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Monsters University Party Ideas

Updated on September 28, 2014

Monsters University Party Supplies

If I were still a kid I know for a fact I would want all of these Monsters University Birthday Party Supplies. I can already imagine every detail of the party from the invitations, decorations, Mike and Sully balloons, party favors, the cool cake and even the fun games we could play at the party!

If you are in a rush please click here to go directly to the Monsters University Party Supplies.

I think this kind of party will also be perfect for someone leaving home and starting uni or college, or even for someone graduating! It would be a fun theme and it's a celebration of things yet to be achieved or have been achieved.

These Monsters University Party Ideas are actually really cute and I was surprised by how many options there are already! My favorite are the balloons as they are adorable. And they will last a while and be fun to look back on as a reminder of your awesome celebration.

Things You'll Need To Throw The Perfect Party

Planning a themed birthday or graduation party requires a few basic items. Here's a helpful list of most of the Monsters University party supplies you will need to make an impact and a memorable party. If you follow this list you'll have all the basics. Anything on top of this is a bonus.

  1. Invitations
  2. Decorations
  3. Tableware
  4. Food
  5. Music and Activities
  6. Gift Bags and Party Favors

Monsters University Party Pack - Plates, Napkins, Drinking Cups, Table Cover All Included!

Disney's Monsters University Deluxe Party Supplies Pack Including Plates, Cups, Napkins and Tablecover - 16 Guests by Hallmark
Disney's Monsters University Deluxe Party Supplies Pack Including Plates, Cups, Napkins and Tablecover - 16 Guests by Hallmark

Invite all your favorite characters to come and celebrate your birthday with you!

When it comes to hosting a party there is a lot to organize. It can be frustrating looking for all the different components of your theme. That's why I love this Monsters University party kit above. It means you don't have to go hunting for different Monsters and you know all the colors are just right. This will give you the time you need to plan the rest of the party including fun and games, some really cool MU balloons, party favors and of course the food and the birthday cake!

Monsters University Birthday Party Pack
Monsters University Birthday Party Pack

If you are looking for almost everything to be included, including cutlery, then this option is perfect for you, and it's extremely budget friendly.


Party Poll

Are You Looking to Throw a Monsters University Party For

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So Many Options to Choose From

Below we have provided details of where you can get different aspects for your themed party, including invitations, tableware, decorations, food, party favors, gifts bags and so much more.

If you also want to throw a particular themed Monsters University Party then we've also laid out some ideas for you further down the page including a Mike and Sully party theme, an Art theme and a Greek theme.

Use the table of contents to easily find what you are looking for and have a great party!

Invitations for a Monsters University Party!

Personalized Birthday Party Invitations - Bid on Ebay For Your Favorite Ones

There are a lot of Monsters themed invitations on Ebay. Below is a selection that you can personalize for your party. You can add a picture of the person you are holding the celebration for, add their name, the date, time and location for the party etc. Click below for the different options below.


The Ultimate Balloon Collection

Monsters University Mike & Sulley Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Bouquet by Qualatex
Monsters University Mike & Sulley Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Bouquet by Qualatex

If I were throwing a party with this theme this is the balloon collection I would get.

Not only does it include 2 large balloons of Mike and Sully separately, but it also includes 2 smaller balloons with them together. On top of that, you also get a number of green, blue and purple balloons to continue the theme.

It's the perfect party pack and really easy.

If you want more balloons featuring monsters then you could add on some of the other individual balloons or smaller packs found below.


Fun Monsters University Balloons - These are so cute!

Monsters University Mike Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Decor by Qualatex
Monsters University Mike Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Decor by Qualatex

If you are having just a Mike themed party, then you'll prefer this pack of balloons.

Monsters University Sulley Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Decor by Qualatex
Monsters University Sulley Jumbo Mylar Balloon Set Birthday Party Decor by Qualatex

If you prefer Sully then you'll love this pack. I really like how you also get balloons with Art on them in this pack. He's one of my favorite's from the new movie.


Posters Make Great Decorations

You can use the official posters promoting the movie or even posters that show memorable scenes from the movie.

There are a lot of posters to choose from that will complement the Monsters theme you have chosen for your party.

And a really cool thing is that after the party these can be hung on the wall in the bedroom or in a locker.

I love the MU poster shown on the right as it has not only all my favorite characters from the film, but it also has all the sororities and fraternities on there too. Which is totally awesome!

If you want to find out more about this poster and other MU posters, please click on the image on the right.

