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National Quilting Day

Updated on October 2, 2014

National Quilting Day is the third Saturday in March

Imagine a day to celebrate the gorgeous quilts that abound throughout the United States and the people who created them. Once a year, quilters are acknowledged for keeping us warm. But it doesn't end there, quilting has gone from a necessity to a form of artwork that needs to be remembered and celebrated.

In June 1991, the National Quilting Association passed a resolution at their 22nd Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska, proclaiming the 3rd Saturday in March as National Quilting Day.

The photo is my rose quilt that was a major redo and has its own story.

Friendship Quilt

Friendship Quilt
Friendship Quilt

What is a friendship quilt?

This was made for a friend who moved all the way across the country. Each of us created a block for the quilt. They are all tied together with a single piece of fabric that is used in each piece. While the picture is not really clear, everyone has a piece of the red bandana fabric. She was into western d├ęcor so many of the blocks reflect her decorating style.

Quilting books

Every quilter has a running list of the books they want. These are two on my list. I don't buy them all at once because it would be overwhelming. Imaging all the possibilities and the fabrics can interfere with everyday tasks.

Quilting Designs from the Past: 300+ Designs from 1810-1940
Quilting Designs from the Past: 300+ Designs from 1810-1940

This appeals to me because I am also into genealogy, more specifically, family history. I have letters where they talk about quilting. I find it fascinating and want to know all about the designs from the past.


How quilter's make a difference

It's nice to have a quilting holiday. It's not so much for the quilters but more as a reminder of the things we can accomplish as a group. Our quilt guild makes quilts for a group that takes children to visit their mother's in prison. These children get to see their mothers once a year on Mother's Day. It is a long bus trip for them and each of them gets a quilt. The National Quilting Association has many more suggestion for quilters who want to make a difference.

Secret Sister gift from Christmas 2010

These are made by Kathryn who is not only a friend but an accomplished quilter and my go to person. She does beautiful work and I was privileged to be her secret sister. She made me four lovely placements and a table runner. This is now our featured decoration at Christmas.

Christmas 2011

I was the only person in the group who did not have a custom quilters bag. I mentioned it to Kathy since she had the pattern. She said she would give me the pattern but never did. Imagine my surprise when I opened my secret sister gift to find this beautiful bag. It is huge, will hold an entire double quilt so it makes it easy to take the finishing handwork along with me. All quilts should have a label with the creation date and the person who created it. On one of the inside pockets, there is an embroidered label which makes this a treasure. Thanks Kathy, I as proud to be the recipient of such a labor of love.

Quilts for our Guild's show - The one with the red hearts is mine

Come and celebrate National Quilting Day with me

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      It seems there is a national day for just about everything. I love learning about the important days that people celebrate. Love the quilting day!

    • julescorriere profile image

      Jules Corriere 5 years ago from Jonesborough TN

      Beautiful quilts. Really enjoyed this lens. Congratulations on making the best of Silly Celebrations for March. Blessed.

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      I admire quilters and their quilts...beautiful work.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      In addition, they need a national sort-all-your-fabric day. I've been hoarding some of it for so long that I've forgotten what I have.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This is the coolest blog/information page ever. You have done an incredible job and are a credit to the craft, and your friends. Thank you Ann. I will definitely be celebrating with you. xoxo