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Nightmare Before Christmas Party Supplies

Updated on February 9, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most beloved and classic Halloween movies of all time. If you have come here looking for Nightmare before christmas party ideas and supplies...GREAT... this page is for you. I have been a fan of the movie for years and even own an entire Nightmare Before Christmas village and a statue of Jack that is several feet tall. So yes, you've come to the right place for the best ideas for planning your Nightmare Before Christmas party.

The creepy characters of this film will make for an interesting birthday party. And the great thing about it is the characters in this animated flick are fairly simple to replicate, especially Jack Skellington. So let's focus on him and get those ideas flowing to bring this whole theme together.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Invitations

The best place to find Nightmare before christmas birthday invitations is Etsy and ebay. I love the variety, I love the customization and I love how easy it is. One of my favorites is this one featured to your right, it incorporates a picture and all of your favorite characters. If you want to purchase one of these digital invites I've provided it in the listings below.

To make your own, you might have a little bit of trouble getting the feel and style you want. You can get some white envelopes and then use black construction paper to make stripes to give them a gothic feel. For the invites themselves you can cut cardstock into the shape of one of the gravestones featured in the movie. Then just write your information on the stone. Draw Jack's signature smile on the card to add more of the Nightmare Before Christmas feel to them.

Jack and Sally lifesize Cardboard cutouts
Jack and Sally lifesize Cardboard cutouts

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Decorations

When it comes to decorating for a Nightmare Before Christmas party, you may feel a little overwhelmed because there are so many ideas and so many things that you can buy to create a really spooky atmosphere.

The first thing that you need to do is think about the age range you are planning for, even if your child is okay with some of the scarier scenes of the movie, your guests might not. Therefore, it is best to err be on the side of caution with any decorations that may scare or startle the children.

Black, purple and white are great colors to bring the atmosphere of Nightmare Before Christmas to your home. Using party streamers and balloons are great way to add these colors. Also plenty of netting can make a unique impression and you can even get twigs from outside and use them to create dead trees to decorate tables and walls. Paint the sticks black for an even more Halloween feel.

Another idea that I like for bringing the Nightmare Before Christmas fun to your home is to have plenty of white balloons and paint or draw Jack's face on the balloons. Finish off your décor with any Halloween decorations that you may have, some NBC posters or a lifesize cardboard standup cut out you're set for a great party.

Nightmare Before Christmas Balloon

Nightmare Before Christmas 18" Foil Balloon by Disney
Nightmare Before Christmas 18" Foil Balloon by Disney

A few black, white and purple balloons bunched together with this licensed Nightmare before christmas foil balloon in the center will make for colorful decor that will brighten up the room. Also, who doesn't love balloons, really? Foil balloon features Jack Skellington arms folded with a wicked grin on his face.. I also love the purple and orange background... you could add a few orange balloons to the bouquet to have it match this balloon and it would totally work.


Nightmare Before Christmas Party Plates and Napkins

Nightmare before christmas birthday supplies
Nightmare before christmas birthday supplies

Party Plates, Cups, Napkins, Hats, Gift Bags etc

Although very hard to find I've come across one seller on ebay that has some of the original party supplies available to order... They are no longer in production so it was a surprise and I'm not sure exactly how much the seller has in stock but having a few original items in there would definitely make the party a little bit more special and give you a chance to have tableware that matches the theme. The listing includes party plates, napkins, cups, hats, gift bags and favors like pencils, hats and keychains. You have the option to pick and choose exactly which items you need as it is not a party pack.

Oreo Spiders courtesy of  disconjig
Oreo Spiders courtesy of disconjig

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Food

For some Nightmare Before Christmas food, your best bet is to look up some Halloween food recipes. One fantastic idea is to make little breadstick bones that are great for Zero or even Jack himself. has this recipe and it is very easy to make. You can also make plain sugar cookies and decorate them to look like Jack's face. You can either do this with white frosting and black gel or you can use a black food marker to draw on a plain cookie. also has a great idea for turning regular Oreos into adorable - I mean creepy spiders that the kids will love to devour.

Recipes for Spooky pizza party nacho's, tentacle pot pie, witches brew soup, Jack O lantern apple pie are also available from along with plenty more great ideas for halloween type foods.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

When it comes to a Nightmare Before Christmas cake you may find that the majority of cake toppers are geared towards weddings. Plenty of people find that Nightmare Before Christmas makes a great wedding cake (I know I was one of them!) and so you will have to do a bit of sorting. If you are not planning on going a professional route you can still have a great cake that fits your party. There are several edible cake topper options on Ebay which you can have personalized to match your party or the guest of honor.

