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Nacho Libre Costume and Mask

Updated on October 13, 2012

Nacho Libre Costume (Wrestler Mask & Friar Outfit)

A costume guide for one Jack Black's most distinctive movie personalities - Nacho Libre! Jack plays Ignacio, a nacho serving friar by day, a Lucha Libre wrestler (luchador) by night. As disjointed as both sides sound, Ignacio seeks to use the earnings he gets from his wrestling career to provide better food for the orphans at the monastery. Make sure you bring your crazy personality to match your crazy costume!

At the end of this guide, I give you tips on merging the friar outfit and the wrestler getup together just like in the movie. It's sure to be a hit at your costume party!

The Wrestler / Luchador Costume and Mask - "Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room"

Ignacio takes on the nickname "Nacho" when he joins the Lucha Libre and dons this blue and red getup that is hilarious and fits with the character! To get the wrestler costumer right, you need the following:

- brown poofy curly hair (if you plan on taking out the mask at one point in the party)

- the mask - an important element to hide his identity!

- a red cape - to look more noble and brave

- the stretchy pants with red patches on the knees

- red boots

Brown Curly Mens' Wig
Brown Curly Mens' Wig

If you're wearing the mask below for the whole duration of the party, you can choose not to buy this anymore. Otherwise, best to wear this wig underneath your mask for the full, accurate effect!

Nacho Libre Costume
Nacho Libre Costume

This includes the mask, stretchy pants, and boots


Ignacio, the Friar - "They think I do not know a buttload of crap about the Gospel, but I do! "

Ignacio is the cook at the monastery. His food always tastes awful due to lack of funds to buy good ingredients. He ends up only serving tortilla chips to the orphans. As a friar, he is not given much respect so it is also his secret wish to gain respect as a wrestler.

The elements to your costume:

- curly brown hair

- a moustache

- the friar costume

- bowl of nachos, for added hilarity

- (optional) a kitchen apron

- sandals

Nacho Libre Friar and Wrestler Costume
Nacho Libre Friar and Wrestler Costume

Friar Meets Wrestler!

Merge the Two Costumes!

Combine the two costumes and what do you get? Twice the fun!

Remember the scene when his robe catches fire and his wrestling costume is revealed underneath! Capture that moment by buying the wrestler costume and the friar costume. Then, with a pair of fabric scissors cut up the bottom half of the friar costume. This is also a great idea for guys who are squeamish about showing off their bare chest.

Nacho Libre Trivia!

Did you know the movie was loosely based on a true story? I kid you not! It was inspired by the story of a Mexican Catholic priest named Rev. Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez who was a luchador for 23 years!

Jack Black fans, sound off!

Have you been following Jack Black's acting career? Are you a fan of his sense of humor? How about sharing your favorite flick from this crazy dude!

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About the Lucha Libre

The Lucha Libre is an actual wrestling match being held in Mexico and simply means "free form wrestling". Think of it as an anything goes type of match. The mask holds a significant meaning - in some cases, a player is disqualified if he rips his opponent's mask completely off.

Post below a few things about the movie, the getup... anything!

Share your Nacho Libre Experience or Make Suggestions!

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