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Nativity Clip Art

Updated on August 21, 2015

Nativity Clip Art for Christmas

Some amazing clip art is available for the nativity story when Jesus Christ came into the world as a baby.

While there is a lot of art available that has a more cartoonish look, I opted in this article to go with the more quality clip art, as there is some outstanding works, as you'll see as you peruse the nativity clip art gallery below.

The Christmas season offers all sorts of opportunities to engage in the telling of the story of the birth of Christ, and one of the tools available to help children visualize the historical event is nativity clip art.

It can be printed out quickly for immediate use, or you can get several parts of the nativity story and print them out while creating a story board of sorts to explain different parts of the story. In other words, you may gather several clip art pieces which can be put together to help children and those unfamiliar with the story what the part of the shepherds, wise men, and of course Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

And let's not leave out the suspected animals that were in the area of the birth of Christ, which are usually imagined as sheep, oxen and donkeys.

Uses for Nativity clip art include for webpages and blogs, e-mail, social network sites, or for printing out for family and friends to enjoy.

Nativity Clip Art of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus

Here's an example of using the major people that were involved in the historical event in a way that allows to explain their specific part in it all.

Of course there's more to nativity clip art than props to tell the nativity story, but it is one important element to consider.

As we go along there will be other specific participants, such as the Wise Men seeing and following the Star to their destined goal of finding the Savior.

It is also a good piece of clip art to allow for some of the animals we suspect were part of the event as well.

Joseph, Mary and Jesus


Three Wise Men Following Star to Find Jesus

Speaking of the three wise men, here's a nice piece of clip art of them rapturously viewing the star shining bright in the night sky so there is no doubt as to where they must go to find the King of Kings.

This is probably my favorite nativity clip art piece, as the image is powerful and the colors vibrant. It would be great to share with others in a variety of ways.

Three Wise Men

wise men
wise men | Source

Mary with Halo Holding Baby Jesus with Three Wise Men Watching

This is a very unique clip art nativity design, with the image including only Mary with the exclusion of Joseph. Those worshipping Jesus are the three wise men.

I think this would be the perfect nativity scene to include on a letterhead sent to a friend or a homemade Christmas card. You just don't see too much of these out there.

The art if vibrant and beautiful to match the amazing event that happened so long ago.

Placing it on what could be called a clip art plaque is an idea that really works well. I think it could be used in almost any digital situation as well and would look great.

Mary and 3 Wise Men


Nativity Clip Art with Silhouettes

Silhouettes can look amazing when done right, and those below in this nativity clip art look extraordinary.

The center where the white is emanating from is representative of the Savior, and the yellow and gold flowing out from that central light source adds a terrific background for the silhouettes to be seen in all their unique and readily identifiable shapes.

To me the point is all those shadowy figures are secondary to the magnificent person being appreciated by all.

Nativity Scene

nativity clip art
nativity clip art | Source

Mary and Joseph Holding and Surrounding Jesus

I really like this more realistic looking clip art of Joseph and Mary holding and viewing the new-born baby. The wonder of parents anywhere is upon them at the infant, but you can also see there is something much more known about who He is and His destiny than most would know about the future of their son.

The period clothing is wonderful, and it would make for an amazing nativity clip art to share with family and friends through the many means available to do so. This is my personal favorite nativity clip art I have found.

Mary and Joseph


Nativity Clip Art

The nativity or birth of Christ is one of the most celebrated events in history, with people looking forward to it before the birth and those commemorating it afterwards.

Using clip art nativity scenes to use as tools to teach the story of the birth of Jesus, or as means of visually sharing an interpretation of the event with others, is a great way to celebrate for those who believe in Christ.

It's also a good way to let those who may not believe know how important the beginning of the Christian faith means to you.


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