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Happy New Year Clip Art

Updated on February 1, 2016

New Year Clip Art and Chinese New Year Graphics

How to find the best New Year clip art available on line. Whether you're celebrating the January 1 New Year holiday or Chinese New Year, your search for New Year clip art just got shorter. This story has lots of links to New Year clip art collections, plus lists of special clip art for New Year celebrations (fireworks, banners, party graphics and so on).

If you're celebrating Chinese New Year, look at the special sections with Chinese New Year clip art links. You can find free New Year's Eve images for January 1 celebrations as well as Chinese New Year graphics on this page,

Snow globe penguin Happy New Year clip art, Pastiche Family Portal (

Vintage New Year Clip Art

Vintage clip art carolers,  Happy New Year
Vintage clip art carolers, Happy New Year | Source

Happy New Year - Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year Clip Art with Penguin
Happy New Year Clip Art with Penguin

January 1 is a worldwide New Year celebration; Chinese New Year is also celebrated in many nations around the globe. Which New Year do you celebrate?

Which New Year holiday do you celebrate?

See results

New Year Clip Art Collections

These calendar New Year clip art collections include many different images in various themes.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Chinese Zodiac Year of the MonkeyHappy New Year 2017
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey | Source
Happy New Year 2017
Happy New Year 2017 | Source

New Year Party Kit

Decorating Party Kit for 20, New Years Eve
Decorating Party Kit for 20, New Years Eve

All the supplies you'll need for a rocking New Year's Eve party for 20 guests.

Happy New Year Word Art
Happy New Year Word Art | Source

12 Chinese Zodiac Symbols - Find Your Birth Symbol or the Current New Year Animal

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Chinese New Year, Chinese Zodiac Clip ArtYear of the Ram / Goat / SheepYear of the Horse
Chinese New Year, Chinese Zodiac Clip Art
Chinese New Year, Chinese Zodiac Clip Art | Source
Year of the Ram / Goat / Sheep
Year of the Ram / Goat / Sheep | Source
Year of the Horse
Year of the Horse | Source
Bringing In the New Year
Bringing In the New Year

An interesting book to read aloud, Bringing in the New Year follows the preparations and celebration of an Asian American family, with a surprise dragon parade fold-out at the end of the book.

Chinese New Year Dragon Festival clip art
Chinese New Year Dragon Festival clip art

Chinese New Year Clip Art

Clip Art and Printables for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a unique annual holiday set by the Chinese Calendar which is based on the lunar and solar calendar. Chinese New year dates change each year and are not celebrated on January 1.

Chinese New Year 2015 is the Year of the Sheep (February 19); in 2016, Chinese New Year falls on February 8 (Year of the Monkey) and in 2017 we celebrate the year of the rooster on January 28.

Chinese New Year Clip Art - the graphic illustrating this module is provided courtesy of the Newton, Massachusetts school system Chinese New Year clip art assets

 Design for New Year
Design for New Year | Source
Chinese Happy New Year word art graphic
Chinese Happy New Year word art graphic | Source

This unofficial clip art arrangement of Chinese characters spells out Happy New Year in an interesting Chinese New Year word art graphic - available for noncommercial use.

Chinese New Year Word Art

Each New Year people all around the world celebrate the end of one year and the start of another with festive celebrations, fireworks and merry party festivities.

Chinese New Year occurs according to the lunar calendar and is linked to the Chinese Zodiac. It's not observed on the same date every year. The animals of the Chinese Zodiac are associated with specific years; your zodiac animal corresponds to your year of birth..

New Year celebrations of all types are happy occasions filled with hope and wishes for good fortune and luck in the coming year. The upcoming dates and zodial animals are:

2016 February 8 Monkey

2017 January 28 Rooster

© 2009 Lee Hansen

New Year Celebrations: Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Year

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      Happy New Year!!

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      Another one of your great clip art or adult coloring pages, this New Year Clipart is both useful and informative. *Blessed*

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      Hi All! Wish U A Happy New Year. Great lens.

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      @PromptWriter: Happy new year, and be happy.

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      Here are some New Year gifts ideas


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