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Monster High Party Supplies

Updated on July 31, 2013

Monster High Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a Monster High birthday party will be lots of fun. Monster High party supplies are pretty easy to find with the theme being so popular so this page includes plenty of those and also lots of DIY party ideas and inspiration to help you put together a unique party.

Alright so your little girl has forgone the idea of dressing up like a princess for dressing up like something from a zombie movie. You are either thrilled by this (I probably would be) or a little off put, but the idea is to still throw a party that your little ahem big girl will love. So Ive got several tips and tricks that are going to make your Monster High party one to remember and turn you into the mom of the year.

Monster High Party Pack

Monster High party supplies pack
Monster High party supplies pack

You can also go to Birthday Express because they have a Monster High themed set, so you can get table clothes, place settings and everything else you could want. They even have a kit that has the piata, the piata supplies, favors, decorations, it's a birthday in a box for someone who wants to make their life easy while still throwing a rockin' party.

Monster High Photo Invites
Monster High Photo Invites

Monster High Party Invitations

So for the invitations you're in luck because Birthday Express has a great price on Monster High invitations. You can get 8 invitations, envelopes, envelope seals, and save the date stickers. These are very cute and very affordable.

Mighty Delighty also has a free printable invitation that you can use. All you have to do is print it out on cardstock using your own computer and then fill out the information!

If you are looking for something that you don't have to handwrite and looks a little cleaner then Etsy is your stop. I love Etsy because you always get a great selection to choose from and the products are usually great. The invite featured here is a digital invitation so you will just get an email with the digital file. Then you can print it out from your home computer or send it to Walmart or another place that prints photos. Typically these come in 4x6 or 5x7 so they are easy to print out and easy to find envelopes for if you need them.

Monster High confetti
Monster High confetti

Monster High Party Decorations

Next up are some gruesome Monster High party decorations, okay maybe not that gruesome. Really the theme here is going to be pink, purple, turquoise and black. So get plenty of streamers in these colors and plenty of balloons. These girls are in high school so there is nothing wrong if your house starts looking a little more like your high school prom, in fact that's perfect.

For some other great decorating ideas you can head to Catch My Party, they have pictures from several Monster High themed parties that are sure to get your creativity going. I love this idea for a table, all you need is some pink fabric (or a plastic tablecloth), some rag fabric, a turquoise boa and some Monster High printouts to make a fantastic table. This was a spa themed party so you can see all fun makeover supplies that the girls got to use and take home.

Monster High Balloons

Monster High Skullette Birthday Balloon Bouquet Kit Purple/blue/zebra
Monster High Skullette Birthday Balloon Bouquet Kit Purple/blue/zebra

A balloon set to die for! The set includes 15 balloons and is an assortment of licensed Monster High foil balloons, shaped balloons and cool zebra print latex balloons. Ideal for making balloon bunches to decorate the area around your party table and to add some fun color to the room.


Monster High Wall Decals

Roommates Rmk2190Scs Monster High Peel And Stick Wall Decals
Roommates Rmk2190Scs Monster High Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Stick these on walls to add a little charm in your decorations. You little Monster will freak out when she sees her favorite characters plastered around the party and once the party is over, these stickers will be a welcome addition to decorate her bedroom and add a little Monster High flavor

Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory
Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory

What an awesome backdrop this would make. The Monster High wall decorating kit consists of 5 pieces and is huge when put together, infact it measures over 6 ft high so ou can imagine what kind of attention it will bring to it when people first set their eyes on it. This would also work well as the background for taking fun photos, the pictures would look like each guest went to a party with the Monster High characters.

Courtesy of Amy Barker
Courtesy of Amy Barker

Monster High Party Food Ideas

Now that you've got some ideas for how to make your home look fantastic, it's time to make sure it smells and tastes fantastic. Well not really your house, but the food for the party.

Well the easiest thing to do is just go ahead and search for crazy Halloween recipes and pick a few that will fit your child's palate. Really there are endless ways to create spiders, eyeballs, brains and just about anything else creepy and crawly that monsters might eat. However, The Burgh Baby put together tons of great recipes and tied them to the characters from Monster High. They even posted recipes and instructions so if you want a kid friendly food table this is the place to start. The little snake breadsticks are seriously to die for! She also created a whole set of different dips for cookies and fruits which sound so delicious I may just have to make them myself.