Another idea is to buy a character playset and use that to decorate a cake. If you are going to have a grocery store or bakery make the cake, you can pick out a Halloween theme and just use the characters to transform it into a Nightmare Before Christmas cake.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Toppers

Disney Parks Exclusive Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas 7 Pc. Figurine Playset
Disney Parks Exclusive Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas 7 Pc. Figurine Playset

These detailed NBC character figures would be great to top off your cake. It includes Jack, Sally, Lock, Zero, Oogie Boogie and Barrel. Figures also measure from 2-4.5" which makes them the perfect size to sit on cake and not look out of place.


Free Printable Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Free Nightmare before Christmas cupcake toppers
Free Nightmare before Christmas cupcake toppers

Ah yes and for the cupcake lover these free nightmare before christmas printable cupcake toppers (courtesy of will come in very handy as you can print them off, cut them out and attach them to tooth picks or craft sticks before popping them into your cupcakes as decorations.

How to Make Jack Skellington Cake Pops

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Favor Ideas

For the favors Ebay offers some really cool items that would make great favors. They have plenty of official and custom Nightmare before Christmas themed favors that you can take advantage of. Some of items of interest include Nightmare before Christmas stickers, candy wrappers, buttons, scratch off games and even bubble labels and that's just the few we've featured below...

Plenty of candies and Halloween themed toys that link back to the movie like spiders, skeletons, ghosts would make great additions and be more than enough to fill up a goody bag that the kids will love. This is much easier if your party is going to be during the Halloween season, but if not, there are plenty of online retailers that sell Halloween supplies all year round.

If you want something simple you can just make Jack Skellington cookies and place them in cellophane bags to create a simple but cute party favor.

Jack Skellington Coloring pages
Jack Skellington Coloring pages

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Games

For some party games you can print out a big picture of Zero (or draw him onto poster board since he is really simple) and then have the kids try to pin the nose on Zero. The closest one gets a special prize.

Another idea would be to get a soft pumpkin and have the kids play pumpkin hockey just like they do in the movie after Santa brings snow. Another wacky idea would be to buy rubber ducks and then get strings, thick cardboard, wheels and paints and let the kids create their own creepy duck toy just like in the movie.

Coloring in pictures of Jack and some of the characters can be lots of fun for kids so you could print of some of these free NBC coloring pages for them to color in (featured to your right is an example).

As a crafty activity you could use the printables and tutorial here to have the kids make Oogie Boogie's dice which they'll be able to take home once complete.

Finally you can of course play the movie and let the kids enjoy it. If you want to add to it find things that happen often in the movie and come up with activities for the kids to do (Like shout Halloween when the Mayor's face spins or blow a whistle when someone says Christmas in the movie).

Nightmare before christmas Sally Costume by Daniel. Baker
Nightmare before christmas Sally Costume by Daniel. Baker

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume and Party Attire Ideas

Transforming the venue to match the theme is important but going all out and preparing a fun NBC themed outfit for the birthday boy or girl to wear on their big day would really make them standout and feel extra special.

If they want to look like Jack or Sally and they don't mind having a little paint on their face, there are NBC make up and face painting tutorials that anyone can follow along to, to make themselves look more like Jack, Sally or other characters from the show.

As an outfit you can find tons of Nightmare before christmas t-shirts on sale but if your nefty with your fingers and know how to do a little sewing you could make your own Jack Skellington shirt by following running with scissors tutorial which includes a printable tracing template and all.

Official Jack Skellington and Sally Masks, costumes and accessories are available too and although it will take a little bit of searching when its not halloween there are still plenty of places that sell them all year round. If it's in your budget this would also be a fun way to have them looking just like their favorite character from the movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas Plush set
Nightmare Before Christmas Plush set

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Ideas

There are so many Nightmare before christmas merchandise around now that it would be impossible to not find a gift for even the most fussy of fans.

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a NBC themed gift is the age of the person who you're getting the gift for. Younger fans of NBC will be happy with toys like the plush dolls of characters like Jack, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie and the Mayor. But Older fans may want something a little more everlasting like the collectors figurines or even something quirky like a Jack and Sally Salt and pepper Shaker, a collection of NBC car seat covers or NBC monopoly board game.

Regardless of age you can't go wrong with a cool Nightmare before Christmas t-shirt.. Everybody loves them! The only thing to think about when choosing a gift like this is the size and the type of design you think the receiver of gift will best love. So look around and I'm sure you'll find something just right for that special persons big day.

Now you have a party that is perfect for all the boys and girls who want to see something strange and a party that your child will remember for years!

We love hearing from You!... So please feel free to leave a note to let us know you stopped by..

*Tell us who's party your planning and how old they're going to be.

*Declare your love for Nightmare Before Christmas!

*Say what's missing on this page that you would like us to add.

*Share a couple of Ideas from Your very own Nightmare Before Christmas party.


*Just Say Hi!

: )

Who's Having a Nightmare Before Christmas Party? - Let us know...

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