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Newborn Bunny Costume for Easter

Updated on September 21, 2013

Adorable bunny costumes for newborn babies

A newborn bunny costume is a really cute baby outfit for Easter, Halloween, themed parties and photo sessions.

There are many different styles and design options for newborn babies of all sizes.

Bunting style bunny costumes are very easy for very young infants and are built to accommodate layers of clothing underneath. Many have Velcro closures to help facilitate diaper changes.

For even smaller newborns and preemies, there is a bunny bunting gown costume with matching cap.

If you're planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party, be sure to check out the very cute baby bunny cape costume.

Image: Plush Pink and White Newborn Bunting Bunny Costume from Amazon

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Pink and White Newborn Bunny Costume - Baby Hat & Diaper Cover Set

This bunny rabbit newborn hat and diaper cover set is absolutely adorable. The set is handmade with very soft organic yarn and includes a white diaper cover with fuzzy pink tail and a white hat with floppy ears. The lining of the ears is pink and there is a pink bow on top of the hat. Perfect for Easter pictures and for Halloween in warmer climates. This would also be a very cute baby shower gift.

Sweet Bunny Bunting Infant Costume
Sweet Bunny Bunting Infant Costume

White bunny bunting costume with zippered front closure. The hood has pink ears.

For babies 0 - 8 months.

Newborn Bunny Bunting Costume, One Size(0-6 Months)
Newborn Bunny Bunting Costume, One Size(0-6 Months)

Pink bunny bunting costume for babies 0 - 6 months.


Infant Bunny Cape Costume

This adorable bunny costume includes a pink and white hooded cape with floppy pink bunny ears and a carrot at the neck, bunny mittens with pink accents and non-skid bunny booties. Makes a great costume for Easter, Halloween or an Alice and Wonderland themed party. This costume comes in several sizes from newborn to toddler. The infant size is listed as being suitable for babies 6 - 12 months.

Pink and Blue Baby Bunny Costumes

In my experience, and confirmed by customer reviews, non-bunting style costumes that are listed as 'newborn' or '0 - 6 months' tend to run a bit large. They are best suited for babies 3 months and up as they will be too big for a newly born infant.

These baby bunny costumes are so cute and cuddly. If you baby is over 3 months of age they will make an amazing Easter or Halloween costume.

Plush Pink Bunny Baby Costume, 0 - 6 Months

Blue Newborn Bunny Costume with Carrot Rattle

Pink Newborn Bunny Costume with Carrot Rattle

Baby Bunting Costume Gown for Newborns and Preemies

Jacqui's Unisex Baby Bunny Bunting Gown Set
Jacqui's Unisex Baby Bunny Bunting Gown Set

Gorgeous little outfit for your little bunny. Made from 100% cotton, this bunny gown has Velcro closures down the front, the bottom is closed shut to maintain warmth, and the hands have built in mittens that you can fold over your baby's hands to prevent scratching. The gown is decorated with carrot appliques. Comes with a matching hat with pink satin lined floppy ears and bunny face. Available in four sizes: Micro-Preemie (0 - 3 pounds), Small Preemie (3 - 6 pounds), Small Infant (5 - 8 pounds) and Newborn (0 - 3 months, up to 12 pounds).


Did you find what you were looking for? - If not, check out more newborn Easter costumes at Amazon

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      TransplantedSoul 4 years ago

      What a great idea---- I wonder what the cats would think?

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      Cute costumes.

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      Marika 4 years ago from Cyprus

      These are just so adorable, cute costumes!

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      Camden1 4 years ago

      How adorable! I never thought to dress any of my newborns up for Easter - what a fun idea!