If the party is for older girls you can make a delightful smoky purple punch. All you need is a big punch bowl, this recipe for purple punch, a separate bowl and some dry ice. Now first you make the punch and pour it into the bowl with ice or whatever you like. Then you put the dry ice in some water in a bowl behind the punch. The smoke will go right over the punch and make a smoky effect. Just tell the guests not to touch or try to eat the dry ice.

Monster High edible cake topper
Monster High edible cake topper

Monster High Birthday Cake Ideas

Next comes the cake and well if you want a real show stopper then you may want to hire someone. Some of the cutest Monster High cakes involve creating a dress for one of the characters. This is done by grabbing one of the dolls and sticking her into a cake that looks like a dress. They come out just gorgeous.

Another idea is to head over to they have a Monster High cake pan (no I'm not kidding) and also some instructions about how to decorate the cake once it is baked. So you can make a cake that looks just like the Monster High logo with just a little bit of effort.

Another option if you want something easier is to pick up this Monster High cake topper kit. It is great because you can either use the frame to show pictures of Monster High characters or your own little girl.

Monster High Birthday Cake Toppers

Monster High Skullette & Hearts Decoset ~ Designer Cake/Cupcake Topper ~ NEW!!!!!
Monster High Skullette & Hearts Decoset ~ Designer Cake/Cupcake Topper ~ NEW!!!!!

I love this Monster High Skullete and hearts cake topper kit because it looks quite classy in a Freakishly fabulous kinda way. All the pieces are made of edible sugar so can be eaten along with the cake servings... The only poblem is it may look too good to eat.

Amscan Monster High Mini Molded Candles Birthday Party Supplies Girl
Amscan Monster High Mini Molded Candles Birthday Party Supplies Girl

Set the mood to bring in the cake by dimming the lights and having guests sing happy birthday. Then bring in the birthday cake with these Monster High molded candles in place and lit. Perfect for that special moment at every party where the birthday girl gets to blow out her candles to make a wish.


How to Make Monster High Cupcakes

Monster High Cupcake Topper

Monster High Cupcake Topper Rings (Set of 24)
Monster High Cupcake Topper Rings (Set of 24)

For Decorating Cupcakes these Monster High cucake rings are just right for the job. Give your cupcakes a purple, pink, black or turquoise frosting and stick these on top.


Monster High Party Favors

If you need some more party favor ideas then you've got a few options from simple to a little bit of effort. There are Monster High party favor kits some that come with 48 favors with decomposition books, key chains, bracelets and more. There are 8 of each favor and you will need to buy your own treat bags but it does make life easy.

Another great idea is to head to Etsy for these great hand sanitizer and lotion labels. They are perfect for adding to the small sanitizers and lotion from Bath and Body Works (which all girls seem to love) and they make great and useful favors.

Monster High Party Favor Ideas

There are lots of Monster High themed favors you can find online but here are a few ideas you can include in your party favor boxes that I that would suit the thee really well.

Barrettes | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory
Barrettes | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory

Monster High hair clips would make great keepsakes favors - we all know how the characters in Monster High have their own style and like to look their best. Hairclips would compliment this part of the theme well.

Stationery Set | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory
Stationery Set | Monster High Collection | Party Accessory

Monster High stationery would make great favors too especially during school time. This Monster High stationery set includes a ruler, notepad and 3 pens.

Monster High Lip Gloss
Monster High Lip Gloss

Monster High lip gloss would make a good favor particularly if you decide to go with a Monster high spa or makeover style party. If that's the case than these are a must and if not they're a nice addition none the less


Monster High Party Games and Activities

Now comes some activities, because the girls on the show are all about being themselves and looking great while doing it. This is a party that lends itself to makeovers and pampering. So you can either have fangs and face paints at the ready for the girls to become monsters, or you can have plenty of makeup and nail polish to make themselves look like beauty queens.

You can also get some boas, bows and other accessories to help the girls really make themselves look fabulous. Take plenty of pictures and if you are fast at printing (or have help) you can let each girl take a picture home. Some black frames would help make this the perfect party favor.

If you have a younger crowd to please you could also print off some coloring pages for free and have the color in their favorite characters.

Monster High Pinata

Shindigz Monster High Pinata
Shindigz Monster High Pinata

For some more Ghoulish delights you could include this Monsters High pinata into party activites. Simply fill it up with candies, confetti, and other small items like creepy small toys and let the fun begin. This Monster High pinata features Clawdeen, Ghoulia and Frankie and has colors that will match the rest of your decorations which is always a plus as you could even incorporate this into your party decor until it's time for the birthday girl to smash it.


Share Your Monster High Party Ideas and Thoughts! - Let us know...

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