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Moving Halloween Monsters

Updated on October 13, 2011

Animated Monsters Liven up your Halloween Display!

If you are a big fan of Halloween who always has the best display in the neighborhood there are a few special animated Halloween decorations that can really create the best centerpiece for your haunted house or yard!

Animated Halloween Monsters are a great way to add some impressive, spooky features to your Halloween display. Most of the animated decorations look very realistic and are lots of fun for the neighborhood.

If you have been decorating for a long time, then you probably already know how to maximize the effect of your display while saving money. Please add your own tips in the comments to help those just starting to figure out how to make a scary Halloween display in their yard!

If you are new to this art, it can be far more affordable than you would think to create an amazing haunted house or yard! I will be sharing some tips with you throughout this article to help you get started! All of the tips are in boxes that look like the one you are reading right now.

*Image of the Hex Animated Halloween Decoration. The decoration is available below.

Animated Monsters: Death Dealer Animated Halloween Decoration

TIP#1: Even if you do not plan to purchase any of the animated decorations on this page, you can learn A LOT by looking closely at them! Figure out which features of the decoration you like and try to create something with the same effect yourself! You can visit this article for detailed instructions on crafting your own Life sized Halloween monster out of house hold materials!

For example, this Animated Death Dealer has flowing robes which are pointed at the bottom. The movement and shadows that this would create in the dark create a feeling of uncertainty. If you can not afford this decoration, you could find some old clothes or sheets, pull them up in the center and trim the edges into long points, you could affix a small inexpensive plastic skull and wrap the skull with another piece of cloth to look like a head!

Hang your creation in an area that is gently backlit and preferably with a light breeze! Avoid placing a bright spotlight on the home made version it as that would highlight any imperfections!

Death Dealer Animated Halloween Decoration
Death Dealer Animated Halloween Decoration

This Death Dealer Animated Halloween Decoration is awesome because it is simple, inexpensive and the robes create fluid, ghostly movement beneath the animated skull!

He is holding a monster's head and talks while his mouth moves. His creepy eyes light up as do the monster's and he does not need a power cord because he runs on 3 AA batteries!

This particular guy should be placed in a location that is somewhat backlit and has soft light on the decoration itself to show off his cool features and details. Flickering would also be a good effect for him!


Moving Halloween Monsters: Hex Animated Halloween Decoration

TIP#2 Some of the Animated decorations should have brighter lights in the back, while others should have brighter lights in the front! If the decoration is smaller with lots of fine details in the face and is very realistic looking, try putting the lighting in the front- although still not a blindingly bright one!

Morbid Enterprises Animated Hex, Cream/Black/White/Red, One Size
Morbid Enterprises Animated Hex, Cream/Black/White/Red, One Size

This Hex Animated Halloween Display gets rave reviews from plenty of customers! He was once a farm boy and enjoys being outdoors. Poor little Hex has no legs, speculation abounds as to the surrounding story. He has delightfully creepy facial details. At 10 lbs (standing 27 inches tall), you do not need to worry about him blowing away!

Hex is so well detailed that he should be well lit- both background and foreground lighting, a yellowish or orange hue would really be a nice touch. mild strobing would probably look good on him provided that it does not prevent him from being seen!

If I had to choose just one, this would be the one!


Moving Halloween Monsters: Life Size Witch with Cauldron Animated Halloween Decoration

TIP#3: Certain Animated Halloween Decorations should be gently lit from all around! This particular decoration would be most effective with gently flickering yellow and orange lights (not too bright) 360* around the bottom, pointing upward at an angle of about 45*

Witch Animated Life-Size with Misting Cauldron Halloween Decoration
Witch Animated Life-Size with Misting Cauldron Halloween Decoration

This great Animated Witch with Cauldron is motion and sound activated! Her mouth and head move, she speaks, her eyes light up, and her cauldron smokes as she stirs!

