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Mother's Day Activities and Games for Kids

Updated on May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Fun

Mother's Day fun activities including real life and online games, puzzles, coloring pages, word searches and more. There are lots of ways children can keep busy while helping to celebrate Mom's special day.

How about a makeover for Mom? Like reading? I also have some book suggestions. I know I always look forward to seeing what kind of fun activities my kids have prepared for me. I hope you find some fun ones here.

Image by Traceylovesmom at Wikimedia Commons.

Mother's Day Game

Mother's Day Game
Mother's Day Game

There are lots of fun games kids can play with their moms. One such game is a matching game. Have one person run the game. Give the mother and kids cards to write answers on. Ask questions and each time a child's answer matches the Mother's, that child gets a point. Plan on asking 10 questions. Whoever gets the most right answers at the end wins. Here are some question suggestions.

If mom was an animal, she would be a _______.

If mom could go anywhere in the world, she would go to ________.

Mom's favorite movie is _______.

Finish the line: Go to sleep or else_________.

The next time mom will bake cookies is ______.

_______ makes mom cry.

The next thing mom will cook will be _______.

If mom could have a superhero power it would be _______.

_______ makes mom laugh.

Mom's favorite TV character is _______.

Image by mikelehen at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Online Mother's Day Games

There are lots of fun online games for kids to play for Mother's Day. Kids can play them alone or along with their Mother. Here are some to try and I've written a short description for each one so you know what they're about.

Mother's Day Activities

SString Fightlly s
SString Fightlly s

As Mother's Day is in the spring, most likely the weather will be nice. Why not plan a Mother's Day picnic? Put together a nice picnic lunch. Lunch suggestions include sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, some type of salad, (such as green, potato macaroni or cold slaw,) chips and beverages. Be sure to bring along some items to play with such as balls or Frisbees.

How about a Mother's Day tea? Serve beverages and finger food. Be sure to dress for the occasion and to make Mom feels really special, send her an invitation in advance.

Give Mom a day at the spa. If funds allow, gift her with a day at the spa. Otherwise, set up your own spa at home. Fill a container with bubble bath and water so she can soak her feet. While soaking, use lotion and give her hands a nice message. Be sure to play some of her favorite music so she can relax and enjoy every moment of it.

Have some favorite family games? Gather everyone up and play some. If your family enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles, pull one out and everyone can participate in putting one together.

Planning to give Mom some gifts? Hide them and let her find them. Write out clues as to where each gift is located and let her find them.

If the weather is nice, spend some time outdoors. Have a Silly String fight or blow some bubbles. A game of Hide and Seek can also be fun.

Silly String image by Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Mother's Day Word Search

Word searches can be quite fun for kids. Not only are they challenged for finding the words, they also feel such a sense of achievement when they do. They are quite popular in my home. Here are some that are great for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Makeover

Why not treat Mom to a beauty makeover? Children can give Mom a facial, then afterwards, do her makeup. Just be sure that Mom can help if eye makeup is being applied.

Kids can also give Mom a new hairstyle to go along with her makeup as well as paint her fingernails. Be sure to take before and after photographs.

Lips image by Tania Saiz at Wikimedia Commons through Creative Commons licensing.

Makeover poll

Have you ever had a makeover?

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Mother's Day Activities for Kids

These fun activities can be played alone or shared with Mom.

Mother's Day Books

Reading is a wonderful activity that can be shared together. Here are some books that are perfect for Mother's Day.

The Night Before Mother's Day
The Night Before Mother's Day

A variation of Twas the Night Before Christmas whereas the kids are getting ready to give their Mother a very special day.

The Berenstain Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise
The Berenstain Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise

Cute story with the Berenstain Bears and the surprise their planning for their Mother.

What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day
What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day

This book takes a humorous look at what kind of gift you shouldn't give your Mother on Mother's Day.

Mama's Day with Little Gray
Mama's Day with Little Gray

A sweet story about a Mother and son elephant that has delightful illustrations.


Have any additional ideas for Mother's Day?

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