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30 Mothers Day Messages & Wishes

Updated on November 14, 2015

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, are you prepared to celebrate her?

Moms love receiving cards from their children, especially heart-felt ones on this special occasion.

If you planned on buying one from the store, stop, because moms also love when their children make them things, and it doesn’t get much more heart-felt than making something by hand!

Not to mention, making her a card will take her back a few years to that sweet little child who would make her anything out of anything just to make her smile.

Really, there is not a more appropriate holiday that Mother’s Day to give your mother this feeling of utter nostalgia.

Now, in order to make your own card, you have to know what to write in it. There is no one Mother’s Day message that will make every mother’s heart melt; that’s up to you to know! We can certainly give you some ideas, though!

Here is a list of 30 good Mother’s Day messages:

Wishes for Mom

1. Wishing you a Mother’s Day filled with as much joy as you have filled us kids with love!

2. We are always thankful for everything you have done for us. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

3. Wishing you a very special day full of love, laughter and liquor. Happy Mom’s Day!

4. To the best cook, the one who birthed me, and let me live this long. Thank you, Mom!

5. Thank you for bringing me into this world and giving me your best, the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

6. If I could have picked my mother, you’d still be my mother! Thank you for everything and I love you dearly.

7. To the worlds greatest mom!

8. I’ve always been proud to call you my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

9. I hope your day is all filled with rainbows, unicorns, puppy dogs and stuff. Happy Mother’s Day!

10. You deserve the queen treatment every single day, but here’s to you this Mother’s Day. May you receive all the pampering that you’ve deserved from day one of me!


11. Thank you for having us!

12. To the most loving, sweet, giving, and patient mother in this world. Happy Mommy’s Day!

13. You really are the best! Thank you, Momma!

14. If I could give you a flower every nerve I got on, you’d be buried alive! Thanks for putting up with me all of these years!

15. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do. I love you!

16. For mothers like you, EVERYDAY should be Mother’s Day!

17. To the best, from the best. It’s clear who was my mentor my entire life! Happy Mother’s Day!

18. You really have the best kids in the world. You wouldn’t have had us any other way!

19. To a mom who deserves nothing but the best of everything, Happy Mother’s Day!

20. Thank you for teaching me everything there is to know about life. Happy Mother’s Day!


21. If I had to sum up my thoughts toward you in just one word, mom, it would be THANKS!

22. This is your day, may the sun shine as bright as your beautiful smile! Happy Mother’s Day!

23. I tried to find you flowers, but none of them would look pretty next to you! Happy Mom’s Day!

24. Anyone else who says they have the best mom, clearly doesn’t know mine! Happy Mother’s Day!

25. Thank you for always taking good care of me. Here’s to the best! Cheers to you, Mom!

26. Thank you for being a supermom! I still wonder where you keep your cape! Happy Mother’s Day!

27. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be here. Thanks for having me!

28. To the woman who still gives the best hugs in the world! Happy Mom’s Day!

29. I want to give you everything you deserve today, but I just can’t afford a private island, a jet and a yacht! Thank you for everything!

30. I love you for more reasons that will fit in a card. Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother's Day!

Keep in mind that these are just examples of Mother’s Day messages that you can use in a card. You can use them if you wish, or just use them as a guide.

Always make sure to let your mom know that you are thankful for what she has done, and that she has done a great job! That is what Mother’s Day is all about.

See if you can think of a few Mother’s Day messages of your own! After all, nobody knows how to push your mom’s happy buttons like you do!

What Would the World look like Without Moms?

What are you going to do for Mom this Mother's Day?

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