She has beautiful, witchy attire and there is great attention to detail in her design.

This is a really great addition to any Haunted House or Yard!

The A/C adapter IS included!


Moving Halloween Monsters: Hanging Caged Skeleton Animated Halloween Decoration

TIP#4: Some decorations like this one, are the most effective when placed in an area that visitors will need to walk by when they approach your door!

Caged Skeleton (requires 3 AA batteries not included) Party Accessory  (1 count) (1/Pkg)
Caged Skeleton (requires 3 AA batteries not included) Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

This remote control Hanging Caged Skeleton halloween Decoration is creepy when he shakes his cage, screams and his eyes light up! The decoration is 47.5 inches tall!

Attention to detail and very affordable price make this guy a great addition to any Halloween display!


Moving Halloween Monsters: Life Size Witch on Broomstick Animated Halloween Decoration

Tip#5 Some decorations have stands that might need hiding! You could create a sturdy platform for this flying witch to make it a bit taller (be sure to secure the stand) and place the entire thing behind a bush with the witch flying over it! If you have a flat roof and it is safe to access (ONLY if it is safe) then this witch might be really scary there- if you do try that then be sure to safely secure the stand.

It neither of those options work in your situation a fog machine will do a great job of hiding the stand! Lighting for this witch is best from a high angle to help cast additional shadows over the stand- garden solar lights work well for this (the spotlight variety) if you can tie them up in a tree.

Halloween Decorations Life-size Animated Witch
Halloween Decorations Life-size Animated Witch

This great animated Flying Witch on a broom stick is a best seller! She "flies" on her broom whilst uttering spooky phrases. Her head and mouth move and her eyes glow when she speaks! I love the attention to detail on this witch and how her cloak is even pulled back as if she were really flying through the wind!

Uses Ac adapter (included) with 9' 9" power cord

Assembly is required. 60" 1 x25" x 70" h


Moving Halloween Monsters: Dobson the Butler Animated Halloween Decoration

TIP#7: Some of the creepiest Animated Halloween Decorations look very innocuous at first glance! If you are having a party, try finding some creepy animated Halloween decorations that look like common household items that will surprise your guests!

Moving Halloween Monsters: Chuckles the Clown Animated Halloween Decoration

Certain Animated Halloween Decorations are just so creepy, you need either a small spotlight or a strobe, or in some cases- both! I am not at all scared of clowns, but this one gives me the creeps!

TIP#6: Really great animated Decorations should be built up to! There is a simple way to do it! Let's use Chuckles here as an example- He has huge shoes! Make some really big footprints leading up to the display from the street, for an extra creepy touch, add a second set of footprints leading into a bush or some other dark and creepy area to make trick or treaters wonder whether something is going to jump out at them or not!

Chuckles Clown Animated Prop
Chuckles Clown Animated Prop

This animated Chuckles the Clown on TNT box just gives me the creeps. He is full size, measuring 5 1/2 feet tall and he sits on the TNT box (included) with his jaw flapping.

He is made of Hard foam and is freakishly realistic!

There really is not much I can say...... see the you tube video below to watch him in action yourself!


Chuckles, Dobson and Hex - Watch them for yourself!

A few more Halloween Decorating Tips

Tip # 8: Don't wait until the last minute! Get out there and try out your cool Animated Halloween decorations! You might need a few nights of moving things around into the perfect positions before Halloween to create the perfect Haunted House or yard!

TIP# 9: Compare the list price to the Amazon price when shopping online! The list price is how much the manufacturer recommends the item be sold for. The Amazon price is how much you would pay if you bought it through Amazon! Don't forget to check it it qualifies for Free super saver shipping!

TIP# 10: Less is more! Too many Animated Halloween decorations won't necessarily scare people any more than one or two well placed ones. If you pace yourself, build up the collection over the years and simply supplement the ones you have with cheap items like spider web and tombstones then you will have a better feel for what works for you an what does not!

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