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Nativity Christmas Tree Skirts

Updated on August 2, 2014

Great Nativity Christmas Tree Skirts

When I started looking for a few nativity Christmas tree skirts for you to enjoy, I was astounded and delighted at the variety and quality of the tree skirts there are to enjoy.

Below you'll find some photos of this nativity Christmas tree skirts which will be sure to inspire and amaze you, while generating some ideas you can put into use if you're looking to add one to your Christmas decorations this year.

No matter which one you look at, I thought all of them were great, and for Christians it obviously has special meaning, as it represents the birth of Christ, which is the reason behind celebrating Christmas for us and why the day was designated for that purpose.

Either way, whether that's why you celebrate Christmas or not, these are great pieces of art, and for those that do celebrate Christmas because of Christ, it's a great reminder and inspiration as to why we give to one another during the season, as Christ gave the example of coming into the world as a man to give Himself for all of our sins.

Nativity Christmas tree skirt

Isn't this a beautiful and outstanding example of a Christmas tree nativity skirt? I like how the scene extends across the entire skirt, and the way you can see the entire story as it unfolds.

Seeing the shepherds on one side and the wise men on the other is a terrific scene, as is the inclusion of the star which guided the wise men to the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

Nativity Tree Skirt with White Background

This beautifully colored tree skirt nativity scene with the white background is fantastic and gorgeous. As far as vivid and rich colors it doesn't get much better than this, and for those who love and enjoy the traditional nativity scene, this one really works well.

I love that little lamb approaching innocently before the gathered family and accompanying animals.

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Skirt

I'm a sucker for everything fiber optic at Christmas time, and this fiber optic Christmas tree skirt makes me want to go out and buy it now. Look at that light in the background of the manger. What a great scene. The entire nativity tree skirt scene is beyond words are able to explain to me. It's stunningly beautiful.

Fiber Optic Tree Skirt

Nativity Tree Skirt with Black Background

How unique this terrific Christmas tree skirt is with the black background and white scenery which gives it an awesome look. Picture the way this would look in a dark room lit up by the lights of a Christmas tree.

Now that all these great tree skirts are making me want them all, I need to think about an extra Christmas tree to display them.

Nativity Christmas Tree Skirt Filled with Figures

I immediately liked this Christmas tree skirt the moment I laid eyes on it for a couple of reasons. First, those vivid, rich colors just stand out and capture your imagination. And second, I really like the way the nativity is displayed across the entire Christmas tree skirt.

Also magnificent is the inclusion of the sky in the center of the Christmas tree skirt, where the angels are celebrating the birth of Christ. Great job.

Nativity Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

Aren't these fantastic nativity scenes on these Christmas tree skirt photos? I really wish I could have a tree to show each one of these fantastic designs. They sure do inspire one to expand their vision for what a Christmas tree skirt could be and how it'll look with the Christmas tree and the rest of the Christmas decorations throughout the house..


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      I was looking for the fiber optic nativity tree skirt also and I found it here:

      It's by Thomas Kinkade (makes sense!).

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I am looking at making a Christmas Tree Skirt for 2012 and would like to know if you still have them in stock; their prices and p&p to the uk.

      Thanking you

    • profile image

      Pooja 5 years ago

      I am interested in Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Skirt / Nativity Tree Skirt with White Background. Please let me know the cost per skirt.



    • profile image

      Beth Ann 6 years ago

      Hello, Where can I purchase these religious tree skirts that you have pictured? Thank you- Beth Ann

    • profile image

      Ruth Riles 6 years ago

      These tree skirts are beautiful.

      I would like to know the prices of them and are they already made or kits?

    • profile image

      SUSAN BEXON 6 years ago

      The Nativity Tree skirts are the most beaufiful I have ever seen I would like to know prices too! as I wish to buy.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Diane M. Knurek 7 years ago

      The Nativity Tree Skirts are the most beautiful I have ever seen. I wold like to know prices.

      Thank You.