Which Monsters Will Come to Your Party?

Invite Everyone With These Lifesized Monster Standees

These life size MU character cardboard standees are perfect for parties! They are a great way to add the special touch to a party and for guests to be able to get pictures with their favorite characters. You could also make these pictures part of the gift bag and make them party favors.

Kids especially will love these special images and can keep them in their room afterwards. I think kids would find that to be different, unique and fun.

I know I am a huge fan of these and see them at the cinema all the time. I always want to take them home after the movie too!

My favorite is the one on the right with Sully using Mike as a leaning post. And after the party the birthday girl or boy can have their favorite character in their room, protecting them from any Monsters that might come through the closet door or from under the bed!


How to Decorate a Party Table

Once you have your MU table cover to protect your table from the spills and dropped food that are bound to happen at a party, you can start to think what you will have on the table.

You'll probably need some centerpieces, tableware such as plates, cups and napkins. Other decorations you decide to add to your party to make it unique and memorable.

This is my favorite MU table d├ęcor on the right. I love how it looks like the three monsters are coming out from the table!

These would also make a great memento afterwards for the birthday person.

Then you'll have to think about the cake and when that comes out on the table and what you plan to do for food.

This section has everything you need for a good time and so you won't miss anything.

Party Centerpiece For a Monsters U Party

American Greetings Monsters University Table Decorations, Party Supplies
American Greetings Monsters University Table Decorations, Party Supplies

This party kit will take care of everything all in one. It comes with a centerpiece featuring both Mike and Sully and has some cute purple trim.

There are two really easy to assemble smaller character pieces in the shape of Art and Terri and Terry, which means you can spread them out on the table or even in different room.

There is also some card stock with some of the characters faces on them that you can distribute over the table as more decoration.



What to Eat at a Monsters Party? - Don't Put the Guests on the Menu!

Well Monsters eat garbage, quite literally. There's a scene in one of the trailers showing the food the top Monster chefs make and it's not pretty!

You can serve something similar and you can see how to make this kind of tasty candy in the youtube video below. It's called white trash candy and it's really easy to make and is tasty. And you'd be surprised as it's not as unhealthy as you'd think it would be.

Cakes and Cupcakes - Traditional Party Food

If trash isn't your thing, then you could always make cupcakes or some cakes. If you are looking to match this with your party theme then this is really easy to do. Here are some cupcake toppers, platters, and cake ideas for you to make your Monsters University Party even more special.

If you aren't good at making cakes, then you could buy a cake and add the toppers and edible icings yourself. Your guests will never know you didn't bake the cake, unless you tell them or you are famous for your cooking disasters.

Monsters University Buddies Cupcake Platter
Monsters University Buddies Cupcake Platter

This cupcake platter has some of my favorite characters including Mike, Sully, Terri and Terry and Art. Also comes with cupcake rings with even more movie characters. This is sure to be a hit with party guests and can even be used as party favors at the end, while the board can be reused for other parties.

6" Round ~ Monster University Mike & Sully Birthday ~ Edible Image Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!
6" Round ~ Monster University Mike & Sully Birthday ~ Edible Image Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!

Another great edible topper for cakes and cupcakes. Please click for more details on the different topping sizes and options.

Amscan Cake Candle Set | Disney Monsters University Collection | Birthday
Amscan Cake Candle Set | Disney Monsters University Collection | Birthday

Don't forget to add these special MU character shaped candles!


Make Rainbow Cake - These are really great looking cakes

What I love most about MU is that everyone is different and still accepted. For this reason, I think a rainbow cake is perfect for this type of party. Guests will get a cool surprise when the cake is cut or when they bite into a rainbow cupcake. And you can leave the frosting off the top if you plan to use a Monsters University edible cake topping like one shown above.

Of course, you don't have to make it a rainbow cake. You could just make it in the colors that you have chosen to have your party in. So for instance green, blue and purple.

Party Activities

What Kind of Monsters Have You Invited?

Face Painting, Sporting Activities and Scare Games

If you are looking for fun activities for the kids to do then face painting could be a good idea. You could hire someone to come in and make the kids into little monsters. I know from kids parties I have gone to this is always a big hit. Kids love to look in the mirror and act out as a tiger or a dragon etc. In this case, you could paint them up as their favorite animal, creature or character from the movie. It will all depend on how skilled the artist is.

Another activity could be a Scareathon. A bit like when kids go to camp and tell scary stories around the campfire. You could have the kids sit in a room with the curtains drawn and tell some scary stories. Although be sensitive to the age range that is in attendance at the party.

