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Mummy Cupcakes

Updated on October 13, 2017
Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie is a retired librarian who loves to tinker around the house. Everywhere she looks, she sees possibility!

Mummies rising from the ground!
Mummies rising from the ground! | Source

Yes, I created these adorable Mummy Cupcakes!

These cute mummy cupcake decorations are my own creation. Yes, I saw lots of cute mummy decorated cupcakes on Pinterest, but I wanted a cupcake that was original. Sure, I combined a lot of ideas I saw on Pinterest to make the final product, but as far as I know, this little mummy cupcake idea is one of a kind.

Every year I give out a homemade Halloween treat to my Grandchildren and my favorite neighborhood kids. For those trick-or-treaters that I do not know, I have prepackaged candy treats. Sorry, little monsters.

Keep scrolling down to see my Mummy making process and copy it, if you would like. The most important tip is not to put the mummy on the cupcake until Halloween (or the day of your Mummy Themed Party) or he will get soggy. It is best to cover the cupcakes loosely with plastic wrap or just put them on an uncovered cake plate.

All images are mine unless otherwise noted

How to make Mickie_G's Mummy Cupcakes: - Yummy!

Assemble the ingredients below and have a go at making these mummy cupcakes.

White icing is piped on cookies with a zipper type baggie. You can use purchased tips to make textured applications like I did or cut off one of the corners and gently, but firmly, pipe on your mummy's wrap. Put on your eyes with colored icing or candy decorations you like. Make sure you keep on reading this page to see pictures of the first 6 mummies I made. Just remember, no one is perfect all the time! Even I have to practice!

Ice the cooled cupcakes and immediately roll the iced tops in the "sand" that is on a plate. (scroll down to see a photo)

Put a dab of icing on the back of your mummy and put that little fella on top of the cupcake!

What you need to make these Mummy Cupcakes:

Now you have your Mummy Decorated Cupcake!

  1. Pre-made cupcakes from a mix--any flavor you like. Cool them before applying the icing.
  2. Pepperidge Farm Gingermen Cookies, 5-ounce (pack of 4)
  3. For the eyes, I used little candy pieces; Betty Crocker Decors "Zombie Mix" , to be exact.
  4. Pre-made white icing in a can or make your own. Put in a zippered plastic bag to apply.
  5. Graham cracker crumbs make the "sand". It is very therapeutic making the sand. After icing the gingermen, I was really frustrated and took it out on some graham crackers in a bag! I pounded those crackers until they were nothing but tiny specks. Stress--gone!


Mummy Rising from the Desert:

A broken man lives again!

The mummy you see in the intro photo rising from the cupcake is actually made with a broken cookie--one little leg was broken off. I paid far too much for the "ginger men" and wanted to get my money's worth! I discovered that when you stick the cookie in the cupcake, the buried part "melts" and the top half that is above the cupcake topples over. It only took one day for this decomposition to occur!

Don't want to use a cookie on your cupcake for a mummy? Then check out this recipe: Mummy Cupcake Recipe. This recipe uses a cake mix, white icing, cake decorating jell and M&Ms.

The resulting mummy faced cupcakes look wickedly like the ones you can make with the cupcake kits on Amazon.

The image to the right shows how to cover your cupcake in "sand" (graham cracker crumbs). I put some whole graham crackers in a plastic bag and used a rolling pin to crush (I almost typed cursed! LOL) the crackers into crumbs. Begin by hitting the crackers with the rolling pin and making smaller pieces, then roll the pin over the bag until you get the crumbs you need. Be careful not to take out too much tension on beating the wholeness out of those grahams or you might make a hole in the baggie and loose your sand.

Mummy Cupcake Stuff on Amazon - Buy a Mummy Kit or a decorating tip set.

It is really easy to make a mummy using icing. Just make sure you have plenty of time to cover-up your mistakes.

Mickie_G's first mummy attempt
Mickie_G's first mummy attempt | Source

#1 Attempt at Wrapping a Mummy

Cupcake here he comes!

This is the first tip I tried to make icing look like tatters around a mummy. Nice choice, but leaves a little to be desired. Oh well, one learns by experimenting. The children do not actually care if the mummy cupcakes are dressed appropriately. They just love the cuteness and yummy-ness!

Mickie_G's second mummy cupcake topper
Mickie_G's second mummy cupcake topper | Source

#2 Mummy looks a little angry!

I love the personality of this little mummy. His eyebrow wrap gives him his anger. I can actually see this wrapped cookie coming out of the desert to grab a damsel and carry her off. Scary!


Mummy #3 is all wrapped up!

Changed the piping tip to get this mummy look. The wrap across his mouth makes one think "Mum's the word!" It looks like someone was trying to make this mummy quit talking.

Mummy Cupcake Topper #4--he looks like a prisoner in stripes!

Mummy Cupcake Topper #4--he looks like a prisoner in stripes!
Mummy Cupcake Topper #4--he looks like a prisoner in stripes! | Source

A classic set to use to decorate the little mummies:

Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Set
Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Set

I used a Wilton decorating set very similar to the one below that you can find on Amazon. I would also recommend using a zipper baggie to hold the icing if you do not have any more of the professional type bags that come with the decorating set.

Also, keep an open mind and have fun experimenting with the different textures you can create using the tips.

Windblown hair on this Mummy Cupcake topper by Mickie_G
Windblown hair on this Mummy Cupcake topper by Mickie_G | Source

Mummy #5 looks like he uses styling gel!

The little wisp of a curl on top of this cupcake topper looks like the styling gel worked! No, I did not put a beauty product in the icing for this mummy. Like I said before, each mummy cupcake had its own personality.


This mummy is #6

and is ready to go on a sandy cupcake!

He looks more like the puffy giant on the TV ads for tires! I guess I was a little tired and the zipper bag was getting worn out by the time this mummy came to life.

How to create an icing wrap for your mummies:

Spread thin layer of frosting on each cookie. Spoon remaining frosting into decorating bag fitted with flat basket weave tip #45. Squeeze bag to pipe frosting in crisscross pattern over cookies to look like mummy bandages. Attach candy eyes. Let stand until set, about 20 minutes.

from the Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Mummy Cookies Recipe

Put Halloween Cupcake Recipes on your Kindle! - Download Spooky Halloween Treats immediately!

If you do not like my idea, then immediately download these cute Halloween Cupcake ideas on your Kindle.

What's included on this ebook? (information from Amazon)

3 different cupcake flavor recipes including chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet!

An easy-to-make buttercream recipe.

Complete fondant recipe w/ step-by-step instructions

Choose either mummy or ghost and discover how to make these Halloween designs!

I won't get offended if you choose to purchase this cupcake cookbook, I promise.

A portion of any revenue earned by this page is given to charity.

Disclosure: Mickie_G is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

So glad you dropped by to read about how I made my mummy cupcakes for Halloween. It was fun experimenting with different mummy wraps and I love sharing my cupcake decorating experiences with all. I am so glad I took all those photos of the little mummies. Each one had a unique personality and gave me pleasure when they were done. The children I gave the cupcake to were also equally amused by the yummy mummies in their tummies.

Do you have a favorite "Mickie" mummy photo from the article? Tell me which number mummy you liked the best.

Thanks in advance for leaving a comment. I hope you enjoyed my Halloween creations.

I welcome comments, even from Mummies!

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    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      4 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      yummy mummies!

    • Lynda Makara profile image

      Lynda Makara 

      4 years ago from California

      I love the evolution of the mummies. What fun!


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