely would answer that none of this surprises her, as anyone that knows the confident pig will attest to, she has had a drive to be a superstar from early in her life.

It seems so many people can relate to the character of Miss Piggy because of her vulnerability, and her many unpredictable mood swings associated with the events of her life.

Concerning the personality and temperament of Miss Piggy, Frank Oz said at one time that she was a "Truck driver wanting to be a woman." That seems to answer questions as to her disparate personality.

As for using her as source material for a costume, that is what makes her such a desirable character to dress up as.

Miss Piggy Costume Designs

Whether intentionally or not, an interesting narrative emerges when looking at Miss Piggy costume ideas incorporated by others, as she appears to be played in the part of the insecurity inherent in her character, many times stepping out with another character, or dressed in an outrageous way that insecure people sometimes do.

Whatever the reason, Miss Piggy is definitely an awesome and complicated character, and I think that's why so many women choose to dress up like her, and many couples go out costuming together as Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

Next we'll look at a number of Miss Piggy costumes, as well as her escorts when she goes out with a friend.

Miss Piggy Costume

In this first photo of a Miss Piggy costume she is captured in one of her moments where she appears to have an exaggerated opinion of herself. From sources that know her well, it is said this comes from early in her childhood when she began to believe she was going to be a star. I guess she was right when you look at it from that perspective.

As for the costume, it does capture that fun part of Miss Piggy's personality. That old-time cigarette holder does reinforce how she thinks of herself. Funny.


Miss Piggy and Kermit Couples' Costumes

Wherever you may find Miss Piggy, there is a good chance you're also going to find Kermit the Frog, whether he wants to have the forward pig around him or not. That of course will be expressed by couples wanting to dress up together as the two.

One thing about Miss Piggy, which every woman dressing as her embraces, is the inclusion of a fluffy wrap of some type, which has become a signature trademark of hers. At least that's the case when she is in her "star" mode.

A Miss Piggy and Kermit costume theme is a great one for couples, as you can see below.


More Miss Piggy Couples' Costumes

Here are a couple of more interesting couples' costumes with Miss Piggy. The first one you may recognize, as it was a big hit several years ago, attracting a lot of comments, both positive and negative.

The nun is Harrison Ford, and Miss Piggy is his wife Calista Flockhart as Miss Piggy. This is truly one of the oddest combinations, and to this day I'm not sure what it was all about other than the two simply going out in the costumes they wanted to without trying to match them up in any way.

Below them the costume choice to accompany Miss Piggy makes more sense, as that's Animal standing with her, for those that may not know the Muppets well. The Miss Piggy costume there shows you can still look cute while wearing a pig nose.


Miss Piggy Costume with Puffy Sleeves

Here's a look at Miss Piggy out alone in a cute costume. My favorite is those layered, puffy sleeves shes wearing. It also shows an example of what a mask you can acquire will look like. Pretty good likeness.

Now everyone needs to practice that pose below to at least employ it as part of your party experience, as Miss Piggy definitely likes to flaunt herself when out in the public.


Miss Piggy Flaunting Her Assets

For those really wanting to garner some laughs and attention, making a costume even more extravagant, like you see below, would be hilarious.

Besides the obvious, other parts of the costume that I like are the hair and the gloves. They really complement her showing off her assets. Cute costume that will attract a lot of looks and comments.


Miss Piggy Costumes

For any costuming event, whether Halloween or a special occasion, Miss Piggy is a great choice to show up in. Who wouldn't attract a lot of comments and looks, just by having that pig nose on your face.

But the real fun is in the attitude and disposition of Miss Piggy, which allows for all sorts of fun accessories to add to her already outrageous look.

In the end, going out in a Miss Piggy costume is just a lot of fun, and if you can get someone to go out as Kermit or another Muppets' character, it doubles the fun. What more could you ask for in a costume theme?


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