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Naughty Coupons for Couples: Five Funny Playful Idea Books to Suprise Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Updated on July 8, 2013

Coupons for Couples that Spice Things Up

Looking for a naughty coupon gift for your loved one? Here are five suggestions from cute to racy and all of these booklets will ensure some fun times between the two of you. Your lover will be very surprised with these coupons and will surely cash them in, in short time. They make ideal bonus gifts or gifts if you want to make something up. Couples also love them because they spice things up or rejuvenate creativity in the bedroom without being awkward.

Naughty Coupons for couples

Booklet of Naughty Coupons for couples

Amoretta press created this booklet full of naughty coupons for couples to have fun together. The coupons range in intensity from sensual touching to full blown bedroom fun..

Truth or Dare Coupons

Truth or Dare?!

Is there still a little bit of teen curiosity and spirit for experiments in you? In that case you might love these naughty truth or dare coupons. Cute gift for couples to give eachother if they are prepared to go all the way in a challenging dare.

Nice and Naughty coupons

This nice and naughty booklet of coupons contains no less then 44 special gifts for your lover. And boy is he going to love them... On the coupons there is enough space to write down cute personal notes to personalize the gift.

Great Sex Coupons

Naughty Booklet

The coupons in this book challenge you a little bit to step it up and do some exciting and quirky things. Nothing too over the top though so no need be afraid. On top of that you can always rip out the ones you don't like.

Fun and Fantasy Coupons

Admittedly these coupons look a little bit corny. However they have some fun, challenging and creative ideas in them. Giving them out or receiving them will be great fun on 20 occasions. So these can last you quite a while.

Too Spicy for You?

If these booklets were a little bit too spicy for you, read my article on love coupons for him full of sweet and romantic coupons and even some coupons you can customize exactly the way you want them.


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