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Modest Witch Costumes for Women

Updated on April 30, 2015

Finding Modest Women's Witch Costumes

Witches seem so much a part of Halloween, so it is good that there are good number of modest witches costumes for women available easily. Most are spooky enough if worn with a scary mask or some spooky makeup.

The long dresses with their long sleeves are just naturally modest, even though there are many sexy costumes as well, the ones with plunging necklines can be easily made more modest.

The collection here includes both costumes already modest as is, and a lot that can also be easily modified with just the addition of a body suit or cami or modesty panel.

What size to choose

* Check the reviews for sizing


* If there no comments regarding sizes always choose a size larger than you normally get. Sizes for costumes tend to run on the small side.


* Also one-size fits all - will usually not fit anyone over size 14/16

Wicked Witch Costume

From the Wizard of Oz - Our Favorite Wicked Witch of the West

InCharacter Costumes Women's Witch Adult
InCharacter Costumes Women's Witch Adult

This costume is well made and looks very good, even if it is a very well made product. The material is a nice quality that feels comfortable on your skin and not at all scratchy as many costumes tend to be.

Contrary to most costumes, all the pieces included in the costume are well made.

The dress runs small so make sure you buy at least a size larger than you normally would.

This costume comes with:

  • Gown
  • Petticoat
  • Hat
  • Stick-on Fingernails

Stuff you might need to complete the look

This excellent costume is made of two pieces, a jacket/blouse top and a nice full skirt. The tailoring and silhouette are just perfect. It is mostly made of a silky material with velour sleeves that is comfortable and not too hot.

One mostly satisfied customer found the hat and cape less than perfect, but no one else seems to have complained. If you find the hat and cape less then perfect, there are many other options you could buy or make, whatever works best for you.

This costume comes with:

  • Jacket Top
  • Skirt
  • Cape
  • Classic Witch Hat with Drape

Here are the accessories to finish of this costume

Make your own Witch's Broom

Here are some great DIY tutorials for the witch broom that will hardly cost you anything

While I was looking at some of the costume witch brooms available, one of the most common complaints was how flimsy and/or too short they were for an adult. I hope the following tutorials will give you some better options than just buying a ready made broom.

Deluxe Witches Broom

Click thumbnail to view full-size

This one comes in two versions, a more rustic looking version and a more neat version - so choose which one suits your witch.

Really clear instructions for a full sized adult broom.

Both tutorials start out with a regular straw broom. Looking at both, I am not sure which I like best, both work for me.

Click here to see the tutorial

D.I.Y Plastic Bottles Broom

A cool way to recycle all those plastic bottles turning an environmental problem into a solution - discarded plastic bottles into brooms!

Not your usual broom, but I so enjoy the idea of recycling, love the color here, but choosing different bottles will give you a different look.

Click here to see the tutorial

Video instructions for the Plastic Bottles Broom

{DIY} 5 minute witches broom tutorial- great for a prop or Halloween costume

This broom is extremely easy and took less then 5 minutes to assemble and the great thing is it cost less then $5!

While this was made for a girl, adjusting the length of the stick should make it more appropriate for an adult.

Click here to see the tutorial

Adult Goth Maiden Witch Adult Womens Costume

Adult Goth Maiden Witch Adult Womens Costume
Adult Goth Maiden Witch Adult Womens Costume

This lovely, elegant fancy dress is made of a very good quality material, the colors are rich and the price was great. All in all a great costume -- well except for the hat, you should probably get or make a different hat.

Caution: Runs true to small, if in doubt or if your size is in between, order a larger size than usual.

This costume comes with:

  • Dress 100% Polyester. ,
  • Hat Black Satin 100% Polyester
  • Mesh 100% Nylon

Things to make this costume more modest

Apart from the plunging neckline, this witch's costume covers the body really well. To fill in the neckline and cover the almost naked arms, you can wear a basic high neck long sleeve top underneath.

You might also want to look at:

So what do you think of the witch costumes shown here?

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