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New Year New Me 1

Updated on January 5, 2016

NEW YEAR, NEW ME!..... Really?

It's that time of year again, the time where we renew our gym memberships, at less, quit smoking or try to save more money. And year after year, we fail.

My goal last year was to stay positive, lose a little bit of weight, get a new job after my contract ended and save enough money to start my own business.

Can you guess how many of those things got done last year?

If you said none, you got it right.

I wouldn't say I was any heavier than the start of 2015, but I probably did put on a bit of weight... the job market is a joke and I'm still actively looking for a job, so fingers crossed there! And obviously, with no job equals no money, so I saved nothing last year...

But how many of us here actually achieved our goals last year, and is it worth putting those goals in place or is it better to just live in the moment and see what the year brings.

That's what I've decided to do this year. I know this year may not be it's best, my auntie is currently in hospital with stage four liver cirrhosis, likely caused by her diabetes not alcohol (she rarely drank), her sister is entering the later stages of dementia. My dad's heart health has never been very good, so we take each year as it comes with that. And as morbid as it sounds, my aunt with cirrhosis will likely die this year.

I will still be actively looking for employment because I need to earn money, and personally, I like to feel as if I'm contributing to society in some way, being out of work (and not on benefits) is slightly crippling, and I feel bad for my mum who I'm, for lack of a better expression, sponging off... even though there's nothing really to sponge.

Will I lose weight this year? Maybe, I hope so, they say the only way is up, but for my waist band at the moment, the only way is out....

What I want to do and what I need to do are too different things, getting a job and in effect an income is what is most important, because we all need money to live (although I wish we needed less of it), to begin paying back my mum in some way is also high on my priorities, she's retired now, it's unfair that I keep living out of her pocket.

Quitting smoking for me is higher on my list than losing weight, I can live with being fat, but a smoking asthmatic? I'd rather be alive than dead thanks...

And everything else on my wishlist is practically irrelevant, because if I'm completely honest with myself, saving money to buy nice things isn't an essential, moving out at 24 isn't mandatory (although I'd love it if I could afford it), and making myself ultimately happy, isn't a right, for me, it's a privilege.

There are so many things I'd love to do with my life, and I'll talk about them in different posts, otherwise this one will be far too lengthy. But I suppose if I had to ask a question.

What are your priorities this year?

Speak soon.

Jamie-Leigh x x x

New Year New Me

How many of your resolutions did you complete last year?

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