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my best birthday ever, an unforgettable moment of my life

Updated on January 10, 2013

Best Birthday Ever

Last monday I turned 20 and also the last monday was one of my best day ever. It was a surprising day because all the things i expect was actually none of them came true. Apart from that i did get all the unexpected things,which i can't forget in my whole life.All in short that day was my best birthday ever.

Its all started when i woke early in the morning and the first thing i expect is birthday wishes from my family. I came out from my room with a smily face and with expectation of greetings of my birthday from my family,but as i said above everything happen unexpected. No one remember my birthday not my mom not my dad. And also my brother and sister no one greeted me birthday wishes. So from smily face to dull face i ate my breakfast,pick up my bag and went straight to college. With another expectation of greetings from my friends. But as i reached college not a single friend of mine wish me. This was the second time i get unexpected thing. My mood became so off that i don't speak with anyone. Then i came home and i get a note that everyone is went to the uncle's home and i was all alone in home. Then the final expected thing was that i check my f.b account,and find out that if i get any notification. But i don't know why my face expression just change,when i see no notification. When the last expected thing get unexpected. I get disappointed very much.

Then after a while i get a message that come as soon as possible to uncle's house its emergency. I get so much worry and went their so fastly. When i reach their home. What i see was the most unexpected thing of that day. I hear a loud voice of birthday greetings from all my friends and family. Then i really get shocked and tear start coming from my eyes. Everyone i know was there just for me and wishes me. Then i came to know that this all thing was plan. Not get greetings from family and friends in the morning and also no notification on my f.b account. I was really happy that day. Then i blow the candle with this wish that thank you God for this best family and friends ever who make my birthday the best birthday ever.


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    • profile image

      kashish 21 months ago

      Get good marks in exam for this

    • profile image

      neha 21 months ago

      i too like it...a goood one

    • profile image

      tata 2 years ago

      I like it.

    • profile image

      rahul 2 years ago

      u r too lucky

      actually in my school i have to speak on the topic " an unforgatable experience of my life "

      and i got it thankyou so much

    • profile image

      Enid 2 years ago

      Wonder full family. ......

      u r lucky

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      ELIZABETH 3 years ago


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      ELIZABETH 3 years ago


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      thebabyboy 4 years ago


    • profile image

      hiit 5 years ago

      Really wonderful stuff can be found on your hub.

      Ron from Fitness

    • alamch profile image

      alamch 5 years ago

      thank you very much

    • deepateresa profile image

      DEEPA JOHN 5 years ago from Trivandrum, Kerala,India

      Happy Birthday from Myside :)