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A Forever Gift For Mom That Keeps Getting Better With Time!

Updated on February 25, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

I Love Gifts That I Can Wear As A Constant Reminder, And My Pandora Is Perfect!

For Mother's Day, I can't imagine a gift nicer or more appreciated than a lovely Pandora bracelet, perhaps with a special charm or two to get it started!

I'll be honest; a Pandora bracelet is not a gift that would naturally occur to my loved ones! Recently I was fortunate enough to find a jewelry store closing and purchased one for myself! Then I told my husband and kids I would appreciate charms for it on special occasions. Hey sometimes you have to lead them to the water just a little! Right now my Pandora is empty, but a very pretty silver bracelet nonetheless. I'm hoping it will be filled with wonderful charms in the future. Each of them will be something I will cherish forever!

So Moms, if you have been dreaming of having a Pandora, why not do as I did and pick up one for yourself! Then you can request special charms from those who gift you.

If you're a person shopping for Mom, just think of how excited she will be to receive her bracelet and perhaps a special charm or two to get her started!

Pandora charms come in almost infinite varieties, made out of every metal. Some have no stones, some have semi-precious gemstones, and some even feature diamonds! Accordingly, the price range for these charms is wide, fitting every budget. There are genuine Pandora charms and other charms made to fit Pandora bracelets.

When you're shopping for charms, think of the things that represent your special Mom. Was she a dancer? A cheerleader? Does she love to sew? Start with her birthstone, and perhaps birthstone charms for each of her children and husband. Another for her anniversary... perhaps one representing that she is the Number 1 Mom in the world! With just these charms, she'll have one amazing bracelet to cherish forever. And you'll be a hero!

There are a variety of "copycat" bracelets similar to Pandora, just look for a 3mm snake chain like the one I've shown below. You can also find thousands of charms that will say "fits Pandora" in their item description.

If it's genuine Pandora you seek, just check for the Pandora symbol before you buy.

Remember when you are choosing a Pandora bracelet size, the charms will take up space. It's best to size up so that you can fit two fingers under the empty bracelet.

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    • thingz1 profile image

      thingz1 4 years ago

      My husband's family gave a pandora bracelet to my mother-in-law. Each family member selected a charm to represent some aspect of her life. I know she really enjoyed receiving it and hearing why each charm was selected.