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Neighborly Gift Ideas

Updated on September 12, 2012

Gift ideas for new neighbors, any time of year.

We all think, oh, I should take a casserole, or I should take a plate of brownies, but soon they've been in the house next door or across the street for a month and you haven't even been outside at the same time, yet, to meet each other.

I say as soon as you see new neighbors, scrounge through what you have and make something just for them.

A potted Begonia is always appropriate.

If you are crafty, make a homemade card to welcome them. Cook up a macaroni and cheese casserole, bake a cake, cook up some brownies, nothing fancy.

Re-gift that ridiculous plate you got last Christmas as a house warming gift. You know you'll never use it.

Think, be creative, be thoughtful, be generous.

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Snowmen are appropriate winter gifts.

Westland Giftware Kookie Jars Snowman 10-1/2-Inch Cookie Jar
Westland Giftware Kookie Jars Snowman 10-1/2-Inch Cookie Jar

Why not fill a cookie jar with cookies. Too fun.



Yep, your new neighbors may appreciate a spa day once they're all moved in.

Luxurious Lavender Deluxe Spa Bath and Body Basket
Luxurious Lavender Deluxe Spa Bath and Body Basket

A gift basket like this or buying the items separately and making your own basket works.


We've moved a lot in our 44 years of marriage. - Army, college, ministry ... more than 20 moves.

I've listed some "new neighbor" gifts we've received through the years. A neighbor brought us the names and phone numbers of all our neighbors along with a little bio on each family, kids ages, where adults worked, etc.

A neighbor greeted us with a casserole, one with cookies, a pie in a dish we could keep. We've had neighbors bring a bucket of fried chicken. We've moved many times having neighbors who never noticed we've come and gone.

It was worse in apartments then in our houses.

We've built pretty strong relationships with people to our right and to our left in most places we've lived.

What have you done for new neighbors in the past?

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Wecome to our city.

Make up a list of community events that the neighbor may need to know about right away.

If you're city has a fireworks display on July 4th or a parade around fall foliage, let them know with a photo card. Give them your printed contact information.


Simple treats liked canned popped corn. Easy to eat and store until their things are unpacked.

Neighbors may not celebrate Christmas.

Think of a gift that would be meaningful if they are not Christians.

I took a deli tray. I don't know that the little kids appreciated it much, but I know Mom and Dad appreciated not having to find pots and pans to get a meal on with boxes spread out in every room of the house.

What did you do that last time you got new neighbors?

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    • Dickstucki1 profile image

      Dickstucki1 5 years ago

      We took over some fresh out of the oven bread. It was appreciated since they didn't have any pots open. You can always be helpful.

    • alittlebitofeve profile image

      alittlebitofeve 6 years ago

      The last time I had new neighbors I was very young. I remember bringing over my olf hotwheels to their youngest son. Great lens. :)