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Mr. & Mrs. Claus Holiday Chair Cover Backs

Updated on August 26, 2016

So Cute Together

This is one of the cutest Christmas decorations I have seen in a long time. They are simple slip cover for kitchen chairs and come in pairs of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. You simply slip the cover over the back side of the chair for a decorative transformation of your kitchen.

The covers measure 18 inches wide and one is Mr. Claus while the other is Mrs. Claus. It is a nice and easy touch if you are one of those holiday decorators like me. I have to have every room in the house decorated with Christmas decor. These cover would look great with a fabric or a plastic table clothe covering the table. The you could add Christmas dishes, salt shakers, and a Pointsettia Plant as a centerpiece or on the kitchen counter.

Why not get into the holiday spirit in the kitchen too. The covers measure 23.5 inches long and are 18 inches wide. This will fit the average kitchen chair back easily. They are perfect for everyday dining during the holiday season and children will especially enjoy the festive faces staring back at them. Make Christmas fun for your family and celebrate the Christmas season in style.

Holiday decorating is fun and each time I use my decorations I find new uses for them. The covers would also make a great decoration for a small desk chair such as one in a child bedroom. I am sure your kids or grand kids would love to have some special decoration in their room. This is an inexpensive way to decorate since they come as a set of two.

Mr & Mrs

Add a Holiday Tablecloth for a Complete Look

Tablecloths have long been a tradition for the holiday season. There are many different designs and colors to choose from for your decorating. I like to change my colors each season so I have quite a stock of tablecloths to choose from for my table. It comes in handy just in case someone happens to have a major spill, I can change out the table immediately.

If you choose the clause theme for your decorating you can be sure to find a huge selection. Chair covers are readily available and there are even sewing patterns to create beautiful decor. I can think of several patterns which I have used in the past. They are still available as vintage patterns on some of the selling website.

Most of my favorite patterns I purchased online at auctions. I love old patterns and the new modern Christmas prints available today, make them look fresh and new once you create them for your home. Vogue, Simplicity, and McCalls are probably some of my favorite patterns for sewing. Once a find a good one I like to make it over and over again. I give them as gifts and donate some to holiday bizzares.

Benson Mills Poinsettia  Scroll Printed Fabric Tablecloth, 60-Inch-By-104 Inch
Benson Mills Poinsettia Scroll Printed Fabric Tablecloth, 60-Inch-By-104 Inch

100% Polyester

Features an elegant Christmas Floral printed pattern

Available in additional sizes

100-Percent polyester

Machine wash and Dry

60 by 104-Inch tablecloth; Fits a table of 10 to12


Kissing Clause

Dining Table Decorations

Vintage Claus

Learn how to decorate your dining space for the holidays.

Do you decorate your kitchen for Christmas?

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Making or Purchasing Mr. & Mrs. Claus Projects

Make a Clause project today. You can start by searching for your pattern online. Many patterns are available for immediate download. This means you can copy and print you pattern in no time at all.

There are patterns for wood projects, sewing projects, and any other project you can think of for you holiday decorations. I personally enjoy sewing my projects and like to do it early. It really gets me in the holiday spirit and inspires me to create holiday decorations right up to the holiday season.

If you prefer to purchase chair back covers. Last year I purchased Mr. and Mrs. Clause seat covers for my dining room chairs. They came in sets of 2 so I bought 3 sets for my six piece dining room set. I must say they really added some flair to my dining space. Everyone commented on how festive they looked with my Clause tablecloth.

Below you can find the ones I used, they are durable and I plan to use them again and again. I love the bright red color and the smiling faces. They add a cheery accent for my guests to enjoy. I must say I enjoy them everyday of the holiday season.


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