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Mystique Halloween Costume

Updated on June 20, 2012

Mystique Halloween Costumes for Women

Are you looking for the Mystique Halloween costume for sale for the upcoming holiday? Or maybe you just want the sexy X-Men costume for other reasons? You've come to the right place, as we have the latest info on this hot new costume for women!

Mystique is the sexy superhero (or villain) seen in the X-Men films. She was recently seen in the hit movie "X-Men: First Class." Mystique is characterized by her all blue skin appearance, but has the ability to change into any other form she chooses - mostly other superheroes or villains to fool others!

Read on for more information about the sexy Mystique Halloween costume for women! Also see our fun Halloween costumes for women for more great ideas!

(Image from

Mystique Statue (Japan)
Mystique Statue (Japan)

Mystique Halloween Costume for Sale

Where to buy the X-Men Mystique Costume?

Wondering where you can find a Mystique Halloween costume for sale? Currently, the brand new X-Men costume is available for pre-order at The latest release date for this costume is September 25th, 2012, which means if you order now, you should have it before the Halloween holiday!

The adult Mystique costume is a sexy look for women who don't want to dress up as all those other superheroes that will be seen at events this year. It includes a bodysuit, vinyl belt, gloves, and the wig to top things off. It's officially licensed by Marvel, so you know you're getting a pretty close looking replica of Mystique's look!

While the official costume isn't quite available yet, there are other accessories you can buy now to have them ready. These include face/body paint, white boots, and a wig cap. It's a good idea to get all of these items ready so you can create your Mystique costume in time for Halloween!

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Please note: Image shown here is not the Mystique Halloween costume from BuyCostumes

X-Men First Class Blu-Ray
X-Men First Class Blu-Ray

Who is Mystique from X-Men?

Maybe your friend, boyfriend, husband, or someone else suggested you wear a Mystique costume for Halloween. However, you may have no clue who this character is!

Mystique is a mutant superhero and villain from the X-Men comic books and movies. Her true identity is Raven Darkhölme from the Marvel Comics. Her powers include the ability to shapeshift so she can match the appearance of others. Additionally, she has the ability to alter her voice to match the person/mutant she is imitating.

In the recent film "X-Men: First Class" her background story is told. The character is played by Jennifer Lawrence to show Mystique in her younger days. She was a good friend of Professor Xavier in his younger days, and first went on to aid him in his quest to help other mutants. However, Charles aka "Magneto" would begin the story as a good guy, and ended up turning evil, eventually convincing Mystique to join him in his quest.

In the other X-Men films, the character was played by Rebecca Romjin as a grownup adult version. In these movies, Mystique was much more of a villain, changing into various "good guys" or other important people to fool the X-Men team, and to help out the evil Magneto with his latest plans!

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Mystique Costume Accessories

Wig, Makeup & More!

What do you need to dress up as Mystique from "X-Men"? You will need some blue bodypaint/facepaint, a wig cap, and white boots, among other items you may want to grab.

Here are links to the other items you'll want to add to your Mystique Halloween costume this year:

Wig Cap

Sexy Emma (White) Adult Boots

Blue Face Paint

The above items will help you really complete that Mystique look from head to toe! With the wig cap, women will be able to conceal their natural hair color and style so they can don the wig that comes with the official Mystique costume. The face paint is a necessity, since after all, Mystique is all blue, all over! And with the white Emma boots, females can compliment the white costume that is offered for Mystique from X-Men!

Mystique Halloween Costume Videos - How to Make Mystique Costume & Ideas

Here's some great Mystique Halloween costume videos. Learn how to make your own Mystique costume from scratch, or see some of the ideas others have used for this sexy X-Men costume!

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Will you be dressing up as Mystique this Halloween? Have you made your own costume, or are you buying one? Please share your tips for making Mystique costumes below, or talk about your favorite superhero costumes! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Halloween to all!

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