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more gifts for kids

Updated on October 23, 2011

Personalized Coloring Book: What is your child most interested in? Do an internet search on coloring pages on that subject; for instance, if your child loves sea creatures, do a search for “sea creature coloring pages” you can also look for printable activity pages while your there. You should be able to come up with a whole multitude of resources on almost any subject or character. Then simply print them out, staple them together and present them with a new box of crayons.

Jar of Fun: Create 24 certificates for fun activities or outings, such as a trip to the park, a trip to the zoo, a movie rental of their choice, anything they want for dinner, one-on-one game night with mom, a trip to the ice cream parlor, a day at the batting cages, a one-on-one fishing trip with dad, anything that would be appropriate for your child and family. Place the certificates in a jar, decorate the jar as desired and allow your child to choose 2 certificates a month for the next year of fun activities and outings.

Family Memory Game: You know the old game of Memory where you put out squares with pictures on them face down and players take turns choosing two squares at a time trying to find a matching pair? It's easy to make your own Family Memory version by taking double prints of photos (or color photo copies) and cut them into equal squares. Mat them on scrapbook paper and laminate them if you like, for long lasting durability. (You can "laminate" inexpensively by covering with clear contact paper).


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