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Ninja Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies * Birthday Themes

Updated on July 24, 2013

Martial arts party!

Is your little ninja longing for some kung fu fun party? Read through ideas on how to plan a ninja themed party, food ideas, drink ideas, find your ninja party supplies and favours and more.

I was always impressed by ninjas! As a kid and as an adult now I do enjoy a good ninja movie or even a cartoon. Thinking back I they have done something good for me. Well the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did but in all fairnes they are ninjas. As a kid I hated pizza. I never tasted it but I knew I hated it and my family loved it. They would always have a hard time when they wanted to go out to have pizza (and this was once a month, we weren't exactly pizza family). But when I saw TMNT and their appreciation of pizza I suddenly decided pizza is jummy (and it was). So we as a family could finally have that once a month pizza night without me complicating. Well that's one thing and the other that I was so impressed with ninjas that I learned rope walking (as a kid, I would probably die now).

Ideas are both for kids party as well as for an adult party.

Enjoy the read!

Photo Credit: Derivate work from CC photo by go.biwako

Ninja Party Cake Ideas

Feed the hungry little warriors

The best cake you can have for this party is actually pretty easy to make. Have a sushi shaped cake! I searched the internet and found this easy sushi cake tutorial on Shrimp Salad Circus that I think you will just love. Following the same example you can even decorate the matching cupcakes. Kids and adults will love it!

Another cake you can do is a Ninja face cake.

Add some cute ninja cookies and all the sweets are taken care of!


There are no special drinks for children but you can treat the adults with a taste of Sake or rice wine.

Ninja Party Supplies (Packs)

Click on the image for additional information and pricing

There are two great pre-set party packs available for your ninja themed party. You can also get additional pieces of every supply.



These are a must! - Inflatable ninjas everywhere!

I just love these inflatable ninjas! I would fill the room with these. I would call them sneaky ninjas as they would be placed in all kinds of places - under the table waiting their chance to make a sneak attack, hiding behind the closet, sitting patiently on the chandelier...

Inflatable Ninja
Inflatable Ninja

Without a doubt the cutest Ninja balloon out there - I imagine one is a boy and the other is a girl ninja


Ninja Party Games and Activities

Something to occupy the kids

Shuriken ThrowMake or purchase shuriken for children (plastic throwing starts). Make targets that are easy to knock (empty cans, bottles) and let the kids (under supervision) test their ninja skills. Adults can try their luck with Japanese throwing knives and can have balloons for the target. Make them pop!Ninja Kick and ScreamHave the guests demonstrate their super secret ninja attack (improvise) and their battle scream.Hide and seekNinja's are masters of stealth so a hide and seek game is perfect.Test the karate skillsHave the kids break some planks - naturally made out of cardboard or polystyrene.Katana fightHave a true katana fight! With foam katanas that is.Ninja WarriorCreate a fun polygon before the party starts. I have a few ideas which I illustrated below.

Some of my suggestions for the ninja warrior games

Photo created with the use of public domain clip art.

Foam Ninja Swords Set of 12 - Safe Fun - by Trademark Innovations
Foam Ninja Swords Set of 12 - Safe Fun - by Trademark Innovations

Make sure every guest has one of these, they will be able to play with them at the party and keep them as a party favor.



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