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Halloween Cookie Ideas & Recipes - Second Batch!

Updated on September 14, 2013

More Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas and Recipes

Halloween Cookies are such fun for the whole family to make, and they're easy, too. My first collection of Halloween cookie decorating ideas and recipes, Delightfully Spooky Halloween Cookies the Whole Family Can Create, was just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you enjoy these equally fun Halloween creations. Remember, getting the whole family involved is part of the treat, or maybe the trick!

Photo: fancyladygourmet

Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Pumpkin Patch Cookies
Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Spooky Cobweb Cookies

These are amazingly easy. It's a simple cookie batter, squeezed from a squeeze bottle (like picnic catsup and mustard bottles sold in every grocery store) on a lightly greased skillet and then baked in the oven and finally sprinkled with powdered sugar. Thanks to pastrywiz for pictorial step-by-step instructions.

The Dark Side

Another idea for sugar cookies by bakeat350. Of course the drama here comes from black food coloring in both the cookie dough and the icing.

Amandeleine has more information on where to find Darth Vader and other Star Wars cookie cutters, plus a chocolate cookie recipe and step-by-step photos and instructions.

Halloween Cupcake Cookies

These were just too cute! Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and butter cream icing (here's mine) and use a cupcake cookie cutter. Here's where it gets fun, when each family member (or party guest) gets to decorate them any way they want using a variety of colored icings and sprinkle toppings. You could give a prize for their creativity. The pictured design is by thefancyladygourmet

Cupcake Cookie Cutter

Old River Road Cupcake Shape Cookie Cutter, Copper
Old River Road Cupcake Shape Cookie Cutter, Copper

This versatile cupcake cookie cutter can be used for every holiday and birthday.


Nutter Ghosts

If you want to get points for "making Halloween cookies" without any fuss, mess or much time involvement, this is the family project for you. Simply buy a package of Nutter Butters, a can of white icing and mini chocolate chips or chocolate cake sprinkles for eyes. What could be easier! Photo credit: barbschram

Meringue Ghosts

Fun to make and eat meringue cookies. I bet you can think of more Halloween shapes to make out of a simple meringue recipe. Meringue can be carefully colored, too. Now can you think of more Halloween shapes? Bats, goblins, pumpkins, skeletons, cats, frogs. . . . Photo credit and recipe: myrecipes.

Halloween Candy Cookies

This may seem obvious, but I didn't think of them. Using a chocolate thumbprint cookie recipe, simply top these cookies with traditional Halloween candy while they're still warm. Complete instructions: lowfatcooking.

Hershey Kisses Halloween Cookies

Another "thumbprint" Halloween cookie. These are easy and kid-friendly because the recipe incorporates cake mix for the dough, and even really little kids love to place the Hershey candy kisses on each cookie. The complete instructions and recipe is from kidscooking.

Eyeball Cookies

Come to think of it, here's another "press the candy on the cookie" idea. But what a different outcome! Let your kids make creepy eyeball cookies with simple cookie dough and Skittles or M&Ms pressed into store-bought gel icing or a dab of jelly or jam. Easy instructions and recipe: chasingtomatoes.

Cute Spider Sugar Cookies

Cute Spider Sugar Cookies
Cute Spider Sugar Cookies

Witches' Fingers

Using the same cookie dough as the Creepy Eyeball Cookies, make some witches' fingers. A bloody (icing gel) cuticle surrounds an almond "fingernail". I'm thinking of ways to make these even creepier looking, how about you? You could make them cute and less scary for little kids and let older kids go wild with creepiness. Also at chasingtomatoes.

Pumpkin Patch Cookies

How cute are these! Decorating these pumpkin spice cookies is a little more involved, but well worth it. A small cinnamon stick us used for the stems. I can just smell the aroma coming from the kitchen: pumpkin, spice, cinnamon. . .ummmm! Someone is very talented at raincoast.

Overrun by Mice Cookies

Cute or scary, I can't quite decide. But I'm sure they're delicious. Kids can help customize these mice. They could even make them rats with a little imagination. You'll need some licorice strings and candy pearls for the details. Recipe and instructions:onceuponacafe.

Owl Sugar Cookies

Owl Sugar Cookies
Owl Sugar Cookies

Halloween Rice Krispie Cookies

Of course you can purchase these fancy gift boxed Rice Krispie Treats, or you can use the picture for inspiration and decorate your own. Everyone loves Rice Krispie Treats, and kids love to make them. Just use the recipe right off the box and decorate with sprinkles and simple frosting figures. Sold at cookiehq.

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      Fox Music 5 years ago

      Thank you for this Delicious Lens "Halloween Cookie Ideas & Recipes - Second Batch!"

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      Eileen 5 years ago from Western Cape , South Africa

      Creepy but fun cookies , fascinating lens .

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