Kids will love this Mike Wakowski pinata too!

Another idea could be a sports day. You could hold sporting activities in the garden and have the kids playfully compete with one another. You could hold a three legged race so they know what it's like to be Terry and Terri. They could compete to see who is the sneakiest and able to sneak up on an unsuspecting adult. You could play hide and seek and hide little treats around the garden for the children to find.

Kids will also love meeting their favorite monsters. You can dress up in the Monsters University costumes and it will be as fun as when the kids go to Disney World to meet Mickey!

Here are Some Popular Face Painting Tutorials

Check out these videos for how to do some popular face painting for kids. These are always popular at parties.

More Party Games

So pin the tail on the donkey is a traditional party game that is always fun.

Now there's a MU spin on this classic game, with all your favorite character. Mike is on the run from Sulley and Art and can't see where he's going. He needs the players to put his eye in the right place, while wearing a Sulley shaped mask of course!

This should be a great addition to the party activities.

If you are still stuck for other Eye-deas then you could always play Frisbee with Mike.

Gift Bags and Party Favors

Party Favors Perfect for Monster Fans

Right now there is so much Monsters University merchandise hitting the market in the run up to the release of the upcoming movie. Some of this merchandise is perfect for your Monsters University party favors.

Some ideas for party favors could include bracelets, keychains, decals, tatoos and wristbands. Other ideas include pens, crayons, stickers, masks and Monsters themed stationery.

And you can put whatever you decide to go with in these really cute goodie bags below.

Large Plastic Monsters University Goodie Bag, 13" x 11"
Large Plastic Monsters University Goodie Bag, 13" x 11"

Leave a lasting impression with these really cute guys.


Monsters University Trailers

Mike & Sulley Theme

Mike and Sulley Card
Mike and Sulley Card

Everyone Knows Mike & Sulley

Mike & Sully Party Supplies

A Sulley and Mike theme is a great Monsters University Party idea as everyone knows these two monsters.

Click here for all the Mike and Sully merchandise you will need for your party.

The party will be easy to co-ordinate if you stick to the colors of green and blue. And there is lots of merchandise branded with these two characters faces.

Disney have released some official invitations, stamps, greeting cards and posters etc. There is a lot of tableware that includes both of these fun movie characters and also a number of balloons to choose from.

These guys would also make a great party theme for two friends or siblings sharing a birthday party together.

Scariest Monster Poll

Who Do You Think is Scarier?

See results

Art Theme

Art Magnet
Art Magnet

Art is a Cool Guy

If you want to throw a Monsters University Party that's a little different then you might want to throw a party in favor of Art.

Click here for all the Art themed party merchandise.

He's purple, he's got a sense of humor and he's really cute.

If you want to host a more girly party then going with Art could be the better choice.

This type of party could also suit someone who's going to or graduating from Art college, or for someone who has a creative eye.

Party theme colors would of course be lots of purple and some black. There are posters, napkins, balloons, party favors and much more to chose from. You'll be amazed at how much choice there is.

MU Theme

Monaters University Postage Stamp
Monaters University Postage Stamp

Monsters University Party Theme

Shipping Someone Off to College or University? - This is the Perfect Party Theme For Them

Looking for the perfect party theme for someone heading off to college or university? Try a Monsters University party theme!

This wouldn't have to be a birthday party. It could be a graduation from high school party instead, before they embark on the next stage in their life. It's also a good way to show how proud you are of your child heading off into the big wide world and off to further education.

And this theme is easy to color co-ordinate with blues, greens and white.

So for all those heading off to MU (they'll always be your little monster) in the summer, best of luck and I hope you enjoy your leaving party.

Greek Fraternity/Sorority Party Theme

Monsters University Bag
Monsters University Bag

A Fraternity or Sorority Party on or Off Campus?

If you've always wanted to go to a party on campus where you belong to a Greek society, well now you can hold one wherever you want.

You can make fun of the theme or you can be serious with the theme. It's completely up to you!

If it's a girl's party then you'll probably want to go with the Sorority theme. This is a highly versatile theme as the girls in this sorority have a super sweet and a super evil side. This means you can customize this party to suit your personal taste or the taste of your guests.

if it's a guys party then you can really go out with these monsters and have kegs of beer and other crazy party activities.

With 5 Greek societies to choose from the options are endless.

Monsters University Party Corner - Let us Know About The Party You are Planning or Just Had

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