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Mothers Day Love Gifts

Updated on November 30, 2014

How to say I Love you Mum

You don't recall your birth nor the pain associated with it. Nor do you know the joy your mum felt when she gazed on you for the first time or the sudden rush of adrenalin that bonded you together forever.

What we all remember about our mums is the love and the caring they imparted throughout our lives. We remember the way she worried over us when we were sick. The wonderful meals always ready on the table when we were hungry. We remember too the way she held our hands when we were nervous about something and softhly reassured us with the tenderness in her voice that speaks of all things mother.

If you are confused with the terms [we[, [us] and [our[ don't be. For one mum is like another and rolled together thay are a part of the spiritual side of God that ensures children survive to adulthood. They are collectively yours and mine and they serve in the same way but with different agendas. Should we treat them differently? I don't think so!

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No Experience Necessary

The one thing that stands out more about motherhood than anything else is the instinct that takes over when a baby is born. There is no training, no experience and no right or wrong as far as rearing a child is concerned.

Motherhood is when your heart leaps from your chest and is forever outside of you and there is no way back. The child is born and the future is set. You are a mum with a life to care for. You have obligations to meet. You are on a path whereby knowledge appears to come out of the air to guide you and where your very soul aches at the drop of a hat for virtually nothing. And when there is a crisis you will never abandon hope, never dessert your offspring, and you will always be there no matter what for any reason whatsoever.

Mum, I Love You

Mum, if you can hear me from where you now lie remember that we love you heaps and will do so till we die.

Mums Don't last forever

It's every mother's prayer that she will outlive her children and that her spiritual power reigns over them in a proetective state at all times. But for the child she leaves behind when her end comes it is a wrench they will feel forever.

A mother's love is not always about the good times but the little things,. The discipline, the ducation, opportunities, knowledge and skills she has passed on. Then there are the wonderful occasions in which she took the back seat while you excelled, enjoyed your friends visits to the home, or when you shared fun and laughter with other family members and she worked in the kitchen to provide that special meal.

It's about someone with a bigger heart than you have even appreciated, a tolerance for pain beyond endurance and the ability to overcome sleep and tiredness when you were sick or in need of her attention. It's also about someone who trained into the most difficult of jobs on the spot. When she did not know how to fix a problem she quickly learned and your life was the best she could ever have made it.

Gifts Come in All Forms

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© 2012 norma-holt

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