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My Christmas Wishes for You

Updated on November 4, 2018
My Wish List For You
My Wish List For You | Source

How it all began

Let me tell you a story,

it's really quite true,

about how Mrs. Santa

brought wishes to you.

Come gather and listen,

I'll tell you real quick

how the whole world received wishes

because Mrs. Claus loved St. Nick.

Santa was exhausted
Santa was exhausted | Source

Twas the night after Christmas

'Twas the Night after Christmas and all through the North Pole,

No one was awake, Christmas had taken its toll.

The elves were they were sleeping all snug in their bed,

Not a reindeer was stirring, not a shake of the head.

Santa snored loudly, his feet propped on the table,

Mrs. Claus left alone to only watch cable.

The wood crackled and popped in the fireplace with vigor,

While Santa slept on with barely a quiver.

Mrs. Claus sat there rocking and wondering too,

What she could contribute to help out the crew.

They all were so tired, so exhausted it's true,

And all she was doing was feeling so blue.

She sat there and rocked and thought really deep,

There must be an answer, some idea she could keep.

It must be quite brilliant, it must be quite smart,

It must be a gift that came straight from the heart.

An idea grew inside her, it started to gel,

I'll show them I love them and wish them quite well.

I'll give each of them wishes so special and strong,

For each to hold in their heart through out the year long.

Mrs. Santa was smart, she was really quite slick,

She came up with an answer and came up with it quick.

She loved that her man Santa, the elves, reindeer too,

She wanted to help them and be useful too.

What better than wishes, each one from the heart,

To make them feel special and also so smart.

Mrs. Santa decided right then and there,

To start a tradition with not a moment to spare.

Right after Christmas was the best time to start,

Yes, now was the time, to give it some heart.

The whole world was happy, the giving spirit reborn,

After all they had all just had their Christmas Morn.

She'd make a special wish for each for each and everyone,

To wrap them in love, happiness and fun.

This would be her mission to spread love and good cheer,

Not just at Christmas but through out the year.

The matter was settled of this she was sure,

She knew it would bring happiness and joy that was pure.

Just wait until Santa could hear what she planned,

She knew he would love it, she knew her man.

So now she could relax, she might go to sleep.

Let the wishes she'd grant floated in her mind to keep.

She laid her head down and quietly sighed,

"Merry Christmas my loves, I wish you all a Good Night."

Old Fashioned Santa
Old Fashioned Santa | Source

I'd Give You The World...

If I could I would give you the world.

My wish for you is love, joy and hope,

prosperity, happiness, and the ability to cope

with all that life brings you be it happy or sad

and the strength to turn to good everything that is bad.

Oh yes, I must not forget,

something to ride on where ever you go.

Continued Drive...

My wish for you is the continued drive

to complete all those projects you have in mind,

to have days full of sunshine

and nights full of fun,

rainbows, and sunsets and beaches to run.

Find What You Seek...

My wish for you is to find what you seek,

New horizons to explore with a hope filled heart,

and many tomorrows to enjoy being smart,

the courage to follow your dreams ,

and the confidence to carry them through.

Life Full of Rainbows...

My wish for you is

a life full with rainbows, and days filled with hope,

a heart full of love, courage, patience, and joy.

The realization of your dreams

and the courage to keep on trying.

A lake full of fish

to keep you happy and healthy.

Love, Health, and Happiness...

I wish you love, health and happiness,

Days of sunshine,

the gentle wind in your face

and beautiful sunsets.

I also wish you a basket full of balls of yarn

to keep you busy and entertained.

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House | Source

Lifetime of Happiness...

My wish for you is a lifetime of

spreading happiness and encouragement,

health, sunshine, and love.

The love of family and friends

I also wish for you the courage to keep on dreaming,

Life Full Of Fun...

My wish for you is a life full of fun

sunshine and rainbows and beaches to run,

the courage to go after what you hold in your heart,

and the confidence to keep on dreaming.

The Courage of Your Convictions...

My wish for you is to become one,

to have the courage of your convictions,

Days filled with hope and sunshine,

and a life full of dreams,

the patience and confidence

to follow your dreams

Mrs. Claus is really quite smart...
Mrs. Claus is really quite smart... | Source

Mrs. Santa Was Clever...

Mrs. Santa was clever, she was pretty darn smart,

She couldn't stop thinking about the ones who take part

in the HubPages Website and she wanted to impart

special wishes that came straight from her heart.

She searched high and low and she finally found

some special wishes to spread around.

They may not be her words but she means them just the same,

They were written by someone, Unknown is the name.

They say what she wants to , they're really quite nice,

She decided to spread them to all folks, she took Santa's advice

He said "Wish special wishes to all of our clan

but include all the people we love through the land"

The people of Hubland and the ones from North Pole

the folks from the webworld, the land and the sea,

the ones that we know and the ones we can't see.

So here are those wishes they are felt really deep,

Have a wonderful year, let the creative bug bite you,

keep writing and reading and know that everyone

appreciates all that you do.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Mr. and Mrs. Claus | Source

This Is My Wish For You

“This is my wish for you:

Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life. - Author Unknown

© 2015 Susan Hazelton


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