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Modest Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girls, Tweens and Girls | 2015

Updated on April 16, 2015

Buying Appropriate Costumes for Girls

Finding appropriate modest Halloween costumes for Girls that you are comfortable letting them wear, an that they love as well can sometimes seem almost impossible, yet there are some really great costumes you can choose from if you don't want your daughter dressing provocatively for trick-or-treating.

It is amazing how many provocative costumes there are to be found, even for really little girls. While looking for costumes that were modest enough, I found that sometimes I had to not only find costumes that passed my sense of modesty, but that were also something my girls wouldn't mind wearing. Some costumes were really cute, but might have a too short skirt or a plunging neckline or sleeveless, in those cases I tried to find ways to make them more acceptable by adding a t-shirt, an insert, legging or other way that would make the costume more modest.

Amazon has some Halloween costumes girls will love to wear, costumes that are attractive and something they will not feel weird wearing.

Check out Modest costumes for Women for older tenage girls who already wear women's sizes.


Halloween Costumes tend to run small.

Check any reviews for a hint to a particular costume.

If in doubt buy bigger.

Modest Pirate Costumes

For the girl who want to go treasure hunting, a pirate costume is a fun way to show her adventurous spirit.

Below are some very pretty pirate costumes that hardly need any extra work to make them modest.

The quality is good for the price and works well for most parties.

  • Click Here for More Pirate Costumes for Girls and Teens

LLC Big Girls' Pirate Mid-Length Dress Set

This is one of my favorites. The costume is cute, all the pieces cover well and modest, and do not have a skimpy look.

It is not he cheapest costume you can find, but is well worth the price.

Where the skirts are on the short side you might want to add some trousers or a longer tube skirt underneath for modesty reasons.

Adding a skirt or trousers underneath also gives an extra layer for when it is cold outside.

Kosher Casual Kids Big Girls' Knee Length Lightweight Stretchy Pencil Skirt Large Black
Kosher Casual Kids Big Girls' Knee Length Lightweight Stretchy Pencil Skirt Large Black

This skirt falls below the knee, yet is discreet enough not to spoil the overall look.

Capezio Big Girls' Capri Pant
Capezio Big Girls' Capri Pant

Would work well as pirate pants, adds both warmth and modesty.

Useful even after, to wear with every day outfits or for exercis


Modest Renaissance Costumes for Girls

For your lovely princes, this princes dress will make her a princes \for the day. Lovely that she can look wonderful and still be modestly dressed.

Renaissance Princess - Kids Costume
Renaissance Princess - Kids Costume

Most of the Renaissance costumes are either modest out of the box, or are easily made modest with adding a small insert or wearing a t-shirt underneath.

From a modest maid to a grand lady, these costumes are fun and easy to wear. Your girl will look the part without too much fuss.

Renaissance Peasant

Here is a nice example of a Peasant costume form the Renaissance period. It is a pretty simple costume that is comfortable and durable, so you can use it more then once.

It is cute and probably can be worn as is, but a long sleeved t-shirt can be worn to make the arms better covered.

Charades Child Maiden of Verona DELUXE Renaissance Costume Gown

This is a rich dress that accurately depict a Renaissance costume, the colors are rich and vibrant and it is a durable costume.

Sizing is true to size, and comfortable to wear.

Renaissance Girl

This Renaissance girl costume looks really good with nice colors, looks pretty much as the picture.

But the front is a bit low, so you could add a modest panel or wear a t-shirt underneath.

Cute Modest Teen Costumes

Includes Women's Small Sizes

Love these cute yet modest costumes for a girl or teen. From characters in well known tales to the wolfy costume, any girl will know she looks lovely and have a a start for conversation about her costume and what it might mean to her.

Paper Magic Angry Birds Tween Dress Costume

Snappy, cute tween choices

Here we have Red Bird

Paper Magic Angry Birds Child Dress Costume

Team this outfit with a long-sleeved shirt and you have an snappy, cute, modest costume that any tween would love.

You can also get Yellow Bird

Modest 50s for Teen Girls

The 50s were a time when many ideal family values were at least nominal thought of as a something to aim for, so most dresses in the 1950s were modest as compared to many of the outfits worn today. Here are some of the cute girly, modest 50s costumes that you can get on Amazon for your teen or tween.

Modest 50s Costumes For Girls and Tweens

And for your younger girls, there are even more choices that fit their younger age, height and figure. Love those poodle skirts. some of these do come in rather on the short side, so if you order early it might be worth getting either a longer underskirt or add a strip of cloth to the hem.

Modest Wild West Cosumes

While there were a few good choice modest cow girl costumes, it was almost impossible to find reasonable quality modest native girl costumes. The two shown here were the only two I felt comfortable sharing. At least they are adorable, and pretty authentic looking.

An American standby, these costumes of the American west are easy to wear and look modest. While some of the same can be found that are less then modest, we have selected the ones with long enough skirts, and no plunging necklines to that your girl doesn't look inappropriately dressed.

Pilgrim and Colonial Costumes

Take yourself back to the beginning of this nation, when brave women and men toiled for future generations.

Not only do these costumes look good, but they also look so comfortable to wear. And for those living in place were it is already quite cold at night, they are easy to layer up, both underneath with warm underwear and on top with a good coat.

Modest Fairytale Costumes

Fairy-tale Heroines - A chance to be a princess for a day or so :>

Which little girl (and some not so little any more girls) doesn't want to look like a princess. While looking for this common mainstay for many a girl, I was surprised how many skimpy costumes, even for very little girls there were. Fortunately there are still a good number of lovely modest princess costumes to be found. Many of these costumes depict princesses from well known tales, many for Disney and other films that will delight your girl.

Modest Witch Costumes

Some of these might need a bit more covering up, try leggings, and t-shirts or modesty panels to bring them up to your standard.

Witch costumes seem to be one category were there are a surprising number of decently modest costumes to choose from. These are great for any girl who doesn't want to look like a princess, and would rather dress up in something wicked and/or naughty for Halloween, but not to the point of being immodest.

Modest Spooky Halloween Costumes

Subtly sinister, love these costumes for not being so obviously scary, wickedness can sometime come in cute packages. Form some of the popular TV series and villainesses from other popular tales.

The following costumes have a spooky vibe, yet cover your girl in all the right places.

Hippie and Peaced Out Costumes

Love the bright colors and prints of these hippie costumes.

For all their free life, the hippies did cover a lot more skin then many of the current fashions available to our girls. Then again showing skin is high maintenance.

Modest Girls Costumes on eBay

eBay can be another place to find modest costumes that you won't mind your girl or teen wearing. Many of these are in a prairie style, although nearer Halloween, there might be other option too.

Which is Your Favorite Modest Halloween Costume for Girls?

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