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Navratri Sms and Navratri Wishes

Updated on October 15, 2012

Navratri Greetings, Wishes and Navratri SMS and Quotes

Navratri, popularly known as the Nine Holy Nights to commemorate Goddess Durga, is Hindu festival that usually occurs in the first day of Ashwin's birth fortnight. The celebration of Navratri festival often concurs with the last part of rainy season. It is believed that during these period, Goddess Durga, the deity of power, conquered the evil force of demon Mahishasura.

Different traditions and customs are observed during Navratri festival. People perform Navratri puja, observe Navratri fasting and exchanging Navratri wishes and greetings. Although the old form of sending Navratri messages is through card, today, people have wider options. Now, loved ones can greet each other a "Happy Navratri" or "Subh Navratri" in a form of SMS. Yes, Navratri SMS and Navratri Quotes SMS are quite popular and widely used.

How to Send Navratri SMS

Yes, you might find this absurd. Why should I tell how to send text message for Navratri in the first place? But back to basics, let's just discuss sending Navratri text messages. Of course, you message should contain Navratri greetings that wish, hope or inspire the recipient. It can be in a form of short poem, short Navratri quotes or your personal Navratri message.

1. Go to your phone's Messaging.

2. Type your Navratri message. This can usually contain shortcut text style or complete wording, your choice.

3. Press Option. See if you can add some smileys or whatever.

4. Press SEND.

Best Navratri SMS

SMS for Navratri Festival to Send to Friends and loved ones

With today's techonoogy, sending each other some warm Navratri wishes and greetings has become easier. With the use of your mobile phone, you can simply send Navratri SMS or Navratri quotes in a form of text messages. For samples of Navratri wishes SMS to send, here are some samples:

Navratri is coming,

Let's celebrate as Maa Durga conquered evil

May this auspicious holiday bring you more blessings.

Happy Navratri!

May you find your happiness and peace in life

As you celebrate the religious festival of Navratra

Happy Navratri to you!

This Navratri,

May the power of Maa Durga

Bring you fortune and blessings.

May you be filled with prosperity and happiness.

Happy Navratri!

More true friends,

Less worries,

More courage,

Less Hindrances

Find your success

Maa Durga will surely be with you

to achieve all your dreams

Happy Navratri!

Keep the true essence of Navratri in your heart

As you celebrate this auspicious holiday

Fill your life with more friends, less enemies

Happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri Greetings

Happy Navratri Wishes for SMS

Navratri SMS can also contain words that describe the celebration of the festival. While keeping it short, you can include some of the wishes you have for the recipient. Here are some samples of happy navratri wishes that can also be used as text message or SMS.

As you celebrate and dance

Don't forget those unfortunate ones

The true child of our Goddess Durga

Make them smile and happy

And Maa Durga will bring you more blessings

Happy Navratri

The rain and the Wind

Sing the Song of Maa Durga

Let's join in praising our Goddess of Power

Let's make the nine-nights filled with devotion and passion

Happy Navratri!

May the Goddess of Power Durga

Bless you with countless of blessings

Good health, Happy Family and Good fortune

Happy Navratri!

Celebrate the nine nights for Maa Durga

With a heart filled with zeal and happiness

Don't forget to be thankful and praise our Goddess

For she will bring your more blessings

Praise our Maa Durga

Dance for Maa durga

Our Saviour, Our Protector

Happy Navratri!

Navratri Images with Navratri Wishes

Navratri Quotes SMS

Quotes and sayings about Navratri festival as SMS

Want to start your Navratri wishes with philosophical words? Then, you may want to use quotes or sayings. Here are some mouse picked quotations that can be used:

Navratri is a time for fasting and worship

Dedicate this day for praising Maa Durga

As she conquered darkness

And will bless us.

Long live Navratri festival

And the tradition and customs of it

Fast, worship and praise

Maa Durga is the one who will bless us

With her supreme power.

Happy Navratri

Dancing the Garba

Customs of praying

Eating Navratri foods

And worshiping Maa Durga

May you all find happiness and blessings

Happy Navratri!

Navratri SMS in Hindi

Perhaps you want to greet your friends or loved ones using your local dialect. Here, we also get some Hindi Navratri messages that can also be sent as text messages:

Lakshmi ka Hath ho,

Saraswati ka Sath ho,

Ganesh ka niwas ho,

aur maa durga ke

ashirwad se Aapke jeevan mai prakash hi prakash ho.


Maa Durge,

Maa Ambe,

Maa Jagdambe,

Maa Bhawani,

Maa Sheetla,

Maa Vaishnao,

Maa Chandi,

Mata Rani meri aur apki manokamna puri karey..


N- Nav

A- Arti

V- Vandna

R- Roshni

A- Aradhana

T- Tez

R- Rkhne Wali


Hum Sabhi ki Manokamanaye Puri Kare !




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