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Mother gods beautiful gift

Updated on October 22, 2011

Mother is a gods greatest gift to us.god could not be present every where for us so he made this beautiful creation mother.she takes care of her kids loves them and whole life she sacrifices for her kids and family.As in indian mythology LORD KRISHNA says "MEN ARE THE STRONGEST OF ALL BUT WHILE CREATING UNIVERSE GOD GAVE WOMEN THE ABILITY TO BRING NEW LIFE IN THIS WORLD SO SHE IS STRONGEST OF ALL SO I BOW BEFORE THEM".

A women goes through various stages in the process of pregnancy till the time of child birth and each day she goes on developing the motherhood within.a mother awakes whole night only to see her kids sleep peacefully.a mother cooks delicious food for her kids and family,teaches her kids all the good she could manners etiquettes are the limit she tires to educate her kids up to the point.

But do kids think of their mother when grown up her is small story of a mom and son''once upon a time in a small village lived a family of two mother and her son.the father died when the son was 3years mother used to work at some construction sites and in off season stiched clothes to earn lively hood years passed the son grew up and seeked a job and started earning mother looked for a girl for him and married him some days passed with happiness and a new scene started in the family the new girl started hating the old lady one day she asked the son bring the heart of his mother the son went to the mother and started weeping mother could not see hr son in sorrow she asked the reason son replied his wife as a wish mother said you should fulfill her wish dear son the son said mom she needs your heart mother removed her heart in aminute and ended herself son took the heart and ran to his wife to present her what she wished in the way he feel down the heart of the mother trembled and said my dear son are you alright the sons felt ashamed of himself and wept for losing his mother for his wifes stupid wish"

This story shows us what is a mother and how her heart is filled with love for her children.respect your mother and just remember no treasure in the world can repay the services of the mother.she is the most beautiful gift of god here is another story of girl and her mom

''Long time ago in the small village near the hill side lived a family a happy family a father a mother and their sweet daughter they used to make earthen pots and sell them in the near by villages to earn their livelihood.daily the small girl used to help her mom to mix the wet mud and help her father to place the pots on the selling cart one day the girl wished to go with her parents to the village gathering and enjoy her time the parents agreed to take her very next day early in the morning the father got severe fever and was unable to go so he asked her mother to go with the gathering the little girl saw some small kids playing and wished to join them mother agreed and sat near by to sell earthen pots.suddenly she found the missing and started searching for her on the other side the found herself lost in the gathering and started crying all the people tried to ask her about her family but the girl could not reply.the villagers took the small girl to the king to sort out the problem the king gave orders to his ministers to find out about the family of the small girl one of the ministers wife was able to comfort the small girl and ask about her mother the girl said my mother is the most beautiful lady in the world the king ordered all the beautiful ladies to come to the court but still could not find the mother of the small girl other side mother was searching the girl some of the officials asked her to contact the kings officials the mother ran to the way to the kings palace there she saw a huge crowd a simple woman from a village hesitated to go in the huge palace she asked a soldier to help her to find the small girl the soldier took her inside the palace to the kings court seeing her mother coming the small girl shouted mummy my mummy and ran towards her and hugged her all the court and people were shocked to see her mother her mother was a dark fat lady with a flat nose very ugly to look at .

in this story a childs views about her mother are shown a dark ugly lady for the whole world is most beautiful lady according to the small girl.

Mother we cannot repay your services but this is something i feel for you and my salutes to you


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    • profile image

      Komal sharma 

      5 months ago

      Really it is very percious gift

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      this is so intresting

    • profile image

      Apurva srivastava 

      6 years ago

      really it's a beautiful gift

    • manisha2877 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Amritsar, Punjab, India

      thank you shampa it was nice to read from you keep in touch

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 

      7 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      It is almost a year now that I have lost the precious gift of my life - my mother. On this Mother's Day I wrote a hub keeping her in mind. The title of your hub attracted me and I went through it. Nicely written and two stories with contradictory approach puts forth a question why this mother - child relation gets strained?

      Keep writing with so powerful thoughts!


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