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Nativity Figurines, Scenes and Displays for in the Home

Updated on July 31, 2014

Nativity Figurines to Celebrate and Recreate Christmas

For people all around the world, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is what the reason behind the season is, and that is depicted in homes by the inclusion of nativity scenes, which recreate the historical event.

Nativity scenes are also recreated outside in yards as well, with large, life-size figures included in some magnificent displays. with those there are almost always lights included to help see the nativity scene, with some even including lights within the figures to see much of the detail included with them.

In this article we're going to focus more on miniature nativity displays used inside of the home. These can range in size from very small scenes to a large number of characters included with it.

One regret I've had for years is when I came across a nativity display with about three hundred characters. And each figure was about 10" tall. It was an amazing display that I wish I could show family and friends when they came over.

Anyway, the point is nativity scenes are a wonderful addition to any Christmas decoration scheme within the home, and offer a prop to explain to children what it is that Christmas is all about and based upon.

Nativity Display Designs

While the story of the birth of Jesus as expressed through nativity figures is one that is very recognizable and appreciated, there are a lot of ways these figures are designed to offer a variety of different nativity displays to set up in the home.

Most of us know the traditional way nativity scenes are designed, so other than one of those included in the article, we'll look at those that offer something a little different than what we're used to seeing.

But even the one that looks like most we think of when contemplating nativity displays has something a little different with it that helps to differentiate a little.

We'll look at that one first and go on from there.

Fontanini Heirloom Nativity Set

This first nativity display is what most of us would identify as a traditional nativity scene, with everything designed to be very realistic. There is one interesting element included in the set to offset that reality as far as it relates to not being from that period of history. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but if you look closely you'll notice it fairly quickly.

As for the nativity set itself, the fact that it is a Fontanini nativity collection makes it even more inspiring and awesome, as the handcrafted detail of the historical event is terrific, and would make anyone want to place it in a conspicuous place in their home during the Christmas holiday season.

Some people like them so much that they don't even put them out, or if they do, put them where they can be sure they aren't disturbed or disturbed in any way. Of course that defeats the purpose of having a nativity scene in the home, but it speaks to the quality of the craftsmanship associated with the Fontanini brand.

One thing that could be done would be to display it in a case of some type that has glass it can be looked at and appreciated by family and friends.

Of course it could simply be shown in a place out in the open for everyone to enjoy, and if something suffers a little damage, it's better, in my opinion, to allow some interaction and close up viewing than to hide it away from close inspection.

Nativity Display

Traditional Nativity Scene
Traditional Nativity Scene | Source

Nativity Display with Figures Having Faces of Children

This is an adorable nativity display to me, with the decision by the designers to have the figures in the scene have the faces of children.

It's a great way to express and present Joseph and Mary at the time of the birth of Jesus, along with the three wise men and a shepherd on the right, who is holding a lamb.

What is beautiful about this nativity is the vibrant colors of the clothing of the participants in the historical event, as is the inclusion of those interesting buildings in the background.

Nativity Figurine Scene

Nativity Display
Nativity Display | Source

3-Dimensional Nativity Scene

I really like the design of this very unique nativity scene, with the inclusion of the extra platforms to help expand the overall view of what was happening.

There are the shepherds on the left of the scene, with the wise men represented on the right. They are displayed on the extra platforms included in the scenario.

Also looking great are the way the steps are going up towards the center of the event, which was the birth of Jesus. The background here is also fantastic, and looks similar to one of those above. The palm trees and props also add a great touch and feel to the nativity display. I really like it.

Willow Nativity Display

Willow is an extremely popular brand for nativity scenes, and for good reason, as you can see below.

The characters are designed in a very unique and distinct manner, which provides its own feel to the overall scene. The white color of the clothes looks magnificent, and they blend nicely with the subtle color of the animals included in the nativity event.

While this particular nativity scene isn't inexpensive, you can buy some of the figurines separately, so it could be a collection built up over a period of time if you want to go that route.

Nativity Scene from Willow

Willow Nativity
Willow Nativity | Source

Colorful Nativity Figurines

In this final example of nativity figurines and scenery, we have a very unique presentation of the event, including the vibrant colors, which stand out even more than the one with the face of children above.

Very interesting is the additional group of scenes displayed on the bottom of the figures. Each one shows a part of the Christmas story, providing great little story blocks that could be used to help explain what happened to children.

This is a great decorative nativity piece that would great in a number of places in a home.

Unique Nativity Design

Nativity Display
Nativity Display | Source

Bright Nativity Display

Nativity Scene
Nativity Scene | Source

Variety of Nativity Displays

This small sampling of nativity displays show how many various designs of the historical event there are to choose from. You can go with a very realistic and traditional look, or you can get creative and add a nativity scene that includes a lot of unique effects which look different, but don't take away from what it is that is being portrayed.

So when contemplating buying a new nativity figurine set, take a little longer look to see if there is something out there that fits with your home d├ęcor better, or expresses it in a way that is compelling and complementary to the story of the birth of Christ.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i used to see these native figurines in the church where they display at the side and people can take photos, kiss the figurines